Todd Michael Hamilton; another phony heading a vet charity

| November 25, 2012

Someone dropped me a line this weekend about Todd M. Hamilton, a guy he’d met at a MedHold Company at Fort Lewis several years back. It seems that Hamilton somehow became a president of an organization called the Shadow 6 Foundation which they claimed was in the business of helping veterans. On a road march across Washington State, ostensibly to help veterans, they took this picture of Hamilton;

The picture was on their Facebook page on Saturday, but when I took some shots across their bow, the picture suddenly disappeared, but not before I save my own personal copy. When I told Todd that I’d saved a copy, he, of course, became very remorseful that he’d been caught. He told me that he’d worn the triple stack to “honor veterans”, yeah, we’ve never heard that one before have we? So, here’s the apology to folks on Facebook;

Although, in the past, Hamilton had told people that his DD214 was heavily redacted, he immediately sent me his DD214 without extending that proviso;

01aTodd Hamilton DD214

Folks who happened to be on the road march with Hamilton say that he told them that they could never be like him because he was “SF”, so his little excuse about honoring veterans rings hollow a little bit. So, anyway, Hamilton changed his profile on the organization’s website and put up the apology on Facebook.

Folks say that Todd showed up at the airport for the trip in a Captain’s uniform with the triple stack and a pile of medals pinned to it. I guess that was to honor all vets, too. Unfortunately, no one got pictures of that, so it’s pretty much hearsay at this point.

I went to the organization’s “About” page and ran the board through AKO and none of them came up, although some of them claim to still be on active duty, or in the active Guard, so I’ve asked for their DD214s, too, and they’ve all sent me their discharge records and they all seem to be who they say they are. Hamilton has removed himself from the website, ostensibly resigning his position in the organization. We’ll be keeping an eye on them.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    @Random, yes, I was thinking about that, and then I looked at the lease term lengths, which go from 3 months at a time, to 12 months, and that alerted me right away.

  2. nucsnipe says:

    Saw Jonns interview on Kiro last night. Unfortunately they dont have link on their site. And the screen shot they did of the website was crap.
    Hey George havent seen you at the post for a while

  3. 88M Lady says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I went to High School with this guy. (Didn’t know that well, but hey, guess it’s just as well!)I was an Army Reservist truck driver and did a stint in Iraq, and made it to E-5. I would have loved to stay in the service, but thyroid cancer forced me to med board out. Damn! Even though I was just a truck driver, I was proud of what I did, I loved it! I don’t understand why people have to lie!

  4. 88M Lady says:

    I forgot to add that I am ashamed that my first name also happens to be Stephanie….(maybe it’s time to change it)

  5. RandomNCO says:

    Thanks for your Honorable service 88M Lady!

  6. 88M Lady says:

    Thank you for your as well Random NCO. The worst part is, I know two other Veterans (whom I also went to high school with) who served honorably and have been conned by this Todd douche bag. That’s what upsets me the most.

  7. RandomNCO says:

    Well hopefully we’ve spread the word enough online and in the media to keep this stooge from ever scamming anyone else. At least when it comes to the military.

  8. Ya sorry guys I was helping with a Vet at the VFW just got done with his court stuff. (note if you know any vet who has community service, you can do it at any VFW post) Someone egged and painted FAKE on Stews ride and that is just wrong I hope people read more and realize Todd is the only one who should we held accountable for this Sh$% Storm. Stew, Fred and Mickey are all victims! Why are they getting the back lash from Todds con?
    Lets let the LAW deal with Todd and leave the REAL VETS out of this they have suffered enough.

  9. 88M Lady says:

    That’s a damn shame!!! Yes, the ONLY guilty one is Todd. He ran away like a thief in the night and left the other guys (who ARE legit) holding the bag. That really shows someone’s true character, and Todd is yellow as a bag of piss. Hopefully people realize that and leave the other guys alone. I even donated to the Shadow 6 foundation and feel like an idiot too. (because it was a good cause and I knew Fred and Mike, who had the wool pulled over thier eyes just like the rest of us)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I was going to keep quite about this, but to be attacking others for there option is wrong. I can tell you alot of stuff Todd told me about his service. And i did think it was weird what he was saying, Things like he was away from his first wife for 3 years while on secret missions, and he was wounded requiring brain surgery. He told me he did not see her for that time, I am not in the miltary and i strongly believe that any imposter should be hung out to dry. And i salute you for doing this work you do, For all of us it was very hard to believe what you were all saying. We had to protect him at the start, then more came out and we were worried about our Vets and what would happen to the foundation we believed in so much. He has ruined alot of lives, Some of us were told alot of stuff about Stuart. Now we know that to be lies.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I feel as nothing good has come from all of this. No matter what Todd did all the Vets involved have nothing now to keep them focus. No non-profit No hope for the future in regards to their dream. What have we done for Stew? People are spitting at these Vets who did nothing but try and help those in need and just cause Todd was fake they have been casted in the same shadow. In the end I did nothing but destroy their dream and make Todds life far worst then it was. I find no honor in this and must say mine is tarnashed
    I busted Todd out for Stolen Valor but in the end I lost mine.

  12. I’m sorry to all who supported Shadow six and the next time I feel like busting someone out I will remember this lesson. Just because someone lies about their service does not give me the right to destroy their life or the life’s of the people who surround them. I fought for every American to be free and to live their life’s the way they choose. I will now have to pick my brothers from all this without any reason for why I brought them down.

  13. julie says:

    George you did the right thing, Todd needed to be exposed. It was the foundation around us that collapsed,that was the sad thing to happen, we have all learned a lesson in this, i am glad you came forward now and not later. All the vets will brush of the dust and carry on, maybe we can all re group in the new year and think about starting YOUR idea up. I am happy to help out, Thank you

  14. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    ex-PH2, got it! 3800 W. Chandler Ave, Chandler. Ya know I haven’t been to Serrano’s in a while and they have great green chile!? As long as I’m in Chandler…

  15. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @153, 88M Lady. There is no “JUST” MOS in the service! Every job is as important, for a unit to complete their mission, as any other. I was an Amtracer with the 1st Marine Division, if I didn’t do my job, Marines didn’t get from the “big, ugly grey boat” to the beach. Glamorous? Not even close. Vital? Extremely! You served, you are my sister. Semper Fi!:)

  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    YatYas, it’s an apartment building. It has short-term lease options. Todd might have bolted once he was found out.

    For those who feel they are getting the ‘guilt by association’ reaction, find another venue to do something for vets. Rolling Thunder has various branches everywhere. They do all kinds of things related to and supportive of vets. There are groups that put care packages together for people still deployed to combat zones. There are plenty of real groups that do something for disabled vets, like the company that donates new homes to vets who need handicapped access.

    And there is always the USO and the local VA hospital. They can all use your help, especially the VA hospitals, and it’s direct help, less likely to get you involved in some self-centered jerk’s ripoff scheme.

    You don’t have to sell T-shirts or do 200+ miles hikes to do something for veterans.

  17. RandomNCO says:

    You did the right thing SGT George. Continuing to allow Todd to scam people out of their money with his phony sob story would have been a lot more wrong than what you did.

  18. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    “…why I brought them down.” Huh? I’m going to come straight out and say this because I think it needs to be said. Quit the pity party. The target of your angst should be Todd and no one else. Good people–within Shadow Six and the folks who donated to the efforts of that organization–are not tainted by what Todd did or didn’t do. These things happen and it’s infinitely better for all (except Todd, of course) that these revelations were learned sooner than later. It’s time to stand up, brush off, and climb cback on that horse.

  19. Sgy Aq says:

    Ya your right Frag his fake a$$.

  20. XFT says:

    is everyone done with smack talking Todd?

  21. Jonn Lilyea says:

    #172, XFT – You’re asking that question a week after the last comment?

  22. NHSparky says:

    Well Jonn, if he wants to resurrect a dead thread, far be it from me to disappoint. I mean, shit–Blake’s thread was dead around post 200 until he and his sockpuppets dragged it from the depths, and now it’s over 500, for crying out loud.

    And DullASS, well, there’s a classic zombie thread if ever there was.

  23. Green Thumb says:


    Do not forget “LTC” BH Austin.

  24. Twist says:

    @175, Speaking of him, any word? Is he recieving 3 hots, a cot, and all the sex he can handle yet?

  25. Ex-PH2 says:

    Where is that coming from?

    No one is talking smack about the toddster. He brought it on himself. He’s an asshole. Deal with it.

  26. NHSparky says:

    XFT–anyone who lists an apartment as a “corporate headquarters” deserves all the smack that comes their way.

    Verbal and physical.

  27. Ex-PH2 says:

    Sparky, every time you mention dw, he can smell it. He has radar for it. He is drawn to mentioning himself like a cockorach to an empty tuna can. The zombie will rise again.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Todd is an asshole.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Todd Hamilton…another pogue with no honor claiming to be SF.

  30. Danielle says:

    @136 and 145 / RandomNCO:
    I came back here out of curiousity just to see what else was being said about Todd because I’d like to stay informed on the actual evidence that people have against him (I have read every single post on here since this thread started). It personally pisses me off that you would assume that just because there was another person (“Stephanie” or Todd as someone else pointed out that “Stephanie” posted from where Todd told my friends and I that he lives) out there that believed everything Todd said and was posting on here in support of what was the Shadow Six Foundation and had similar feelings as what I originally did, that you would assume that I had changed my name from “Danielle” to “Stephanie”. It also pisses me off that just because I stood up for someone, who at the time I had believed to have just unknowingly worn those badges and was getting crap for it, then you assume that I am “one of his girlfriends”. I do not know Todd, like I told you on your blog, I had only met him the one time when they finished the ruck march. At first I was trying to stand up for him because the person I met seemed sincere, I never look for the bad that may be in people, and I DID see that his foot was obviously broken, I will not take that back. I DO regret saying that he didn’t know any better about the badges he wore, in fact, he actually gave my friends and I his own Shadow Six badges that he wore during the march. It is obvious to me now that he was lying about his intentions with the foundation because I have seen him trying to erase everything online about himself. He told my friends and myself to get in contact with him because we were passionate about wanting to help the foundation out originally, but never replied to any of my friend requests or messages on FB. I will not go as far as most of you guys on here and say he is (fill in the blank), but I will say that I feel as though I have been lied to. He had given me so much hope that day while we talked because he said he was on disability, but was able to finish that march because he “had a mission he was willing to die for”. I too am on disability (one year official, but have been since 9th grade) for the many chronic medical conditions and chronic pain that I suffer with every day, not due to military reasons obviously, just life. He gave me hope that I may one day be able to work again or even have a semi-normal life. I know that there are A LOT of people out there that have it MUCH worse than I do and many of them are vets. I have a friend who had his leg blown off in Iraq and he has been such an inspiration to our entire community because he is back to normal (or as normal as possible). Anyways, my point is, don’t assume that just because someone had similar beliefs to mine, that they are me and that I changed my name to try to be someone else. I am proud of who I am and what I believe in! I do not ever lie about anything in my life and I certainly would not lie about something, such as my name, on an online thread. So please be respectful of that! The only reason I came across this website and your blog was because I was doing my research and trying to gather more information. I was more concerned about whether the foundation was going to continue without Todd. I was unaware of the massive number of suicides. I am always interested in helping vets out in any way that I can. I don’t have much money because I am on disability and I can’t volunteer for events that require long periods of standing or walking. I will find other ways to support our vets and active military personnel without jumping into believing everything I am told anymore.

  31. Troy says:

    After hearing the initial story about the Shadow 6 foundation and how this Todd guy slimed everyone involved, it was a shame to see that the other vets got lumped in with him. I know, and served with Fred at the 25th ID (2001-2003), and know him to be a good, honorable and loyal man. While I was medically discharged in 2003, Fred went on to be deployed to Iraq with the division, and then went on to do bigger and better Army things (as the proprietor of this site has seen in his DD214). Don’t know if anyone will read this comment but I had to add my 2 cents about my friend. I’m glad some on this site have realized that this Todd character was acting alone in being a douche.

  32. XFT says:

    Someone should email or contact this news station or by ZAHID ARAB / KING 5 News directly about this story and explain that they are fraudulent.

  33. Green Thumb says:

    This dude needs a cold, steel beatdown.

  34. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @184. “Someone should email or contact this news station or by ZAHID ARAB / KING 5 News directly about this story and explain that they are fraudulent.”

    First, if you want it done, do it. Second, there is no “they.” The issue arises from a lone individual. Third, whether or not there is fraud is a legal determination, not personal opinion. If I say Todd is a POS, that’s a personal opinion, not a legal determination.

  35. Mokey says:

    Todd Michael Hamilton SEO and Internet Marketer. Lover of flight by way of rotorcraft, technology, my kindle, writing and travel. That is the same guy who did this. Picture matches except theres no fake ribbons.

  36. RandomNCO says:

    I know it’s a little late, but @184, when this story first broke I wrote Zahid Arab with links to this article, as well as my original article on my blog, and never heard a response back. Seems like he would rather not be called on on his lazy journalism.

    Also, there is still this:, thankfully nobody has donated to it in over a month. I wonder if that $1880, was ever returned? Doubtful.

  37. POG says:

    Knew this guy in florida, he flew helicopters while I flew fixed wing. We took classes together at a Palm Beach Community College. Not olny did he tell us all he was a Capt. in SF, he also told us that he was taking a break from Penn State where he was working on his Ph.D.

  38. RandomNCO says:

    @190, I’m not surprised to hear that.

  39. Green Thumb says:

    Fucking slimeball.

  40. Anonymous says:

    He fits the fake war hero profile. Why earn the badges when you can just buy them.
    A loser, social misfit who makes up lies because he knows that he is a loser who sucks at life. Claims SF Captain when he was really a clerk. Claims PHD when he was probably a teachers aide. Taking a break from his phd to go to a community college? hmm. sounds fishy. Like to see his transcript.

    i hope this site puts a stop to his lies. Good job putting 2 and 2 together to get his DD214 and expose the pathetic faker. I hope the people who he tells his stories to find this information before they beleive too much of his fake bs.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Where did he fly helicopters? At Brookstone with a remote control? I heard he was one of the Blackhawk down pilots and he flew the stealth helicopter they used to get bin laden.

  42. RandomNCO says:

    @193, the good news is that when you search “Todd M. Hamilton” or “Shadow 6 Foundation” this site and my own blog stories on the stooge are the first things to show up. So if he ever tries to scam anyone else (which is likely considering his history), all they have to do is google his name and see the truth.

  43. CIA Chef says:

    I was a classmate of Todd ‘SHAMILTON’ Hamilton at the Culinary Institute and dude was a complete d-bag. He often bragged about his IT company and how he was a captain in the SF Army and talked about his PTSD condition from being in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wonder if he was PTSD after he got caught stealing pins and medals he didn’t earn at the local PX.

    The funniest and ‘doesn’t surprise me at all’ moment from Todd Shamilton was he would invite classmates to parties at a local pub or bar, as if he was hosting, wouldn’t buy a round of drinks or food for his invites and guests but when I or someone else would place a credit card or cash on the check, Todd would pick it up and hand it to the cashier or server as if he was buying… not very slick and a complete d-bag…

    i’m sorry you REAL soldiers had to endure that piece of crap

  44. Anonymous says:

    Wounded? What, did he get a paper cut? Fake.

  45. Green Thumb says:

    Extra pussy.