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| December 11, 2012

Money hole

There was a time when saying “I’m a socialist.” would get your ass deported.

Millennials make my effin’ teeth hurt

“And the Mayans are laughing.”

With age comes wisdom…

…or maybe not.

Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ as an attack?

Hipster Douchebags get taken to the cleaners.

Jon Stewart…2nd Amendment Scholar?

Take one to know one.

Since when is being slightly better than average considered ‘skyrocketing’?

Yes. Clearly the media was in the tank for Romney.

Cliff diving

Skittles shitting unicorns…socialist leprechauns distributing free gold…hair salons run by Sasquatches.

Liberals hate libertarians

Apparently not everyone is a fan of Hillary.

Imaginary Christians always explode when confronted with imaginary Muslims who profess their faith.

Sour puss

“Earned benefits”…how exactly did they get earned?

Going postal


Happy Solstice. Really.

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  1. Devtun says:

    Looks like Army Vice Chief GEN Lloyd Austin has been nominated as new CENTCOM chief, replacing Gen Jim Mattis who apparently is retiring…he wasn’t nominated for another 4 star posting.