Robert Anthony Nolan; Zombie phony SEAL rises

| November 27, 2012

Greg and TSO send us links to an article about Robert Anthony Nolan who was arrested and sentenced back in 2002 for lying to federal investigators about being a SEAL. He promised that he was going to behave himself, but apparently he can’t. The siren’s song of the phony SEAL is just too hard to resist, I suppose;

Nolan, 49, told bewitching tales of his SEAL exploits, [Curt] Ruggles said. “It was a real elaborate story – very, very believable. I’m not a gullible guy, but he nailed me good.

“He wove a very intricate web, with a lot of character development. It was like a novel.”

Nolan often spoke of friends in high places, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whom he referred to as a surrogate father, Ruggles said.

Another name he dropped repeatedly, Ruggles said, was that of retired Rear Adm. Tom Steffens, a former SEAL in Virginia Beach who spent decades in leadership positions in naval special operations.

I guess it’s a whole lot easier to make shit up than to actually go through all of the bullshit to actually be a SEAL.

After learning of Ruggles’ accusation, Nolan took a polygraph exam that indicated he was telling the truth when he denied posing as a SEAL. The polygraph examiner, David Goldberg, said he is convinced of Nolan’s veracity.

There are articles about Nolan’s lies when he was arrested from SOCNET and Free Republic.

Nolan, once named Sailor of the Year on the carrier America, received a less-than-honorable discharge from the Navy in June 1992 after going AWOL for 53 days, court records said.

But, he was never a SEAL.

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  1. O-4E says:

    “The siren’s song of the phony SEAL is just too hard to resist”

    That is one of the funniest lines I have heard on here…

  2. OWB says:

    What a soap opera! Reading some of the comments at the article – it should just be a matter of time until we get all the sisters, cousins, and whoever else here to explain it all to us.

    Oh, and there is a reason that polygraphs are not admissible in court. They are only useful as an investigative tool, not proof of anything. A sociopath (aw, gee, ya think maybe someone who would lie about being a SEAL might be one?) can easily manipulate polygraph results.

  3. RandomNCO says:

    So from Sailor of the Year on his carrier to….kicked out for going AWOL?

    I wonder if he met a girl or something…

  4. Nik says:

    “After doing federal prison time, ‘do you think I would be insane enough to portray myself as a Navy SEAL?'”

    In a word. Yes.

    “As proof of his actions, he showed a reporter emails from base personnel acknowledging the incursions.”

    So? I can show a reporter emails from Mila Kunis thanking me for a wonderful time last night. I can show emails from Neil Armstrong thanking me for making him look so good on July 20, 1969.

    Hell, for that matter I can make those kinds of emails pop up in anyone’s inbox, whether I have access to those inboxes or not.

  5. Chip@NASA says:

    @4 Nik
    I for a FACT know you’re lying. *I* was with Mila Kunis last night and Sofía Vergara can vouch for all three of us….you know…..because two chicks man.

  6. Nik says:


    Screenshots or it didn’t happen!

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    You’re such a bunch of lying, inglorious basterds. I was on the moon with Buzz and Neil. You’re all full of crap.

    Speaking of telling tall tales, may I borrow “siren’s song of the SEALs” for a title, Jonn? Thanks!!!!

  8. Chip@NASA says:

    @6 Nik
    Fires up the old photoshoop, right there next to my DD214 generator.

  9. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:


    ** Drops the FOG Bomb! Very few people truly know Gingrich.
    ** AWOL for 53 Days – TRIPLE SECRET BLACK OPERATION that the US Navy was not even aware of.
    ** Sailor of the Year on USS America – Sounds like a modern day Broadway musical hit (post DADT).

    Real deal!


  10. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    (extra heavy sigh) Here we go again! Sailor-of-the-Year on a carrier?! He was chosen over 5,000 other sailors and wasn’t happy with that?! I was put up once for Enlisted-of-the-Quarter and once for NCO-of-the-Quarter with 3rd Amtracs and never got EITHER. I was AJ-Squared-Away and was “fast tracked” but someone was better. This rat bastage wasn’t happy with that? Screw him where it’ll hurt.

  11. peteOldABH says:

    You know, I actually was a sailor of the quarter on the USS America, albeit 1988, and I have the America website that lists all the people on it the whole time it was commisioned.
    Is this true, he was a sailor of the year for that great ship? Because like Don, I have the list. (for the America)