Stealing from deceased vet lands couple in jail

| December 1, 2012

GruntSgt sends us a link to the story of Robert Michael Larson and Geri Leah Hlavinka, the attractive couple in the picture who broke into the house of a recently deceased veteran and stole about 200 items of his memorabilia from his military service.

Authorities determined the uniform had been sold at a swap meet in Grants Pass. The man who purchased the uniform heard of the case, began his own investigation and eventually helped authorities locate a majority of the missing items including the burial flag.

Larson and Hlavinka were arrested on burglary, theft and drug charges. Hlavinka is facing an additional charge of endangering the welfare of a minor because drugs were located in the home where children were living.

Our thanks to the anonymous good citizen who helped police track down the stolen items.

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  1. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    The deceased Veteran, Richard McLaren, died last February.

    From his obituary: “He was born May 30, 1923, in Burns, Ore., and moved with his family to the Rogue Valley shortly afterward. Upon graduation from Rogue River High School in 1941, he began working for Weyerhaeuser until the war broke out in December of that year. Proud to call himself a Pearl Harbor avenger, he enlisted in the Navy. He served the duration of the war on the U.S.S. Corregidor, an escort aircraft carrier.” (The obituary continues– without mention of awards, medals, or ribbons!)

  2. <b.@#1 2017 Air Cav: The ones who’s obituary makes no mention of awards n medals are the ones who most likely got their fair share.
    RIP Avenger.

  3. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    For the unfamiliar, my comment regarding no mention of awards….etc. was meant to distinguish this Veteran and his family from those who too frequently decide to say goodbye with a fanciful obit regarding a deceased Veteran’s service. Not in this instance, however. The Corregidor was a busy ship during WW II, saw action on multiple occasions, was involved in multiple island landings, and was credited with splashing eight Japanese planes. Yeah. The stolen stuff probably included HIS medals and ribbons.

  4. MAJ Mike says:

    Both those losers deserve an ass-beating.

  5. Frank G says:

    my Great-Aunt lived in Grants Pass. Nice place. I suggest an axe-handle massage first then incarceration

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    Why is it that these people almost always look brain-dead? Is it because they are so loaded that the only thing they can think of to do is steal someone’s personal stuff like that?

  7. Roger in Republic says:

    “Why is it that these people almost always look brain-dead? Is it because they are so loaded that the only thing they can think of to do is steal someone’s personal stuff like that?”

    Its the Meth. It has become a scourge in the North West just as in other regions of the US. These people (I use the term loosely) don’t work so they are forced to steal to support their habits. I live in a very rural area and we used to leave the keys in our cars ten years ago. Not now. These jerks roam the out lying areas in gangs of three or four and will steal anything not bolted down with the nuts welded on. My wish that folks like these two get an opportunity load test some half inch hemp line.

  8. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    RPI Mr. McLaren. These two need to pay a $100,000 dollar fine, serve 150 years, then do 10,000 hours of community service during strict, supervised probation. All of this as a minimum, of course.

  9. Jeff says:

    There is a special place in hell for scum like them!