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| November 29, 2012

The other day, I did an interview with Seattle TV station KIRO about Todd Hamilton and they put it on their website today, unfortunately, they don’t allow embedding. So you can see a portion of the interview at this link to their archives. It’s the news show dated at 5PM 11/27/2012 and it’s about 56 minutes into the video, if you want to skip over their coverage of pot-related issues.

I tried to get Hamilton to speak to the reporter, but apparently, he decided that it wasn’t worth his time to clear the Shadow 6 foundation in his own words. The reporter told me that they were interested in the story because the march they did across Washington State was pretty big news.

It’s unfortunate that the veterans involved with the organization are being forced to pay the price for Hamilton’s idiot behavior. A lot of people were left holding Hamilton’s bag and I’ve offered to help where we’re able to help them out.

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  1. streetsweeper says:

    Excellent, very well done, Jonn.

  2. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Thanks for the time mark. I couldn’t possibly have watched that stuff to get to TAH. Good work. I too am sorry that the other Veterans had to suffer from that retodd’s actions.

  3. pete says:

    don’t cha just love the way the lame stream media keeps repeating the word,,”mistake”? this nimrod is a fraud and a thief whose only “mistake”,was,,getting caught.

  4. 88M Lady says:

    Right Pete, that’s just what I was thinking. A mistake is grabbing skim milk at the grocery store when you meant to get 2%.

  5. RandomNCO says:

    The only mistake made here was the media and the foundation not looking in to Todd’s ridiculous and unfounded claims in the first place…

  6. RandomNCO says:

    And I was just able to watch the news clip.

    It’s kind of stupid how they didn’t bother to mention the fact that Hamilton was making statements about how he was a wounded veteran and how the news portrayed him as such. Wearing the Triple Stack was wrong, but so was his lying about being a wounded veteran.

  7. 88M Lady says:

    Yes. The only genuine mistake made was by the other foundation members who made the mistake of trusting Todd. I do not want to speak for them, but I’ll speculate that they trusted him because two of the members went to high school with him and thought they knew him well enough. Again, it’s damn shame that Todd not only betrayed thier trust but made those guys look bad.