DoD to expand spy operations

| December 2, 2012

The Washington Post reports that the Pentagon is going into the spy game by expanding their Defense Intelligence Agency ranks;

When the expansion is complete, the DIA is expected to have as many as 1,600 “collectors” in positions around the world, an unprecedented total for an agency whose presence abroad numbered in the triple digits in recent years.

The total includes military attachés and others who do not work undercover. But U.S. officials said the growth will be driven over a five-year period by the deployment of a new generation of clandestine operatives. They will be trained by the CIA and often work with the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command, but they will get their spying assignments from the Department of Defense.

Among the Pentagon’s top intelligence priorities, officials said, are Islamist militant groups in Africa, weapons transfers by North Korea and Iran, and military modernization underway in China.

Just what we need – another gigantic spy agency that won’t share information with other agencies. And while Congress has it’s heart set on slashing traditional military capabilities, let’s just throw the scarce money at something completely redundant.

Unlike the CIA, the Pentagon’s spy agency is not authorized to conduct covert operations that go beyond intelligence gathering, such as drone strikes, political sabotage or arming militants.

But the DIA has long played a major role in assessing and identifying targets for the U.S. military, which in recent years has assembled a constellation of drone bases stretching from Afghanistan to East Africa.

Now, I’m no expert, but since the DIA will be trained and equipped by the CIA, why not just expand the CIA instead and force that agency to be more responsive to DoD’s needs? This is obviously an attempt to change DoD into something it isn’t. It’s supposed to break stuff and kill bad guys on a large scale, but this administration is making it into something akin to a Department of Peace.

And, oh, I expect to see more fakes adding DIA operative to their phony narratives.

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  1. Al T. says:

    The CIA has a history of generating junk intelligence. Sounds to me like DoD may want to fix that.

  2. Isnala says:

    Having been there done that, this is report is a tempest in a tea pot guys. DIA works solely for the DoD to get the data needed to put bombs on target or boots on the ground and helps ensure its the right target and right ground. All this is saying is that they are getting more funds to help expand operations to get more of the most reliable intel, i.e. mark 1 eyeball of a trusted source. So take off the tin foil hats the DIA has been around a long time already this is just a plus up in funding. Also in case you are wondering what the sufferance between the CIA and DIA is, it is in mission and purpose. CIA is humint and analysis for the whole Federal govt. DIA on the other hand is just for the DoD and only in support of military operations.
    All of this is in the public record, just check out DIA’s web site: