Drill Sergeant awaits return of his baby (Updatedx2)

| December 5, 2012

Twist sent us a link to a Fox News article about Drill Sergeant Terry Achane, whose ex-wife prematurely delivered their baby and then immediately gave it up for adoption without the knowledge of the baby’s father;

When he finally learned what had happened from his ex-wife, he launched a legal battle that culminated in 4th District Judge Darold McDade’s 48-page ruling Monday that the baby belongs with her father.

“He’s completely elated at the judge’s ruling,” attorney Mark Wiser told FoxNews.com. “He felt the judge could not rule any other way.”

Achane now hopes the girl’s adoptive parents, Jared and Kristi Frei, will visit him in South Carolina to make the girl’s transition as easy as possible. McDade has given the couple 60 days to return the child, Wiser said.

Of course, the Freis filed for a stay in the case so they can fight to keep the child from her biological father. They’ve set up a legal fund and there are actually people who are donating to it.

The Freis, meanwhile, who maintain a blog detailing the custody battle, did not return a message seeking comment. The couple has raised more than $22,000 in donations for adoption-related costs and attorney fees via the website.

Let me guess what kind of people can justify to themselves keeping a daughter from her Army father. Up to the point where the Freis filed a request for a stay, I blamed the adoption agency, the Adoption Center of Choice, because apparently they knew that the mother was married, but now it’s all on the Freis.


Here is a statement from the Frei family.

The father intervenes…

Several months later, we were able to track down the birth father to serve him with our adoption petition. To our great shock and dismay, he objected to our petition and intervened to stop the adoption. Over the last 19 months, despite the law requiring that a father show interest in his child and at least attempt regular communication to establish a bond, the father has never shown any interest in Leah other than to hire an attorney. He has never sent her clothes or toys, or even a gift on Christmas or her birthday. He’s never inquired into her health and well-being, or other details like when she started crawling, walking, talking, or cutting her first tooth. In short, he hasn’t shown any of the natural affection or interest of a parent. But because the child was conceived in wedlock, he can object to the adoption, forcing us to trial to terminate his parental rights.

Great shock? You mean that someone would not be receptive to the idea of losing their child to adoption without their knowledge or consent?


It seems that the adoption agency is license is not going to be renewed past the new year. That are only getting a extension.

Ken Stettler, licensing director for the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, told the Tribune that the Adoption Center of Choice has operated under a corrective action plan since September, when its license was extended but not renewed. The action was taken because of documentation deficiencies in some case files, Stettler said.

The extension expires at the end of December, the deadline for the agency to come into compliance. But allegations in the adoption case have raised new questions and prompted additional review, Stettler said.

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  1. jaggirl47 says:

    Crazy horse,

    The information concerning this has been published. The Frei family REFUSED to let him see his daughter. That is a big difference from just not seeing his daughter. SSG Achane was unable to see her until the court finally ruled in his favor.

    Now, as far as the wife, she has issues. She has another daughter that she refuses to allow the father (her 2nd of 3 husbands before the age of 26) to see.

    Maybe you shouls actually read up on all of the info before spouting uneducated comments.

  2. jaggirl47 says:

    Oh, as far as the funding for the Frei family, they have not raised a single dime since this all became public.

  3. ik8 says:

    I had sympathy for the family until I read more about the family. These people can’t possibly think they doing following God’s doctrine. If they read the story told by King Solomon the parent who truly loves a child would given her back instead of causing more harm. Shame on them! I read their blog and I don’t blame the father who doesn’t want to speak to them. He doesn’t trust them- The TWITS!

  4. Candace says:

    I have too much to say on this subject but will keep it minimal. I can’t get past the line where they wrote how they were wanted a child similar to James…..so to me this simply means that we found a little black baby girl to bond with our little black baby boy.

  5. Candace says:

    I just called the Law office of WIser and Wiser and asked if they were representing Terry Achane and they said yes. There is a paypal account set up to help and I’m doing just that. I don’t have much but what i can give, I’m giving. Sometimes when you see an injustice that you might be a part of saving….you have to at least try. In case anyone else is interested, the website to the firm is


  6. Eileen says:

    I’ve just visited the Frei’s blog and it really made me sick to read the tripe that’s posted there. “On top of two already expensive adoptions (each costing around $25,000)—and though a difficult financial burden, we were prepared to face the sacrifice of those obligations—we are forced now to incur approximately another $30,000 in attorney fees for a two-day trial at the end of this month…” In the photo at the top of one page, the child looks horrified! Hopeful the people who donated to the Frei’s fund demand their money back! If this is such a “financial burden”, why are they pursuing this farce?!!!
    I’ve also visited the face book page set up for Terry Achane and left a message. I have boxes of clothes I bought for my grand daughter when she was small, so I’ll go through them to see what I can send to Teleah.
    There are numerous links to articles about this travesty. In one, I read that the Frei’s attorney is the one who helped pushed through legislation making it easy for people to circumvent a father’s parental rights! And guess what lobby backed him? The adoption agencies!!