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| December 4, 2012

Whitlock is a genius

Raping Logic Part I

Raping Logic Part II

Raping Logic Part III

Lofty goals

Or, maybe they’re just self-absorbed shit bags.

“Gee, why do socialists get such a bad rap?”

So I’m guessing she won’t like the “Make My Sandwich, Bitch”, hoagie maker?

Fairly Unbalanced

“…self financed programs like the Post Office.”


Bye American

Jesus Shrugged

Fighting fires

Apple sauce

Maybe they vibrate like an Obamaphone?


Secretary Of Manbearpig

Current Events

Loser teachers; parents and kids are to blame

Feminism killed chivalry. You won, now get over it, bitches.

Look for the Union labia

You elected them, you deal with it.

Lockstep…like Nazis.

Sort of like “partial abortion”.


Gun owners…you’re really just racists who are afraid of the angry black men you oppress on a daily basis. True story.

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  1. TheTrueAnalyst says:

    That teacher thread is probably the first one on DU that I’ve ever agreed with. Sure, I’ve come across some horrible teachers before (Mostly the ones I’ve had in college up until this point), but parents let their kids get by with so much crap nowadays it isn’t even funny. There are teachers in my family, and they’re awesome at what they do, especially having worked their entire careers with either poor inner-city kids or very learning disabled children, but they can only do so much when the parents either don’t care, or in one case where the parents literally have the principal in their back pocket and run the school. I did well in K-12 because my parents stayed on me and saw to it that I succeeded; they also taught me respect for the teacher, the classroom, and a diploma. If more parents stopped making excuses for their kids, and if we got past this stupid governmental notion that somehow requiring increased in-school hours along with performance based reward pay and increased certification testing for our teachers would better our education system, then maybe we would finally see results. Keep everything simple: Stop pushing more difficult courses onto lower grade level students, raise our kids right, and pay teachers more in areas where they aren’t paid well (Which includes many locales in the U.S., such as my own), and everything will turn out fine.

  2. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    The world needs broom pushers. Let the stupid kids stay stupid. Elitist? Um, yeah.

  3. CAs6 says:

    Joe Biden would be an excellent Secretary of State?


    In what retarded universe?

  4. The Dead Man says:

    My brain just threatened a hostile takeover for trying to read some of those posts. I even followed the links in that very last one to see what the idiot was rambling about. I feel tired all of a sudden…

    Am I a bad person for giggling at Schrodinger’s Rapist? Is he able to bend reality to rape if he doesn’t know he’s not supposed to rape? Or… something. I’m going to go think about Pixel for a while instead of this garbage.

  5. Just Plain Jason says:

    I am so confused…if you lock a man in a box with some radioactive stuff he will either be dead or a liberal rapist? I don’t understand…I am not going to touch the “too drunk to consent” statement…