Lindsey Stone’s father “appalled”

| November 21, 2012

The Boston Herald, without giving TAH credit for breaking the photo of Lindsey Stone’s visit to Arlington National Cemetery last month, interviews her father, Peter, who claims he’s “appalled” by her behavior, while making excuses for her;

“She’s totally apologetic. She apologizes to anybody she’s offended,” her father, Peter Stone, told me last night. “She was reacting, I guess, to the sign instead of the place and didn’t intend it to be what it turned out to be.

“She had a lack of judgment,” added her father, who learned of the controversy yesterday. “I think they were just being funny, which is sad. It’s not how she or the family feels by any means.”

“Reacting…to the sign” isn’t an appropriate excuse. The sign was there to remind her to be respectful of the dead heroes who surrounded her. there’s a sign at the entrance to remind her, and signs all along the way to the Tombs of the Unknown. In her own words, she was “challenging authority in general”, but the authority, in this case was adherence to adult behavior. No one was asking her to kiss our collective ass, just to act like an adult, and she couldn’t do it.

“It’s not how she or the family feels…” That’s difficult to believe. I took my kids to the US Cemetery in Luxembourg when they were preteens and before we went inside, I lectured them about how they should behave and why. That’s what parents do. But apparently, not in the Stone household.

The thing that gets me is a month before we saw the photo, her friends told her that was wrong, but she left the photograph on her Facebook page – it was that important to her that she make her statement. Does she deserve the threats and being fired? Nope. And she probably won’t be fired. The company will wait until the whole thing blows over and then allow her and her co-worker return to work quietly.

Here’s a joint apology from Lindsey Stone and Jamie Schuh on Boston Herald.

Anyway, here’s the video of the interview with her father;

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  1. Green Thumb says:


    I agree. That what I pointed out earlier. For cause.

    People like her use the morale high ground as an excuse for justification or redemption. Odd how that works. Instead of admitting your mistakes, they justify it and blame others.

    Very prevelant here in the Great NW.

  2. Nik says:


    Agree, GT. At least here in Oregon.

  3. Green Thumb says:

    In her mind, she has done nothing wrong. This is because she has never been told “no” or “your wrong” through her entire sheltered life.

    You can blame the folks, and maybe they share some of the responsibility as others have pointed out, but I blame an entitled society.

    It takes a special type of person to do what she did. And I respect that, I do. But mistakes are mistakes.

    She will justify her attitude and behaviour by what she did. I “help” the disabled; do you? I can do what I want, etc.

    That is the morale high ground. Isolated production in a small area and you are “equal” with society.

    Its a shame, it really is. I see it on campus all the time.

  4. OWB says:

    @ 51: Sorry, I didn’t remember reading that here. Or maybe I missed it among the hundreds of posts on this topic. 😉

    I don’t really care whether this one fool ever “gets” that what she did was wrong. Others will observe what happened and learn from it. Perhaps more than we can fathom.

    Next case.

  5. sarahjj says:

    Too late pops! some people have already taken this too far. Like this dude epic trolling right there.