Todd Michael Hamilton; another phony heading a vet charity

| November 25, 2012

Someone dropped me a line this weekend about Todd M. Hamilton, a guy he’d met at a MedHold Company at Fort Lewis several years back. It seems that Hamilton somehow became a president of an organization called the Shadow 6 Foundation which they claimed was in the business of helping veterans. On a road march across Washington State, ostensibly to help veterans, they took this picture of Hamilton;

The picture was on their Facebook page on Saturday, but when I took some shots across their bow, the picture suddenly disappeared, but not before I save my own personal copy. When I told Todd that I’d saved a copy, he, of course, became very remorseful that he’d been caught. He told me that he’d worn the triple stack to “honor veterans”, yeah, we’ve never heard that one before have we? So, here’s the apology to folks on Facebook;

Although, in the past, Hamilton had told people that his DD214 was heavily redacted, he immediately sent me his DD214 without extending that proviso;

01aTodd Hamilton DD214

Folks who happened to be on the road march with Hamilton say that he told them that they could never be like him because he was “SF”, so his little excuse about honoring veterans rings hollow a little bit. So, anyway, Hamilton changed his profile on the organization’s website and put up the apology on Facebook.

Folks say that Todd showed up at the airport for the trip in a Captain’s uniform with the triple stack and a pile of medals pinned to it. I guess that was to honor all vets, too. Unfortunately, no one got pictures of that, so it’s pretty much hearsay at this point.

I went to the organization’s “About” page and ran the board through AKO and none of them came up, although some of them claim to still be on active duty, or in the active Guard, so I’ve asked for their DD214s, too, and they’ve all sent me their discharge records and they all seem to be who they say they are. Hamilton has removed himself from the website, ostensibly resigning his position in the organization. We’ll be keeping an eye on them.

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  1. Charles says:

    Hamilton must have resigned after making the local fish wrapper right before Turkey day.

  2. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Yeah, this all happened today and yesterday.

  3. dorothy says:

    one woman said she was wondering about kevin witt ,yes he is a scammer ,a woman in new york was scammed a lot of money from her ,dont have anything to do with him ,,and a man named mark david seyour ,he is a scammer too ,so pls, women out there have nothing to do with them ,,dorothy ,,

  4. Hondo says:

    Well, let’s do a little analysis on Hamilton’s DD214.

    MOS: 25F – Network SW Systems Op/Maint – that’s a modern-day comm guy. Important – try fighting w/o comm – but not usually a hard-core snake eater.

    Basic Training (9 weeks) + 18 weeks MOS school + travel/casual/awaiting school = around 6 1/2 mo in training/travel/awaiting school status. Holding his MOS for 2 yr 1 mo means he finished training in Apr 2004, about 8 mo after he entered active duty. Given breaks between schools, travel, and the holidays, that seems plausible.

    KDSM + OSR: this tells me he probably served a normal 1-year tour in Korea. The OSR denotes credit for completion of an overseas tour – 10 mo min service to get credit for a 1 year tour like Korea, if I recall correctly. My guess is that he was sent to Korea right after completing his MOS training. Assuming leave en route, that puts his arrival there in May 2004 and departure in May 2005. (Alternatively, he could have been sent to CONUS first, then levied for Korea.)

    GWOTSM but no ICM/ACM/GWOTEM/AFEM. That tells me he almost certainly didn’t deploy to SWA, but came back from Korea CONUS instead. If he ever set foot in SWA, he wasn’t there long enough to qualify for a campaign or expeditionary medal. (He didn’t get injured there and MEDEVAC-ed, or he’d rate one of those.)

    Separation from Madigan for disability indicates he likely came back to an assignment at Lewis and then got injured and med boarded out. Could also have gotten injured in Korea after serving there long enough to qualify for a OSR and sent back to Lewis for med board/separation.

    No Parachutist Badge or SF/Ranger/Sapper tabs, so the guy obviously didn’t go to those schools (which is also verified by his DD214). Could possibly have served in a SF support assignment at Lewis, though, as 1st SF Gp has folks there; comm support for SF Det Kor is also a possibility. No long tab means no ODA duty, though.

    No evidence of his ever being an officer.

    So yeah – I’d say Hamilton seems to have been claiming a shitload of stuff he never did. I really hope someone out there has photos of him in that Captain’s uniform wearing a chestful of medals and can send Jonn a copy. I’d love to see what Hamilton was wearing there.

  5. DaveO says:

    Basic question:

    If a 92Y1O starts a charity for wounded vets, and is up front about being a 92Y1O (Supply Clerk in the Army. E-1 to E-4), who outside the military is going to contribute?

    Who inside the military will contribute, if said Supply Clerk has Slick Sleeves?

    As for Mr. Hamilton, he’s discredited himself, his organization, and veterans. Senator Harry Reid likes that. I’m sure we’ll see Hamilton on Capitol Hill as a Senate Aide.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    What part of the woodwork are these people hiding in?

    I have yet to find anyone who tries to embellish their service, except when I come here. And for that matter, what’s so unimportant about doing ordinary work like PN or PH or YN or AG? What’s wrong with being a bosun’s mate?

  7. Anonymous says:

    This article is based on nothing but hearsay. At least they intend to do something good! And he walked 370 miles for awareness but you did nothing

  8. O-4E says:

    @#8 Anonymous

    Because this ass-hattery distracts from awareness and makes people less willing to give after being duped

    Sorry you can’t see that

    John Wayne Gacey entertained children as a clown too…did lots of wonderful charity work

  9. JAGC says:

    @9… There is no hearsay. The post cites a direct admission from the guy relating to his lies, so it is certainly not hearsay. The DD-214 is a government record that is regarded as truthful, again inherently not hearsay. As for your other unfortunate comment, by your logic it’s ok for someone to lie and embarrass so long as his “intent” is pure. This isn’t Les Mis where he steals some bread and is on the run ever since… I for one have a natural distrust for anyone who must lie in order to achieve whatever stated goals he says. All he did was walk a long way only to discredit others looking to honestly support veteran groups.

  10. Anonymous says:

    But there is no indication of the lie or anything. Did you check where the money used for or did they take any paycheck. All this article is based on folks say bla.bla… So who the folk is? is he said the truth? And did he claim anywhere in front the media he is in SF? No, he did not. So stop all this nonsense but focus where all the charity money go.

  11. Hondo says:

    Anonymous (8 & 11): what part of “triple tabs” and “showed up wearing a Captain’s uniform” did you miss above? Forget all 3 qual tabs – this guy has zero qual tabs. And he was never a 2LT, much less a Captain.

    The man was caught lying bigtime. Kinda makes anyone with 3 or more working brain cells wonder what else he was lying about. Like maybe where the money his “charity” collected was really going.

  12. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Anonymous: As a general rule, a man who has done nothing wrong does not issue an apology for wrongdoing. Or is your experience otherwise?

    I sincerely hope that whatever funds have been collected from folks go where they were claimed to be going and did not pay for Todd’s flights, meals, lodging, snacks, entertainment or anything else.

  13. I think anonymous is Todd trying to play games. I brought this to John (mine and Stew’s hero) and have been on “Delta Todd” for years since we where in Med Hold at Lewis. The fact is Stew is a decorated Iraq vet with a Purple Heart from an IED that almost severed his hand and took CHUNKS out of his body. The idea for a Winery based off the French Foreign Legions Winery in France. This dick took my idea pushed me out of helping because he was afraid I was going to bust him out. I had to wait for months till he slipped up before I could pounce on him. When we were in med hold Todd was on the broke dick side not like me and Stew who where in the OIF/OEF hold. He’s all fake no cake.

  14. Sorry for the bad grammar lol “PT score 300 Gt score 38 Sir!”

  15. Its not hear say this is real and he put my brother Stew in a bad spot because of it. Stew is the best person I know for wounded younger vets to hear from. He took all those years of of being cut on to rebuild his hand and still spent 2 years as a firefighter. Todd is a scum bag and those who have been con through his lies now have to build everything from scratch. What he has done to us real combat vets who are trying to help our brothers come home is just as bad as burning the flag on the 4th. You cant help vets by stealing there Valor.

  16. Awards Rule #1: NEVER were any awards, rank etc that you didn’t earn.
    When are people going to learn? As long as “TAH” team is around, nobody will ever get away with this shit.

    Keep it up.

  17. OWB says:

    Thank you, Sgt GA and Stew, for what you did for me and mine and the gift of yourselves on our behalf. We are honored by your service.

  18. Judy says:

    Searched around and read all info on web, conclusion is that todd made a mistake for good intention, and George revenges to todd for not allowing George to be part of todd’s business.

  19. I told Todd that its not about the “tabs” its about those who earn the right to wear them. When I talked to him he just kept saying the same line. ” I worn the SF uniform and rank to bring credit to them”. I don’t stick on a dress and bra and say “I’m doing this for the women who have breast cancer”.Two years in he knew damn well he was wrong, if he were just a dumb kid off the street maybe but he is not. I told Todd that 11B like us love our support guys because as a combat vet I know how much we need them to fight. Don’t let him con any more vets and Thank the war gods that there is guys like Jonn who fragg these fakes.

  20. Oh so Todd is Judy now lol. Come on Todd we got you and you know it.

  21. Oh Judy did you read this if you want to call me a liar. I have been on fake vets for awhile.

  22. Like I said I was in MED hold with this Con and know first hand how much he lies about being Delta. He tried to tell Stew I was the fake one on the road march and there is noway I ever worked with SF.(Stew knows me better) A fake vet trying to make a real one look fake hmmm. That is the best way to run your Vet Non-Profit. I have to deal with guys like him in the VFW trying to bloke me from helping real vets.

  23. Hondo says:

    Anonymous (8,11) and Judy (19) do indeed appear to be posting from the same Cox Cable residential IP in Chandler, AZ.

  24. Jonn, IP comparison time on “Anonymous”, “Judy”, n whoever else chimes in to help the poser?

  25. Korea95 says:

    @#5 Hondo

    if he got to Korea in May of 04 he shouldn’t be eligible for the OSR for being in Korea. the cutoff date was 3FEB2004.

  26. TSO says:

    George- Thanks for you work as a service officer.

    Jonn, did they take the apology off their facebook page? I couldn’t find it.

  27. Ya its Todd he lives in AZ. God these guys are crazy lol and people say I’m the crazy vet. Thank you guys for the shout outs.

  28. NHSparky says:

    Judy/anon–I’m not a lawyer, but do me a solid and look up the applicable statutes for fraud, specifically where fraud by deception or misrepresentation is concerned.

  29. Hondo says:

    Korea95: that would be a negative, amigo. That was initially the announced policy when the KSDM was first established. However, policy was changed sometime prior to 17 Aug 2006. Both KDSM and OSR are indeed authorized for normal tours in Korea. See

    The policy change applied to Iraq and Afghanistan as well. Soldiers who received credit for a normal short tour in Iraq or Afghanistan are also now authorized the OSR (this is also documented in the above reference).

  30. He is also getting 70% from what he told Stew and I for his bumm leg. (That he said was shot six times)

  31. NHSparky says:

    And frankly, what is a “redacted” 214? The last one I saw that might qualify as one was Jesse MacBeth’s.

    Damn I miss that ri-tard.

  32. Here is the link about what Todd did to Stew and what makes me so mad is if did not pull the fake card this would have helped out allot of vets. If you read what Todds says he hint to being “wounded”. I the remark he helped Stew with his hand is a lie. By the time Todd got to Med Hold Stew was up and walking. I was the one who took him back and forth to his appoints and surgeries for that first year he was there. His hands where so F up he could not use them so I would be his hands for him.

  33. This video makes me so mad because he talks about combat vets like he is one and did not give Stew the real wounded vet any face time with the camera.

  34. Korea95 says:

    @#30 Hondo

    thanks for the update, must have missed that when i was figuring out the KDSM earlier in the year. since it was long after i was there, probably just ignored it.

  35. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @ 24, Hondo. Can you get an address from the IP? I’m 30 minutes from Chandler. You can look up my e-mail addy and send me a message. I’d like to have a face-to-face with this turd.

    Anonymoose, any time a veteran “embellishes” and gets caught, it brings suspicion on ALL vets. I’ve taken to carrying my boring DD-214 in my truck because of crap like this. (I know, I know I used to say I had an Explorer but I was in a collision a couple of months ago and it was totaled.) I have three boring but honorable years service in the Marine Corps. I have sh1t for awards and decorations on my blouse but what’s there was earned.

  36. @ Yat Yas 1833 I love vets like you and thank you for your service and what can be boring when you are United States Marine!

  37. Todd's wife says:

    I am from Arizona and i made all above 3 comments to defend my husband. I did not put my real identity there first because i really do not like to be talking in public to lose my privacy. But right now, i need to take responsibility of what i stated instead of bringing more troublesome to my husband. As Todd’s wife I know him more than anyone. He did make mistake(it is not a lie because he never claims those are his tabs and he has clearly stated his good intention. He did know it is not right thing to do and correct it from now on) and I still love the idea he has to help those who are suffering the same thing. I have been with him the whole time while he suffers the wounds from service mentally and physically as most deployed Vets. Unfortunately, he is not able to continue his good cause through organization because of the mistake. And it is hard for me to see him suffering from being questioned for his good intention. he is brave to commit it and he learned from it. Every human learns from his mistakes. End of the day, he was a good soldier, served and wounded for this country without regret, helped people around him. I supported him devoting his time for good cause and i support him to continue the good cause in more private way. I understand everyone concern about whether this whole foundation is a lie for personal gains. I have same thoughts when i donate to charity. I state from my heart that the organization was and is not intending for any personal gains but for helping returning vets. All charity money the organization raised will be donated to DAV. As long as what George accused is his personal conflicts I do not want to be involved in and it is not related. Then, thank all vets who served and wish all you move on with your life like my husband is doing. Thanks John to point this out to my husband to let him learn from his mistake.

  38. Jonn Lilyea says:

    TSO: yeah, it looks like they took down the apology.

  39. Green Thumb says:

    Just look at the guy.


  40. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    As is heard on the syndicated series …




  41. Green Thumb says:

    Nothing new.

    Deployed, non-combat personnel claimg PTSD and “other wounds” from FOB time.

    Par for the course.

  42. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 38
    Todd’s wife Says:
    November 25th, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    One word:


    End of word!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Please tell me how he was ‘wounded’ while being overseas or he is ‘wounded’ just like the vets who got hit by a IED or other experiences today.

    only wounded he ever did was probably a training accident and got injured and kicked out.


  44. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @37 Sgt. George, right back atcha Bro. It was boring because I spent my time at Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms with a couple of east Pac floats. The most action I saw was in the lounge in the Chateau Grandview in Vancouver B.C. and in Oceanside at the Long Branch. We served with honor and never had to lie about it. Being an antracer I worked with Recon and learned enough about them I could, more than likely, get away with “posing” but why? I’m a Marine and an 1833 and I’m proud of that. Amtracers are why we are the Marine Corps. “You ain’t tracked, you ain’t sh1tT!?!:)

  45. MCPO is Wounded Too ... says:

    I am wounded too.

    When is got to my first ship (USS VALDEZ FF-1096), at the age of 17, I was snatched, stripped, greased from head to toe, SPOKEN TO VERY BADLY, hung upside down in an escape trunk, and then steam lanced for what seemed liked hours. The wounds are deep and everlasting. God I miss those those days!

    I had more time in sick bay nursing the effects of liberty in PI than this pussy!

  46. Anonymous says:

    besides, since he actually served he should’ve known better then wear another uniform with a different rank/insignia’s on it, much less a enlisted man wearing a officers uniform.


  47. I love my real vets thanks you guys for all the support for Stew and being what a real should always be honorable.

  48. LOL He called Stew and said “please don’t contact the media”. So its OK for Todd to rip all of our Ideas off and then come sh1t all over our most elite warriors but then want us to be nice. I never understand why guys like Todd con combat vets and then ask us to be nice? Its like poking a pitbull in a cage for a week then letting him out and trying to pet him. I already contacted the media in hopes we can put a positive outcome to what Todd has done. I think if they will give some national coverage maybe some vets with so extra time and cash can helps us build our dream of a Winery where vets can come and be vets.

  49. @MCPO is Wounded Too LMFAO!