Fort Drum soldiers saving the world one apartment building at a time

| December 1, 2012

From comes the story that 8 Fort Drum soldiers who rescued the residents of a Fort Drum area apartment;

The Soldiers, who were all from G Company, 710th Brigade Support Battalion, help rescue residents and pets from a burning building in the Fort Drum neighborhood while they were conducting training last month.

Staff Sgt. Eduardo Rodriguez, Spc. Eric Anderson, Spc. Ronrico Philips, Spc. Chris Schneider, Spc. Khiry White, Pfc. Dijion McEachen, Pvt. Jonathan Mendoza and Pvt. Michael Parham without question, risked their lives to save strangers.
Although they knew the inherent risks of running inside a burning building, the Soldiers knew they had to do something.

“I saw something and I reacted to it,” White said with a shrug.

The Soldiers ran into the building and up to the top apartment that was on fire.

“At that time, I figured they could probably put that out themselves; if someone was inside, they could use their fire extinguisher,” White said.

After no answer at the first door, they moved on to the other apartments and began knocking on all the doors to ensure everyone had evacuated the complex.
Each of the Soldiers continued to clear the building while the fire grew rapidly. After several trips inside, they had successfully helped all residents and pets out of the building before the fire department arrived.

It’s on TAH because the media won’t cover it.

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  1. MAJ Mike says:

    Shai Dorsai!

  2. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    What’s the big deal? It’s what GIs do. They see a situation, evaluate it, then kick ass and take names. Afterwards they head to a bar, order some beers then go home.

  3. Cajun says:

    Soldiers from a Golf, BSB (Foward Support Comany)? yep they lead the way too with or without crossed rifles on the left!

  4. Dominic says:

    I long for the day a soldier does something like this, and the only media quip is “I’m going to drink tonight, figured I might as well earn that beer”

  5. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Some of my more interesting moments came at Ft. Drum…I still have my NCO club card from 1982….nice to see they continue to do good work there….hooah boys!!