Ike Densmore update

| November 20, 2012

Our new buddy, Dan Noyes dropped off a link to his reportage last night about Ike Densmore, who we watched our other buddy, Don Shipley confront a few weeks ago;

When I reached Densmore by phone, he refused to answer any questions or sit down for an interview. So, I tracked him to his Menlo Park home.

Dan: “Ike, I need to talk to you about your Navy SEAL background.”
Ike: “Dan, I’m on my way to the VA.”
Dan: “Is that true that you’re a Navy SEAL? You’re going to the VA right now?”
Ike: “I am.”
Dan: “Really? Were you ever in the military?”

I followed Densmore to the Palo Alto Department of Veterans Affairs, where he’s receiving services — I couldn’t confirm what kind of services because of privacy laws, and Densmore wouldn’t say.

My Freedom of Information Act request to the “National Personnel Records Center” in St. Louis confirms Densmore did serve in the military. He’s no Navy SEAL — he never even served in the Navy, but in the Army.

I love it when the media discovers Stolen Valor, good job, Dan. We’ve been in contact with him and he seems to have his heart in the right place. I doubt anyone will be able to pull the wool over his eyes.

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  1. TSO says:

    That’s a really good piece.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Follow-up is always worth it, especially when you can do it in person.

  3. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    What! He served in the Army and claims he was a Navy SEAL? That’s a separate infraction right there, the SOB!

  4. Twist says:

    Nice reporting. I’m starting to develope a man-crush for Don.

  5. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @4. I believe that puts you behind TSO.

  6. Reaperman says:

    Normally I’m not a fan of this kind of journalism, but in this case I’ll make an exception. Great vid.

  7. OWB says:

    Thanks again, Mr. Noyes. Ya done good. (And if you hang around us long enough, you will understand that to be high praise!)

  8. DanInTX says:

    Good stuff!

    On a related note, Can anyone give me an idea how long FOIA requests from the records center are taking? I submitted one earlier this month and when I followed up I was told not to expect anything until early next year. Thanks

  9. jonp says:

    I bet the “nutcracker” has been a tradition in San Fransicko since 1944…….

  10. jonp says:

    Drop him and his station an email thanking him for the piece.

  11. Hondo says:

    DanInTX: my experience is between 2 and 6 weeks. Given the upcoming holidays, early next year is plausible – though a bit longer than I’d have guessed.

  12. Yeah I saw that….what shocked the shit out of me was that it was on a SAN FRANCISCO TV news show! Most of the liberalshippies there wouldn’t give a shit.

  13. Taco says:

    that reporter rocks!! brave soul where he is…

  14. john Miska says:

    Good job all around…while a lot of you guys having been on the tip of the Spear and myself having been way down on the handle somewhere during my service…. I totally support the efforts to out these guys who tales of daring do go beyond BS in the Bar over beer LOL……
    Hell I am even usig Don as my Go to guy whenever I meet a Navy Seal.
    We have busted a couple of them and recentlyfound a whole nest of fakers that Mary helped with…one who was wear a MOH at a Public event…It was his Grandfather’s from the Indian Wars….
    Guess he won’t do that again!

  15. Ali says:

    This man was found dead on Centerville beach here in humboldt county