Why I’m no longer a Republican

| November 28, 2012

Thank you, Republican Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma for reminding me why I hate the Republican Party almost as much as I hate the Democrat Party. From the New York Times;

In a private meeting of the House Republican whip team, the group responsible for vote counting, Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma broke with the rest of the leadership and said the party should join with President Obama for now, Republican aides said. The meeting was first reported by Politico.

“The first thing I’d do is make sure we don’t raise taxes on 98 percent of the American people,” he said in an interview Tuesday night. “We’ll get some credit for that, and it’s the right thing to do.”

Punk ass gutless sissy. If you truly believe that a tax hike on Americans will not help the economy, why give Obama this? And since we all know, as evidenced by this chump move, Republicans are gutless, they won’t try and correct this later like Cole says. Caving into the administration on this will not get you any credit from me.

Cole is not looking out for his constituency. For one thing, the Obama Administration will never let the impending tax hike take effect, because then Americans would know that the “Bush tax cuts for the rich” line is a lie because everyone’s taxes are going to go up substantially, some people will suddenly have to pay taxes as a result.

No, I don’t make over $250,000, but I do understand what raising taxes on those people will do to the economy, even if this administration can’t see past the end of their little class warfare noses.

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  1. martinjmpr says:

    Kicking the can…it’s what they all do, republicans and democrats alike. Why make sacrifices today when we can just whip out the credit card and pay today’s bills with tomorrow’s promises?

  2. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Just let me know where and when the revolution begins. Other than that, as of election day, I do not GAS.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    Looking forward to it. :P)

  4. © Sponge says:

    Well, first off…all politicians are liars. ALL. OF. THEM. Secondly, none of them at that level really give a rats ass about their constituents. They’re in it for the power and the free bene’s for the rest of their lives. Stay in long enough and you’re wealthy beyond your dreams.

    The “tax cuts for the rich” meme was bulls#!t from the start, but the gutless wonders in the Republican Party REFUSED, God knows WHY, to DEFEND THEMSELVES on this. Did the rich benefit? Sure, but the middle class benefited a BUNCH as well, but they never took that to the American public. The Republican Party has the worst PR department in the history of the world and they DESERVE to go down in flames. I’m pulling for the Whig party to make a comeback.

  5. OWB says:

    Said it once or twice before, but the first thing to do when you have a debt problem is to stop incurring debt. Works every time.

    They can make pretzels out of it, call names and all the other antics we have seen over the years, but no one can possibly take them seriously until the day that they quit incurring new debt.

    Come on, it’s just not that complicated. So, yeah, all of them pretty much are liars and hucksters.

  6. ex af says:

    You don’t understand basic economics. Raising taxes on the rich helps the economy. It brings money into the government which pays out contracts for infrastructure and even useless items like Rangers and other Rambo wannabes. Lets face it, when it costs $1 million a year to keep snuffy in Afghanistan, that’s too much. Just what is in those MREs anyway? Lobster bisque?

    Most of the projected debt is going to be from the Bush tax cuts. That’s why they were only in for a decade initially. They were a really stupid idea economically.

    Go read what happened to FDR in the Great Depression, when he did the cut taxes bit the GOP wanted, the recession started up again. Raising taxes on the rich helps the economy. They usually do nothing with their money except create fake economic instruments. They do not spend it for food or consumables like the middle class do. Or boats or fast cars like the enlisted folk do. Which creates jobs for people who build boats or fast cars who in turn eat out, buy more food, and you see how the money is churning over in your local burg. Most towns see a dollar churn 7 times or so. for the rich, its once or twice. Remember Scrooge McDuck and his big swimming pool full or money? Same idea. Spend money on beer and ammo you help the US more than giving it to the rich who ship it to the Cayman Islands.

  7. Old Trooper says:

    @6: Please tell me how raising taxes on “the rich” is going to solve the economic problems without a commesurate cut in spending? Talk about not understanding basic economics. Your flawed idealism about how “the rich” spend their money shows that you are a student of the socialist class warfare meme. You are right, though; rich folk don’t eat food like us poor folk, they eat babies. This ain’t a Disney comic strip, either.

    Your response has got to be one of the dumbest piles of shit I have heard outside of DU in a while.

  8. CUNextTuesday says:

    That’s the part that most people are missing.

    You can ZERO spending on the troops and still not make a dent in the deficit.

    It all comes down to the interest on debt and our own social programs and handouts.

    We owe so much money to other countries we will never recover. Time to throw up the middle finger and tell them all where to go.

  9. Common Sense says:

    Stuff like this is why I’ve become more and more libertarian as I’ve gotten older and wiser.

    There are some congresscritters with integrity – Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Jim DeMint, etc, and I really liked candidate Gary Johnson, who proved himself with 8 VERY successful years as governor of NM.

    A good many of the people making over $250,000 are business owners who file as S corp. This means that their business is taxed as personal income. They still have to try and pay for all of their business expenses out of that money. And if their taxes are raised, that means fewer jobs, less expansion, and therefore less tax money to the government.

    A sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We have decades of proof that raising taxes slows the economy and results in less money for government while cutting taxes creates jobs, improves the economy, and results in more money for government.

    But this is what we get when the Republican Party is full of weak characters and the lazy parasites who want to live off of the producers re-elect the Marxist in Chief.

  10. NHSparky says:

    If I was in his district, I’d be lighting a bonfire under his ass right about now.

    As it is, for at least the next two years, I’ve got to deal with that brain dead Carol Shea-Porter (or Carol Che-Pelosi if you prefer.)

    In the times I’ve spoken to her, any question more difficult than if water is wet is usually met with a blank stare and a, “Let me check with my staff” answer. Bags of hammers are insulted by the “dumber than” reference.

  11. USMCE8Ret says:

    @6: RE – FDR…. I’m sure most of us are up to speed on FDR and his “new deal”, which is history repeating itself with yet another “socialist, progressive democrat” president in office like we have now. “Stimulus” and “distribution of wealth” are merely 21st century terms for economic failures that have already failed once in this country’s history. FDR and his economics were a failure, much like the failures of the empty chair that resides in the Oval Office today.

    Dig a little deeper.

  12. NHSparky says:

    Most of the projected debt is going to be from the Bush tax cuts.

    So the $1.1-1.4 TRILLION deficits from the last 4 years are Bush’s fault too?

    Go read what happened to FDR in the Great Depression, when he did the cut taxes bit the GOP wanted, the recession started up again.

    No, what happened in 1937-38 is that FDR’s programs kicked into high gear, resulting in higher taxes (think SS, etc.) and greater regulation, which slowed down the economy.

    IOW, it’s very similar to what will happen in 2013-14. Double-dip recession, anyone? And no, housing isn’t safe just because you’ve taken a hit–it’s gonna take another one, particularly if the GOP caves and allows the mortgage interest deduction to be taken away.

    Might I suggest you read, “FDR’S Folly” written by Jim Powell?

  13. JohnG says:

    It seems to me the Democrats have a bit of a problem that only the Republicans can get them out of.

    The Democrats, for political purposes, need the increase on the rich. They started the class war and now they need to be seen to win this particular battle. They must know that winning the battle will a) even at current levels, not make any significant difference to their financial woes and b) in fact cause revenue to decrease, as it historically has.

    They NEED the across the board increases. It is my projection that no matter what efforts the Republicans make, the Democrats will have found one issue totally unacceptable and already have a draft PR release making the “regrettable” impasse the fault of the opposition protecting the wealthy.

  14. ohio says:

    “Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets”.
    Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver

  15. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    ex af. Are you for real?

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Seriously. ex-af, so much of what you’ve written is just wrong. The Bush tax cuts resulted in increased revenue to the IRS, even more revenue than the Clinton era of higher taxes. Tax cuts don’t result in government deficits. Government spending results in deficits. I don’t know what smelly hippies have against people keeping their own money – I guess it’s because they don’t have any money of their own.

  16. Mr. Blue says:

    FDR did not get America out of the Great Depression. The fact that every other industrial country was smoldering wreckage following WW2 got us out of the Great Depression.

  17. CAs6 says:

    It’s not ex-af’s fault. He joined the Chair Force instead of the military, so he’s used to living in ivory towers high above reality.

    Wait, it is all his fault.

  18. Hinton says:

    As a former executive director for a state GOP, I’ve got to say this:

    I’m with you. And I, too, am out.

  19. NHSparky says:

    It’s shit like this when people ask me if I’m Democrat or Republican, I tell them I’m conservative.

    All the GOP has done is just become Dem-lite. It’s also one of the reason why Romney lost–why vote for a guy who promises half-assed stuff when you can just vote for the guy who’ll promise you the entire Skittle-shitting pony?

  20. marinewm86 says:

    Congressman Cole of course wants to compromise if not his main constituency (The Chickasaw Nation who btw has an annual income of 13 Billion dollars) will face Federal Cuts that would force them to pay for actual services for Tribal Members instead of providing private jets and tribal vehicles for their Casino Managers and 8 a firm… He is doing exactly what his tribe and all the other Oklahoma Tribes are asking him to do.

    Instead of forcing the tribes to subsidy their own programs with the insane amounts of money they recieve from Gaming Revenues.

  21. Old Tanker says:

    What a revelation…one party sucks, and the other sucks ass. We’re freakin’ doomed…

  22. FatCircles says:

    Yes, RINO’s are worse than the open libtards.

    The children that run this country needs to fall on their faces. Maybe then they’ll look to responsible adults and let them take care of business.

  23. FltMedic says:

    I dont care anymore, let everyone get taxed to the hilt. Maybe real pain in the wallet will get the sheeple to wake up and get back to what made us great.

    Pain is a wonderful teacher, those of us in the “pruductive class” have felt it long enough, its time for the leeches to feel it for themselves.

  24. Guy says:

    Democans and republicrats…

    two sides of the same rotten apple.
    Taxing the rich works? Ask the french about that.
    They jacked the rates on their millionaires, Millionaires left, took their money, companies and jobs with them.
    That’s the cool thing about being rich you get to go outside of dumbville in idiot county and see the real world for what it really is.
    I’ve lived in socialist countries in Europe, I’ve seen REAL Class wars in the Middle-East. What we have is is just rot. One party posing as two pitting us against each other while they rob us blind.
    Sad part is that most Americans are too apathetic or stupid to care.

  25. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @23, 24, and 25: Yup, yup, and yup.

  26. valerie says:

    “Tax the rich” is Democratic code for “tax everybody that works.”

  27. melle1228 says:

    You aren’t alone Jonn. This is the first time since 1992( when I was a liberal and wasn’t mugged by reality yet) that I won’t be registering as a Republican. The only one who seems to have any cajones in this party are the women.

  28. melle1228 says:

    >>>Go read what happened to FDR in the Great Depression, when he did the cut taxes bit the GOP wanted, the recession started up again

    BAWAHHHA.. Been awhile since I took economics class but I seem to remember that FDR actually prolonged the Depression and it was the war and the spike in need of steel that helped bring us out.

    And I certainly understand that taxing the rich(you know the ones who hire us) isn’t going to make unemployment go down. Rich people are rich for a reason. Charge them more money and they will just lay off people or put in on their customers. Taxing the rich is FELT by all Americans.

  29. CI says:

    This is but one reason I left the GOP over a decade ago. The party either acts decidedly not Conservative on social issues, and governs like Democrats on economic issues.

    Both parties main concern is gaining and/or maintaining power. They will sell out core principles in order to do so.

  30. Old Trooper says:

    @30: Yep

    Here’s an economics lesson for those that are all warm and fuzzy about government growth:

  31. Old Trooper says:

    Here’s another explanation for our socialistic, class warfare ex-AF commenter:

  32. OWB says:

    The simple truth of the matter is that neither party could have done this to us without the cooperation of the other party. At least on the national level.

    At the local level, there are still some differences, at least in some juridictions. That may be our only hope in getting this thing under control. Responsive local pols are our last line of defense, maybe.

  33. MAJ Mike says:

    Having been a Republican since 1964 (Icamapigned for Goldwater when I was in junior high school), I quit.

    Not one more dime or vote for the DemLite Party. If I carry any party label, it’ll be Libertarian.

  34. Anonymous says:

    GOP. Needs to be changed by the. We The PEOPLE. It would take years to win the office of PRES. John Mc got over 3 millions more wires than Mitt R. B0. Got less votes than4 years ago >Free thing you can’t win!

  35. DaveO says:

    #10 NHSparky: Tom Cole is my representative. The alternatives are worse, but not significantly so. Cole benefitted from the implosion of the local TEA Party.

    I agree with Grover Norquist in his interview this morning on WMAL: ‘We don’t have a tax problem, we have a spending problem.’ Both parties are guilty, as are the American people, who can be bought.

  36. UpNorth says:

    @25, you don’t even need to go overseas to see that. Look at New York state. They raised taxes, the millionaires left.
    Eventually, California will follow New York and raise taxes. The lefties from Hollyweird will leave in droves, screwing up other states that have lots of land and not a lot of people.
    @20 and 34. Agreed, I changed my affiliation to Conservative.

  37. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    How about the Neither Party? Or what about the They-Screwed-Up-Over-Two-Hundred-Years-of-Constitutional-Representative- Democracy-in-Less-Than-Twenty-and-We-Have-Had-Enough-of-Them party? I rather favor the latter but the bumper sticker might be a problem.

  38. OWB says:

    AC: Business cards have to be about the size of a bumper sticker! But, I like the concept.

  39. Rurik says:

    Tom Cole – what we call a Vichy Republican. Let him google the fate of the the original Vichy Republicans in 1945.

    I have gone into internal emigration. Not only do I remember the Oath, I also remember my Code of Conduct training, and what it says about behavior in captivity.

  40. Both parties are out of control and useless. I think we need to start a new party…the “Common sense, no bullshit” party.

  41. Ex-PH2 says:

    How about reviving the Whigs?

  42. 11B3P says:

    Been several years since I considered myself or voted Republican. If my vote is SOOOO important, then the party I used to vote for ought to miss it, no?

  43. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    @41 CI, Maybe we need to start a “Veteran’s Who’ve Served Our Country” party. If WE haven’t earned the right to have a major say in what direction our country moves, who has?! I’ve been a Republican since 1981 but to be honest, I can’t identify with about 1/2 the party’s ideology anymore. As for the socialists…I mean the democRATs, forget that. I’d rather shoot myself.

    IMHO we need to work to get more moderate Republicans involved. I know at least four who didn’t vote conceding comrade omammy was going to get re-elected. Granted, it’s hard to fight sgainst someone who has basically “bought” the vote with welfare programs ut unless we do this crap is gonna keep happening until the USA is just Mexico Norrh.

  44. bob c says:

    top brackets increased do NOT harm the economy despite you grunts who have no clue about economics.
    you thought obama would lose – LoL!
    you think rates are nbot goign up – roflmgo!

  45. Redacted1775 says:

    Stop drinking bob. Good lord.

  46. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    bob c, you know if your parents divorce, they’re still brother and sister.

  47. Bulldog22 says:

    Screw all these sorry SOBs we sent to DC. They are not doing OUR business anymore! It is passed the time to replace them! Our children will not have the stones to do it! If we dont fix it, our Republic is dead! All 50 states need to secede from DC and reinstate the constitution as the law of the land. If the left doesnt like it they can leave and go to europe. If the sorry ass RINOs dont like it, they can leave as well.