In Obama era; weapons sales soar – in Afghanistan

| December 5, 2012

I know, we’ve all heard how after the last election, weapons sales have surged here in the US. It looks like it’s had the same effect in Afghanistan according to Stars & Stripes;

In the past three years, the black market price of an AK-47, the weapon of choice for Afghan fighters of all stripes, has gone up from between $600 to $700 to as much as $1,500 for a new rifle, and prices for pistols, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and PK machine guns have kept pace, according to weapons dealers and a Taliban commander interviewed for this article.

The demand is so high for rifles that some weapons dealers are now going door to door to ask villagers if they’re willing to part with their guns.

While insurgent groups like such as the Taliban and Hezb-i-Islami, warlords and members of parliaments may have different ideologies, a Kabul province weapons dealer says they are all stockpiling weapons for the same simple reason.

“They are looking to have power after the foreign forces leave,” said Malik, who would only use his first name.

I guess responsible leadership in that shithole might try to shut down the weapons bazaars, but that’s probably asking too much. Well, unless there’s a Second Amendment-type guarantees in Afghanistan that allows their citizens own fully automatic weapons.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    I thought $1500 for a new AK sounded like a good deal, considering what similar weapons go for here, then I realized the average Afghan makes about 43 cents a year.

    Not such a good deal at that point.

  2. Claymore says:

    Someone should alert Bob Costas…

  3. UpNorth says:

    Obviously, there is at least one segment of the economy, here and abroad, that Baracka hasn’t screw up. Yet.

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    Claymore, he’s too busy explaining himself to anyone who will give him 30 seconds of their precious time.

  5. UpNorth says:

    Argh,,, screwed up.

  6. CWO5USMC says:

    I can’t wait to see the power grab that happens once we all leave there….or at least leave certain parts of the country.

    Although I do understand the need to harbor your own weapons and ammo. I know I have enough guns and ammo for the wife, the kids and I to hold off the hordes for a bit in case of a fiscal breakdown or a zombie apocalypse…

  7. PavePusher says:

    Prohibition never works. Time to leave.

  8. PintoNag says:

    You can always get a weapon cheap…as long as you don’t mind it being dropped once.

  9. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    They could get them much cheaper, I hear, through the Fast and Furious program. Come to think of it, maybe they did.

  10. UpNorth says:

    @#9, who knew, H & O shipped them by the crate?

  11. DDB says:

    One AK per household rule when I was over there.

  12. Eric says:

    Still the same rule, only now “we” don’t look in their houses for caches anymore. That’s left to the ANSF who don’t search houses for caches because we don’t.

    And when I was there last year, I don’t recall ever meeting an Afghan who’s first name was “Malik” since that is a title. But, I could be wrong…