Thanksgiving in Kabul

| November 22, 2012

Courtesy of the Washington Times and the Associated Press;

Category: Military issues

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  1. I had a great Thanksgiving in Bosnia….the one a year later in Kuwait was OK, but everything tasted like sand. But I have no complaints…the Army always did the best they could for thanksgiving meals.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ahh good old KAIA, I spent last Thanksgiving there. I can tell you that DFAC is absolutely horrid@@@ I have heard they kicked the British out of it and made it American run.

  3. Red Ghost says:

    Hey Anon, DFAC 2 is American now, and the food is way better. They made the switch just before I got here. I’ve eaten at DFAC 1, and it still sucks. I had a lot of fun playing football yesterday. Some of my co-workers are in that video.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Red Ghost, that is great news that its American now!!!! The moral was so bad at that base cause the food was horrid! I worked on the Afghan side of the airport.