Female soldiers not flocking to combat jobs at Carson

| December 1, 2012

The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that the Army opened up some combat-related jobs and there were few takers. out of the 343 women who were eligible, only 53 elected to take the Army upon it.

The Fort Carson pilot project allowed women to request a transfer into four jobs previously off-limits to them, including tank, artillery and Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicle maintenance. A fourth job allowed women to be radar operators subject to enemy fire.

“I think maybe initially, there’s just a general hesitation to jump in with both feet into uncharted territory, which is sort of basic human nature,” said Greg Jacob, policy director at Service Women’s Action Network, a New York-based organization aimed at equal rights for women in the military.

Opponents of the ban say 238,000 women were barred from positions across the armed forces, blocking them from promotions and other advancements open to men in combat.

Yeah, I’ve always thought that it was all a bunch of hype that women are not happy with their career opportunities in the military. It was just like removing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy – it was more about the acceptance than restrictions. 1-in-5 is actually quite a few females who took this opportunity. Being assigned to an infantry unit, even though you’re a mechanic, is lot different than being in a support battalion, and not attractive to many people, including male mechanics.

As far as the “blocking them from promotions” argument goes, I had two cadets who were excellent, one woman who went into the Transportation Corps and another man who went into the Engineers. Both received a “5”, the highest grade, in Advanced Camp after their Junior year. They were both commissioned the same year and they both made Lieutenant Colonel in the same year. So I don’t know what these people are talking about.

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  1. Matty_J says:

    “So, I don’t know what these people are talking about.” Well, neither do they. There is no glass ceiling. There are only requirements. I seem to recall recently the Marine Corps tried a test program to allow women into infantry training. Only two applied (these are female Marines, who are pretty gung-ho but also pretty smart!), and both washed out, one within a few days (couple of weeks?), and the other just before the end of training.

  2. DaveO says:

    It will take another 10 years of constant conditioning for women to feel that the Field Artillery is a natural fit for them.

    Not sure how the commercials will go… “Put away that puny toy and GO ARTILLERY – where the smallest gun starts at 105mm. Catch the vibe!”

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    These two ladies made it through their elite training class:


    If women don’t want it, they won’t ask for it. So what’s the problem?

    All that squawking and the legal battle is baloney, and you guys know it. It’s a front, if you will, for “I can’t pass the regular tests so I want SPECIAL treatment” and nothing else.

    When I see women in iron man triathlons, marathons, body building and power lifting and gymnastics, all of which require a lot of physical strength, I have no sympathy for the whiners.