Right to Fight

| December 11, 2012

Michigan union thugs are getting their hackles up and working themselves into a frenzy in Lansing, here’s the video from Fox News;

Old Trooper sends a video of our buddy Michael Steven Crowder getting pummeled by union thugs;

The Michigan Legislature on Tuesday gave final approval to contentious “right-to-work” legislation, in the face of raucous protests in the capital and stern warnings from Democratic lawmakers.

“There will be blood, there will be repercussions,” State Democratic Rep. Douglas Geiss, speaking on the House floor on Tuesday, warned ahead of the votes.

Yeah, when you’re out of ideas, turn to violence.

ADDED: Michelle Malkin’s video gallery of the thuggery.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Not to be a jerk, but it’s Steve Crowder, not Michael Crowder.

  2. Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else says:

    Y’know, that mob just screams for a whiff of the grape. Just sayin’.

  3. Tman says:

    just like the good old times, just a bunch of thugs

  4. Nik says:

    I work for a union. I have to in order to work for the Gov’t in Oregon.

    I hate it. I loathe it. It’s like extortion or a protection racket, except it’s legal. I have to pay a group of thugs for the right to serve the people of Oregon.

    And…I’m worse off for it. I’m relatively highly paid. So, instead of equality or solidarity, my dues are higher and I have to take more furlough days. Yet, they don’t represent us equally. For 14 years I’ve been hearing “We’re going to look at IT salaries”. Yet, here I sit, 14 years later, dramatically underpaid.

    According to salary.com, including benefits, I’m at the bottom 2% of pay. 98% of the people who do the very same job I do get paid more than I. And it’s getting worse as they fight for increases for the lower paid folks and my colleagues and I have flat, stagnant salaries.

    And I pay them for this.

    Fuck the unions. They’re scum.

  5. slause says:

    How much do you want to bet that the only way a video like this will never make MSM? It has all the talking points; swearing, violence, sexism… But since its union its completely legal to do all of this. God forbid that if it was a tea party organization or any other opposing group. Double standards. I would love to see some hacker get into a white house computer and have this on a loop over and over and over. This bullshit has got to end.

  6. Just an Old Dog says:

    I was part of a Machinists union in a shipyard. All they did with my union dues was print out fancy fliers telling me to vote democrat. The union reps were the dregs of the yard… fat overpaid scum who were inept at their trade so they had to get a shop steward gig to protect them from getting the axe.

  7. Common Sense says:

    @4 – My husband and eldest son worked for UPS about a decade ago and both were screwed over by the union. We all swore to never have a union job ever again.

    I worked for the state for about 10 years, back when they weren’t unionized. We still had union-like pay scales where there was no benefit to working hard. In fact, if you did work hard you were resented by others because you made them look bad. We had a guy who drank a case of vodka a week (in his office) and it took almost 2 years to get him fired.

    I looked at the people around me who were narrow-minded drones doing the same exact tasks day after day for 30 years and decided I had to leave or I would go postal. I took some programming classes and have happily been in IT for the past 15 years. My very first tech job, even with absolutely no experience, paid far more than I made with the state. Within a year, I was making more than the director I reported to.

    Even my unemployment during the dot com bust was better than working for the state.

    You should leave for greener pastures where you can be appreciated for your hard work.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’m seeing this on the news now. Michigan has the 6th highest unemployment rate in the country. Illinois does not have a right to work law, but is now surrounded by states that do have that. Maybe some day… (sigh…dreams are nice).

  9. pete says:

    this bullshit is exactly what this administration wants.

  10. Nik says:

    They got some very clear footage of those people.

    I hope they prosecute the fuck out of them.

    I don’t care what your political agenda is. I don’t care how passionate you are. I don’t care how moral your position is. You don’t assault people and you don’t destroy property to make your point.

  11. DaveO says:

    “’There will be blood, there will be repercussions,’ State Democratic Rep. Douglas Geiss”

    Sounds like a confession to me. First person to die earns Geiss a noose.

    Naw, some Prognazi judge will call Geiss a MOH winner and let him go.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    At some point in the distant past, labor unions served a valid purpose, getting a decent wage for work and setting a retirement age. The retirement age of 65 was chosen because lead piping was used in plumbing and at 65, most plumbers could not carry it without injury. As the unions progressed from doing something worthwhile to doing stupid things like specifying which workers could do what, they lost their benefit and purpose.
    And when I found in the 1960s that auto workers in Detroit, with barely an 8th grade education, were earning more pay than my father, who had a PhD in theater and worked longer hours than the union slobs did, I completely lost sympathy for anyone who went on strike and subsequently found his plant was closed and moved elsewhere. GE and Firestone both had plants in Decatur, IL until the unions drove them away with strikes and unreasonable demands.
    I had a 1980 Chevy that was built in a plant in Oklahoma. Now there is a Toyota plant in Bloomington, IL.
    Does anyone see any of that coming back to Detroit any time in the near future?

  13. DaveO says:

    #12: Ex-PH2 – as farms and orchards and wildlife nursery.

    Agree that the unions once did some good things. Considering most union bosses are lawyers and not tradesmen and women, the unions were bound to become sucking bastions of evil.

  14. Ex-PH2 says:

    @13 – Yes, wildlife in the form of beavers and geese has already begun returning to inner Detroit. What I see happening some time in the future is whatever is left of large buildings in Detroit being abandoned, including the capitol building, and everything moved elsewhere while the remaining population dies off.
    I watched some of those videos shot in the Detroit ghettos, or what’s left of those old neighborhoods. I had no idea how many feral dogs existed there until now, or how many houses had simply been demolished. The “Animal Cops Detroit” TV show was shot between 2004 and 2007. This is a mere five years after the last original episode, and those neighborhoods are basically gone.
    And it was strange to see, too, because the comparison is the abandonment of Chernobyl after the nuclear reactor meltdown. 25 years later, there is a very healthy wildlife in the abandoned area around Chernobyl, including several wolf packs and ponds with 8-foot long catfish in them. It can happen anywhere, too.
    But the real point is that unions have done more damage than good in the last 60 years by demanding too much, as if making a profit by a company was a venal sin. The steelworkers’ union drove Inland Steel in Gary, Indiana into bankruptcy and what was once a thriving steel town is almost half ghost town. It can happen anywhere.

  15. Rik says:

    Mmmm. Makes me reconsider my life-long habit of buying American made cars. In fact, I will never buy another car from Detroit again. Maybe something made by the Japanese down in Texas. Yep, that’s t.

    What disgusting, hateful bigoted jerks.

    Another set of animals to stop feeding.

  16. UpNorth says:

    Hey, the UAW is concerned, after all, they have a resort and golf course to maintain for the union higher ups. http://jalopnik.com/5616056/inside-the-uaws-opulent-lakeside-resort
    And, EX-PH2, it’s OK, you can call the ghettos of Detroit ghettos. That’s what they are. The resemblance of Detroit to anywhere is closer to some of the suburbs of German cities at the end of WWII. Bombed, and damaged, but not flattened like some of the city centers.
    Now, how would you like to buy a Chrysler product that these asshats worked on on the assembly line? http://www.torquenews.com/106/chrysler-ordered-rehire-workers-caught-drinking-smoking-pot-during-lunch
    Video’d drinking and smoking pot on break, and Chrysler has to take them back? And, by their silence, I’m guessing that the arbitrator gave them back pay, too.

  17. Jim Scrummy says:

    I too worked for UPS for awhile and was forced to join the Teamsters. Yep, it sucked.

    I had been considering buying a new car from Chrysler/Fiat (Jeep Grand Cherokee), but it looks like I will be looking at something other than Detroit built.

  18. RunPatRun says:

    Here is the difference in right to work versus union friendly:

    Virginia ranks 10th in the nation in unemployment (5.9 percent in July), had a budget surplus the past three years without increasing taxes and has mean hourly wages that top the national average.

    Despite its similar geographic location, Maryland lags behind Virginia in unemployment (7 percent) and has lost three times as many jobs as Virginia since January 2007. Meanwhile, Maryland lawmakers struggle mightily to balance the state’s budget every year, passing major increases to personal income taxes earlier this year to help pay the bills.

    Source: http://www.timesdispatch.com/news/mix-right-to-work-gives-virginia-the-advantage/article_09ec6c02-752a-5f24-82bb-a06e28e6f3fc.html

  19. NHSparky says:

    You stay classy, goons.

  20. valerie says:

    I have worked at two union plants. I don’t know much about the union workers at the first plant, except that every single one of them that I knew was engaged in some form of free enterprise on the side. With respect to the second plant, the union stewards were all the most respected and productive workers on the site.

    Both of these plants were in Texas, which had, and has, a right-to-work law. A right-to-work law does not get rid of unions, it makes them accountable to their members.

  21. Ex-PH2 says:

    The unions mostly exist in Chicago, although I think the Toyota plant in Bloomington may be unionized. Not sure about that. But downstate, not so much. Even the teachers’ union is mostly in Chicago. If Chicago did not have such a large presence on the political map, the likelihood of unions having such a stranglehold on things would probably be very low.
    Illinois still a farm state, after all. Corn and soybeans and wheat are something that farmers raise and they don’t hire migrant workers to do the combining. They do it themselves. The county I live in still has agricultural zoning, even though the housing boom took up a modest amount of farming land.

  22. Insipid says:

    @4- Nik. You do not have to pay union dues if you do not want to. Closed shops have been illegal since 1948. If you want to quit the union all you have to pay is a fee for negotiating your contract.

    The fact that the dumb-ass Breitbart protege got his ass kicked gladens me. The fact that you’re such dumb-asses to take an edited video of a Breitbart protege seriously is beyond me.

    Also, Snyder stated categorically that he would make no moves against unions. After his party lost power he realized that this was his last chance to go after unions, he rushed the legislation through in 90 minutes foregoing all normal debate and public input, ignored the will of the people who voted out these extremists, and tried to maneuver this so that it’s not subject to a referendum. And you’re calling the unions thugs?

    The word “thug” applies, but to Scotty Snyder, not the unions.

  23. NHSparky says:

    Bullshit, sippy. Union goons are being, well, GOONS. And how do you explain the Dem. pol on the House floor with their, “there will be blood” comment?

  24. Nucsnipe says:

    Once again Insipid lives up to his name. Also if you had bothered to use what is left of that rotting pile you consider a brain you would know that the Wagner Act has not been repealed and closed shops are still legal. Once in a while you should try an argument using actual facts instead of the purile babblings you currently use.

  25. Nucsnipe says:

    Snyder was willing to pass on RTW, until the unions tried to get collective bargaining added to the MI state constitution, then it was game on. BTW Insipid, if the Republicans lost power in MI then pray tell, how did they get RTW passed?

  26. Nucsnipe says:

    As I see it Insipid, despite all the money the unions spent on attempting to elect Democrats in MI, The Republicans have a 26-12 majority in the Senate and a 63-47 majority in the MI house, Oh and the Governor is a Republican. Pray tell, how in your warped little dungheap of a brain does that mean the Republicans lost power?

  27. Insipid says:

    Look up the Taft Hartley act, you moron. Closed shops have been illegal since 1948.

    The representative in question walked back the comments today. All I need to do is mention the idea that maybe guns cause harm and someone from this site will threaten me or accuse me of cowardice or what have you. When you threaten to remove something that is of great value to someone, passions run high. Imagine if President Obama, or a governor of a heavily gunned state, passed a law banning guns in the state, in a lame duck session, and without debate. Do you honestly believe there wouldn’t be some “from my cold dead hands” statements?

    Despite the claims of great violence from the Fox news/ Breitbart propogandists, there are no real credible reports of great violence. In fact the most violence i see is coming from the generous use of pepper spray from the police.

  28. Insipid says:

    What the fuck does Washington State have to do with anything here nucsnipe? Other than there are 6 Republicans in the Senate that are against what Walker is doing?

  29. Insipid says:

    @25- Nucsnipe, really if you’re too fucking stupid to know what a lame duck session is, you’re too stupid to debate.

  30. PALADIN says:

    I’ve always said, unions are a form of Marxist thuggery in the worst form.
    They should have had the Michigan N.G. there with fixed bayonets and live ammo.
    And that worthless piece of dogshit , Jimmy Hoffa Jr. was on Tv tonight boo hooing about how Michigan has taken a step into the dark ages.

    Unions might have had a place 70 years ago but they are irrelevant today.

  31. Insipid says:

    Since the decline of unions the base pay of workers has fallen steadily and the profits of corporations has soared. There was a reason why the average man could work one job and support his whole family and live well. Now we need two incomes to do the job one income did in the 50s. This was because we had hugely high taxes on the wealthy and 33% union members.

    Also, historically the “thugs” have been the corporations, not the unions. Blood actually has been shed in obtaining union rights, and most of it has been the blood of union members. So shut the fuck up with all the “thug” talk.

  32. Insipid says:

    Apparently these “union thugs” are saving lives:


    Non-union mines show significantly more accidents and fatalities.

    Of course i’m sure you all hated the “union thugs” that raced into the twin towers on 911?

  33. Chaos01 says:

    It’s funny watching dudes in hard-hats protesting. Please…7 out of 10 chevys are made somewhere else and most union jobs are gov’t unions. The Motor City is in utter decay. Americans are some real brainiacs. Talk about going down with the ship.

  34. Nik says:


    You are fucking wrong.

    I am fair share. That means I get a relative pittance back twice a year. The money they admit that goes to political. But for AFSCME local 3581 in the month of November, I had 64.89 taken out of my check. This is not my choice. I have to pay this to work there. I would rather negotiate my own salary. Perhaps then I wouldn’t be stuck at the bottom 2% of my job’s going total compensation (salary + benefits) while they fight for the lower rated professions to get raises.

    Maybe when you’re done sucking up the talking points your handler gives you, you’re prepared to be admitted to an actual adult conversation.

  35. teddy996 says:

    @36- and that was taken out after you paid taxes on it. Afscme sees that money as a tax-free donation.

    I, too, am afscme, but I get no money back. Oh, and instupid- the difference between the negotiating fee and union dues is about four bucks a month. The only thing that declining to join the union does is it shorts the local of their dues. Afscme gets their cut, tax free thanks to NY state acting as their agent.

    To take your asinine gun control point you tried to make earlier- imagine if your state, without consent, took a portion of your check and sent it to the NRA every month. Imagine how awesome it would be if smug, condescending conservatives told you that it was totally legit for you to be forced to provide a tax-free stream of revenue to the NRA, and that you should be happy, because they aren’t forcing you to actually join the NRA as a member for an extra four bucks a month. You’d probably say it was government corruption. That it was bullshit for your state to force all of its employees to feed an organization that provides benefits to the republican members of government; benefits like campaign donations, free adds, and election day manpower. Right?

  36. PowerPoint Ranger says:


    How does it feel to go through life with perpetual beer goggles? Crowder took everything that tub of shit threw at him and was still standing without fighting back, despite being quite well-versed in Mixed Martial Arts and capable of handing that guy’s ass right back to him with a side of ritz crackers.

    Everything is right there on video, and all you can do is muster up your Internet tough guy shtick about how someone behaving peacefully and encouraging restraint deserves to be attacked. If fatass Union Jack doesn’t take Crowder’s offer to not press charges if he’ll fight in a ring, why don’t you go in his place if you’re so eager to encourage a beat down?

  37. Jon The Mechanic says:

    Insipid, what about the punch at the back of his head as he appears to be walking away at about 1:00? Are you going to tell me that is something that he deserved?

    It is jackasses like you that make me forget my manners when I debate Liberals. 95% of the ones I know, will sit down and talk in a reasonable manner with you. The other 5% make me want to forget my manners and act like an Obama supporter when confronted with facts.

  38. streetsweeper says:

    The union thug who punched Steven Crowder is *tentatively* ID’d as one, Tony Camargo, IBEW Local 876, Grand Rapids, MI. I do believe that getting both of them in the ring would be something short of what a blockbuster event used to be on HBO.

    I was amazed and pleased with Crowder’s restraint and *not* going nuclear and handing that man’s ass back to him in a rather screwed up state of being. My wife said something about it last night, I told her the man would regret laying a hand on Crowder.

    And for the record sippy, my money is on Crowder.

  39. streetsweeper says:

    Like I said, my money is on Crowder. IBEW Local 876’s Facebook page looks like their being over ran, lol.

  40. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Insipid and other like him have learned their lessons well. They are the true believers who see organized labor as the proletariat who are inherently good and who can do no wrong. If, in fact, nonunion companies do have higher rates of accidents than union companies, that’s probably attributable to the fact that one is less likely to be hurt doing nothing (union) than he is actually working (nonunion). And that September 11 reference is a hit below the belt, a cheap shot. Most of those who ran into the towers were white and Christian too. Should we attribute their bravery to their skin color and religion?

  41. Old Trooper says:

    I guess Insipid is fine with thug union cowards trashing a tent with women, old people, and 2 people in wheelchairs in it so they can show how non-violent they are.

    Of course, Insipid doesn’t know anything about union shops, because they are closed in states that don’t have “right to work” laws. I would like to see him come up here to the Peoples Republik and try to get a job in a union shop and then refuse to join the union. Unfortunately for Insipid, he would find out real quick that he wouldn’t even get a choice of whether he was joining, it just happens, and if he says he doesn’t want to join the union, they would ‘splain to him that he doesn’t have a choice, other than to quit his job.

  42. NHSparky says:

    Closed shops have been illegal since 1948.

    Then explain to me, if you can sippy, why when I work in a “closed shop” state, while I “COULD” in theory not be a member of the union, I’m still required in a non-exempt position to “donate” an amount equal to dues to the union.

    IOW, you don’t HAVE to be a member of the union, but they’re going to get your money, one way or another.

    Oh, and saying Crowder deserved to be struck is like saying rape victims deserved to be violated…hey, if they wouldn’t be walking around at night dressed like sluts, ya know…


  43. AW1 Tim says:

    In Maine, it’s closed shops for certain. You cannot work for the State of Maine without having joined the Government Employee’s Union, nor can you work at Bath Iron Works without belonging to one of the unions there.

    Hell, even the University of Maine system has a long-term contract with the Teamsters for providing most of their public works. It sucked when I was there because the Teamsters made sure that little, if any, student work hours were available.

    Maine needs a Right-To-Work law. This nation needs a National one. Free men and free markets are the foundation of our liberties. Without them, we are all just slaves on a government plantation.

  44. Twist says:

    “The fact that the dumb-ass Breitbart protege got his ass kicked gladens me.”

    Once again someone from the “tolerant” left shows their true colors.

  45. Insipid is a dope: If Closed shops have been illegal since 1948, why did I have to be a Teamsters member to work for Bender Loudon Motor Freight in Michigan in 73? Why did I have to be a member of the Teamsters to be a “casual” for all the Freight barns in Flint Michigan from 72-75? Why did I have to be a member of the Operating Engineers to work on the Interstate Highway construction in Michigan, Colorado n Utah in the late 60s, and late 70s? Every time I have tried to live in Michigan, (to please my ex-wife), Unionism caused me to have to “buy my job”. Every time I have moved out of Michigan it has been to INCREASE my weekly paycheck in NON UNION employment. At 72 years old, (and still working when I care to), I have never, ever had an employer criticize my work. I have often had a shop steward or other union person tell me that I needed to slow down that I was killing the job or making others look bad.
    Insipid is a dope.

  46. Adirondack Patriot says:


    Nice propoaganda piece written by an academic.

    Here’s reality. Try it on for size, pal.

    Unions controlled by organized crime:


    I don’t think the Daily News is controlled by Gov. Snyder or the Tea Party.

    Oh, and here’s Obama’s FBI take on why unions are so great in 2011:


    You think Gov. Snyder or Gov. Walker had something to with that too, sport?

    Funny thing is, the leadership of the ILA allowed the mob to extort ITS OWN MEMBERS. Gee. So much for standing up for the worker, huh, Insipid?

    Hey, even in Canada the unions are cash cows for organized crime.


    WTFU, Insipid.

  47. streetsweeper says:

    Hey Sippy. Care to explain why I had to pay initiation and union dues to the aerospace and machinist local in Seattle after getting hired on (a very extensive process too) in a union shop, even though Washington State is a right to work state?

  48. Bret says:

    Whats up with Chris “The F(*&^ing Hammer” Opalweski…the young man who shouts about “killing plenty of MotherF**&^s with a gun”