Fort Richardson Soldier arrested for wife’s murder.

| December 14, 2012

Well it looks like this is not going to be a episode on Married to the Army Alaska.

An Army specialist arrested early Thursday morning for allegedly killing his wife threatened to shoot state social workers who took his daughter into custody due to a report of child abuse, according to charging documents.

From what I have read it does not look good. Seems like he just returned from the deployment from Afghanistan that was ended this winter. Here is the official report on the case so far.

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  1. Just an Old Dog says:

    No telling what went on in his head. Not sure what the history of his mental state was before his deployment or what happened during it. I’ve seen things done like this by service members who never were deployed. Some people are just screwballs that need to be locked up. Time will tell. Now there is an abused child with a dead mom and a deranged father. Here is to hoping her lot improves.

  2. Tman says:

    Sure to have PTSD claims.

  3. RandomNCO says:

    Oh gee…I wonder why they wanted to take his baby. He seems like such a reasonable and friendly guy.

  4. USMCE8Ret says:

    The report doesn’t say, but it seems to me the daughter may have been abused in Lopez’s absence, while he was deployed. Nevertheless, that doesn’t give him carte blanche to go off the deep end. I’m no legal expert, but I don’t think the PTSD claim will be much of a defense here.

  5. Cajun says:

    Great! More justification for disarming Soldiers who live off-post. As if the big Army didn’t have reason enough to to treat redeploying units like criminals.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    Gee, he made it very clear to the authorities. “He explained that he was an angry person with a bad temper.”

    And if he didn’t get his kid back he was going to come down to the OCS office and shoot everyone with an AK-47.

    I guess he just doesn’t like being thwarted by people in authority. May have less to do with post-deployment this-and-that than with “MINE, MINE, MINE” and control issues.