They Ain’t All Jackwagons: Addendum

| November 20, 2012

Kinda missed this. Thanks  to Kanani and FB you don’t have to.
007 joins UK Forces in Afghanistan for Skyfall screening

Soldiers, sailors and airmen serving at Camp Bastion in Helmand, southern Afghanistan, met 007 star Daniel Craig when he visited the base today, 18 November 2012.

He surprised the 800 troops who were about to watch Skyfall, the latest Bond film.

After a brief introduction of the film to the enthusiastic audience, Daniel was given a tour of the camp during which he had an opportunity to meet soldiers and see some of the training they do before they deploy to forward operating bases.

I’ve never seen him in a movie as 007. His character in Cowboys & Aliens is my only real reference.  Speaking of character; this might define the word.

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  1. doctorrich says:

    He’s a great Bond. Watch Casino Royale. He beats a guy to death in the latrine as his first company hit.

  2. doctorrich #1: Thanks, I normally don’t watch remakes but I will reconsider in this context.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I echo #1’s sentiments. Casino Royale was a great movie – he’s an excellent Bond, and the calm lethality of the character is a nice change.

  4. OWB says:

    Had not considered going to see this, but may also have to rethink that. What a classy thing for him to do!

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    Casino Royale was a fine movie, well-scripted, tightly edited, and left me happy to know that someone could finally fill Sean Connery’s shoes…and tux.

  6. NHSparky says:

    Best Bond since Connery.

  7. The Dead Man says:

    #2 It’s not really a remake as far as I understand. The original Casino Royale was something closer to a spoof. I might be wrong of course, but my understanding is that this Casino Royale is actually closer to the book, especially with Craig playing Bond closer to a trained thug than what we’re used to.

    I’ll admit, I haven’t read the books to know for certain on that last part. Did read the MASH book a while back though.

  8. Casey says:

    If you’re interested in some of his other movies, try Layer Cake. It’s a dark British thriller; Craig plays a “bad” guy in this one.

  9. The Dead Man #7: You may well have a point. Never read the books so I am on shaky ground.

    Casey # 8: I will look into it. And thanks.

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    The first “Casino Royale” was a spoof, starring Peter Sellers as Bond. He, too, looked good in a tux.

  11. NR Pax says:

    Craig is a far left, gun-fearing weenie but at least he has some decency.

  12. Devtun says:

    Farewell to the Twinkie:

    Dr. Twinkie
    From Twinkie with Love
    You Only Live Twinkie
    Twinkie Royale
    On Her Twinkie’s Secret Service
    Live and Let Twinkie
    The Man with the Golden Twinkie
    The Twinkie Who Loved Me
    For Your Twinkie Only
    Never Say Twinkie Again
    A Twinkie to a Kill
    The Twinkie Daylights
    License to Twinkie
    Twinkie Never Dies
    The Twinkie is not Enough
    Twinkie of Solace

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    You left out Twinkie Royale.

  14. Hondo says:

    I think it should be “Octotwinkie” vice “Twinkiepussy”. 8x the twinkies! (smile)

  15. Frank says:

    @#6 – Agreed, Sparkey.

  16. Nik says:

    I’ve read the books (both Fleming’s and Gardner’s). This guy isn’t really Bond enough for me. He’s not horrible at it. I think Dalton was closer to the literary hero. He doesn’t have the physical bulk of Craig, that’s true. But he has that sneering air about him. He’s got the self-satisfied sense of superiority. He’s got the cruelty that Bond had in the books. If he’d been the one to do the two Bonds of Craig that I’ve seen, it would have been infinitely better.

  17. The Dead Man says:

    #16 I’d have a hard time seeing Dalton as anyone but Skinner from Hot Fuzz. It’s sort of like seeing Paxton and immediately quoting Hudson.

  18. Detn8r says:

    I like Craig the best of all 007’s.

  19. NHSparky says:

    Det–as do I, even though I previously said he was the best “since” Connery. I say that because it’s hard, if not semi-disrespectful, to “top the original” so to speak.

    But yeah, the man’s man, edgy, and as The Dead Man said, hired thug bit strikes me as closer to what Fleming had in mind for Bond is where I like Craig as much as I do.

    I couldn’t stand the Pierce Brosnan/Timothy Dalton metrosexual Bond. Sorry, just didn’t. Plus those storylines sucked anyway.

  20. Hondo says:

    Ex-PH2: it was David Niven vice Peter Sellers as Bond in the original Casino Royale.

    Niven was reputedly Fleming’s choice to portray Bond, and he did – precisely once, in a film spoofing the Bond genre. Fleming could indeed write, but it’s probably a good thing the studios didn’t listen to his advice re: casting Bond. (smile)

    Sellers was also in the film, but as a different character.

  21. Outlaw13 says:

    Peter Sellers was also James Bond in that film, there were several characters named James Bond.

    If you ever want to see some wacked-out 60’s stuff, that is certainly one of the movies to check out.

  22. Ex-PH2 says:

    Hondo, none of the previous Bonds can make a mankini look as good as Daniel Craig does. 🙂

  23. Hondo says:

    Outlaw13: yes – several were using “James Bond” as aliases to confuse SMERSH. But Niven was the actual Bond character in that film.

    Ex-PH2: I’ll defer to your judgement on the mankini issue. Not something that I give a damn about one way or another. (smile)

  24. Ex-PH2 says:

    Thank you, Hondo.

  25. ChopIT says:

    #17 – I had a hard time seeing Dalton as Bond… all I could do was picture him as Prince Barin in “Flash Gordon”.

  26. Nik says:

    @17, 25

    Bond was the first role I saw Dalton in. Maybe that made the difference.

    As far as Paxton goes, when I see him, I think Weird Science, though he was memorable as Hudson.