Patrick Haab; Anti-immigrant phony

| December 14, 2012

A few years ago, you might have heard about Patrick Haab who held seven illegal immigrants at gun point in Arizona’s Maricopa County. He claimed he was an Army Reservist sergeant who had just come back from an Iraq deployment and, of course, suffered from PTS. He was featured on Fox News’ old Hannity & Colmes Show at the time.

Well, you know the story already because he’s showing up on TAH. Scotty did the research and chased down his records.


Yup, a couple of months in the Guard and a few months in the Reserves. He did rocket up to PV2, which almost like a sergeant, right?  (SEE UPDATE BELOW, WAS A SGT)  And who hasn’t suffered from combat stress after counting bullets as an ammo handler? From his records, it doesn’t look like he even went to basic training (HE DID, AGAIN, SEE UPDATE), yet somehow he finagled a job training young cadets in Kentucky and wearing Sergeant rank.

Patrick Haab

So, whatever line he’s using works. He fooled the media then and now some military school.

UPDATE: OK, here’s the DD214 he sent me. It looks like he was a sergeant, but I don’t see any service in Iraq or Kuwait. He has a Kosovo Campaign Medal and a UN Medal, but it looks like his OEF Support was pulled from Michigan. In the comments, you can see that he said “I mistakenly said Iraq when I meant Kuwait and said Special Forces when I meant Special Operations” because those six (or seven) illegal aliens had him all discombobulated. Like he was on drugs for his PTS when he was arrested, even though it looks like he only deployed to Kosovo. Anyway, judge for yourself;

Haab DD214
I altered some of the addresses and his birth date.

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  1. Hondo says:

    This would not be the first time we’ve seen incomplete records from NPRC. But I’m not quite willing to accept what we have here just yet.

    I’d give that DD214 more credence if I could actually read it and see what it said. The copy posted – even expanded to max resolution – is so poor as to make reading the form impossible.

    For the record: I’m not saying that DD214 is a fake. What I am saying is it’s impossible for me to form an opinion as to whether that DD214 is legit or not based on the copy provided.

  2. Green Thumb says:

    This guy is a turd. Honorable D or not.

  3. Scotty says:

    # 94 & # 96 . Are we to understand that you spent 9 months with the 415th CA Bn in Kosovo instead of Kuwait & Iraq ? And that was your second deployment. What was your first deployment ?

  4. MAJMike says:

    Despite all this uproar, I’ll stand by my original comment.

  5. Ben says:

    Holy cow. Iraq…I mean Kuwait…I mean Kosovo. I often confuse where I deployed to multiple times after spending, not days, MONTHS over there. Gimme a break.

  6. Green Thumb says:

    Dude looks like he aging at a very rapid rate.

  7. Sandmanin says:

    ok,,if this dude never saw action in ANY deployment,,where does the PTSD come in??

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    @109, he bought it at the local convenience store when he stopped to get some gas. It was at a discount at the counter, where you buy lottery tickets.

  9. SGT HAAB says:

    I can email my DD-214 to anyone who would like it, full size to be as legible as needed. NO E-MAILS, TEXTS, OR PHONE CALLS = WHY KEEP BASHING ME?

  10. RandomNCO says:


    Does your DD-214 show any time in Iraq or Afghanistan? Or did you get that PTSD from the horrors of Kuwait and Kosovo?

    Actually, I’m glad you never saw any combat time. Because if you get so stressed out when a few Mexicans surround you that you forget the difference between Iraq and Kuwait and Special Forces and Special Operations…I’d hate you see how you’d react to REAL combat…you know, when the enemy has you surrounded and you have to react and think with a clear headedness.

  11. SGT HAAB says:

    And just because I wasn’t in a country ‘specified’ as a combat zone doesn’t mean I haven’t been places, seen things, and lost friends.

    My PTSD comes from my team being in a crowded village that was a hornet’s nest and outnumbered by roughly 100:4 = fear of crowds

    Losing a very close and personal friend in an IED strike- SPC Nichole Marie Frye on February 16th, 2004 near Baqubah, Iraq. Also injured severely were a SFC, a PFC, a SSG, and a Major. All but

    The pisser is that if I hadn’t have made a suicide attempt prior to this, I most likely would have been in her spot, driving the vehicle that day = survivors remorse and not allowing anyone to be emotional close to me.

    I don’t make up war stories and I hate posers as much as you all do. Yes, under duress I do use the wrong terminology and get things switched around. There are whole months while at Fort Bragg that are VERY blurry and I can’t recall very well.

    Please, remove this post and ask anything you’d like

  12. SGT HAAB says:

    *All but SPC Frye were members of my unit although she was attached to our unit.

  13. SGT HAAB says:

    What happened in Kosovo was ethnic cleansing on a large scale.

    What happened in Kuwait was an Iraqi invasion.

    Just because I wasn’t there during the main conflict doesn’t mean I was immune to the aftermath, tensions, and war-torn countryside

  14. SGT HAAB says:

    And for the RandomNCO, were any shots fired or anyone injured when I was outnumbered 6:1 in a desert with nothing more than a double barrel derringer and Iver Johnson 5-shot revolver in .38 S&W?

    If that isn’t clearheadedness I don’t know what is

  15. SGT HAAB says:

    Mr. Lilyea, being ‘blackballed’ from a reserve unit refers to being ostracized, made fun of, having no e-mails or phone calls returned after being released from Ft Bragg.

    I attempted to transfer to another unit but that was prevented by the command personnel at my old unit.

    Basically forced to ‘U’ out because of no communication regarding drill weekends.

    The JAG lawyer I spoke with said ‘They’re giving you a good deal, take it’, referring to the honorable discharge vs. med board

  16. SGT HAAB says:

    Going to bed as it’s nearly 0200 here. Night all and I hope you’re starting to get the picture that I’m not some faker who gets their stories from movies.

    For those of you just joining this blog:

    Patrick Theodore Haab
    -SGT E-5 Honorably Discharged
    -Never deployed to a designated ‘combat zone’
    -Deployed to Kosovo for 9 months in 2003 (still looking for DD-214)
    -Deployed to Iraq as part of OEF in 2004 but had suicide attempt in Kuwait before entering Iraq
    -PTSD from ‘non-combat’ experiences to make the 11B’s happy
    -Never experienced direct enemy fire as I was Civil Affairs, that’s not out bag

    PO Box 144
    Millersburg, KY 40348

    574-584-4568 call/text

  17. RandomNCO says:

    You’re making yourself look more and more foolish and more and more like a coward. You should do your friends and fallen brothers a favor and just go away and shut up about your “problems”.

  18. SGT HAAB says:

    Yes RandomNCO, who doesn’t use anything to be identifiable or known as any kind of soldier. That I will do. I just don’t like being defamed for things that I can prove to be incorrect, as I’m sure you wouldn’t if it happened to you

  19. RandomNCO says:

    What, now you want a picture of MY DD214?

    I was an E5 in the active duty Infantry, spent time as an Instructor at the Javelin School at the Infantry Center, did a combat tour in Iraq with the 2nd BDE Combat Team of the 10th Mountain Division who at the time experienced the heaviest concentration of attacks and firefights of all kinds in a one year period, earned a CIB and ARCOM, was burned up in a VBIED attack and awarded a Purple Heart. Later on, learned that I had a serious TBI and had to get out medically.

    I don’t claim anything that I hadn’t actually done. I don’t try to make myself appear to be something that I wasn’t. I don’t confuse Non-Combat Assignments as being in Combat situations. I don’t consider being surrounded by a crowd to be traumatic. I’ve lost over 15 close friends and fellow Soldiers to enemy fire and plenty more guys who I’ve served with at one point or another. I don’t try to use my status as a wounded combat veteran to get anything from anyone. And I don’t use it as an excuse to commit crimes.

    Any other questions?

  20. abs says:

    I have a close personal friend. SSG Porter who deployed with the 415th CA BN. I’ll ask him about your claims. Why is it all these POS posers have to come from my MOS? CA is the redheaded stepchild of the Spec Ops community. There is nothing special about what we do. Yet that’s the first thing these posers spout.

  21. SGT_Spalding says:

    Because you lost friends in an attack in Iraq, you think that gives you the right to claim “Survivor’s Remorse” and “Emotional Seperation from others”. You never “survived” anything related to that incident. Even by your own words. You DISHONOR her memory by even trying to claim any sort of attachment to what happened. For someone who claims PTSD you seem to have a very poor understanding of what the disorder actually entails.

  22. C&C2000 says:

    #123, sounds like he is using that as an excuse to remove himself from hostile situations or as excuse to get out of combat. Its a pretty bad cop out.

  23. RandomNCO says:

    #124 Cop outs and excuses seem to be this guy’s M.O.

  24. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    I would like to have been done with this thread yesterday but I keep coming back, inexplicably. I respect the views of each of you here and I hope you’ll give mine some consideration. Physically, mentally, or emotionally, we’re not all built the same, that’s for certain. We don’t know SGT Haab. He could be an accomplished weasel or he could have issues that we don’t understand that have nothing whatsoever to do with his service experiences. On multiple occasions here, we’ve visited the issue of military suicides, including the fact that most suicides never deployed. Well, what I’m trying to get at here is an appeal to give Haab the benefit of the doubt and let it go. Yesterday’s collective anger and frustration regarding the tragedy in Connecticut was as thick as pea soup. Today, a little less, perhaps. That’s all I have.

  25. C2/2000AF says:

    RandomNCO, no kiddin. At first I was like “oh well, he got his information and somewhat proved people wrong”

    But now its just him digging himself deeper and deeper in a hole with the whole “I watched my friend die, well I didnt really. I just use her death as an excuse to get out of a combat zone along with using it to rack up some benefits from the VA.”

  26. C2/2000AF says:

    126, Air CAV…Yeah Sgt Haabs ordeal and his issues are a backdrop in what has occurred in CT. I am in New England as we speak. Its a huge deal even on CT/MA border right now. I as at work (work at a base near Hartford.) One person was more upset with how people are using this as a platform for gun control once again.

  27. SGT HAAB says:

    I appreciate you giving me the benefit of the doubt 2-17 Air Cav, just like life, you can’t win everybody over. Sad that a former soldier who admits he has issues and is simply trying to answer alegations gets bashed like this. I have nightmares every night about why I pussed out and wasn’t there for my fellow soldiers in Iraq.

  28. Hondo says:

    SGT Haab: Send Jonn a better copy of your DD214(s) and I’m sure he’ll post it/them after redacting your PII.

    For the record: I’ve been to Kuwait for about 3 weeks total, either TDY or en route to other places in-theater. Spent a few days in Qatar as well. So long as you stayed on-base, you were as safe in those locations as anywhere in CONUS, and maybe safer. Further: except for the bad parts of Kuwait City (and maybe the Iraq border area) and traffic on the major highways (crazy as hell) in 2007-2008 the rest of Kuwait was generally pretty damn safe too. I heard of one potentially hostile incident in Kuwait during the year I was in-theater. And that one incident was indeed questionable as hell, and could well have been the work of a disgruntled troop.

    Iraq and Afghanistan were different stories. Friendlies were actually at-risk in both of those places.

  29. C2/2000AF says:

    Hondo, yeah Pushing near OKBK and heading towards the border its actually was there as a contractor last year. I worked at OKBK airport, also was out there for a week before going to Qatar myself in 2003. Pretty safe area, there are alot of accidents on the sixth ring or seventh ring though. Alot of idiots out there shooting guns (marriage thing I guess). The highways (Sixth and seventh ring) are the most dangerous roads I ever seen. You could find someone sitting there dead while on your way back home from a car accident.

    Not many potentially dangerous areas. Egaila, salmiya might have chinese hookers out there ready to hold you hostage for your money via chinese pimp. But besides that, its pretty damn safe as you said.

  30. Scotty says:

    No medals what so ever on this dd-214 that would prove he was in OIF . He claims of being in Kosovo in 03 for 9 months. But the total Foreign service on this dd-214 ( Which is suppose to be his second deployment ) only shows 7 months. First he was , Then he wasn’t . I’m scratching my head & doubting his claims big time here. Guess age will do that to you. Walks like a duck,Quacks like a duck, Chances are !!.
    A copy of this dd-214 has been forwarded to the NPRC for verification.

  31. SGT HAAB says:

    Scotty, OEF, as stated on DD-214, not OIF. GWOT on the medal list, guess I got that from being in Kuwait and not Iraq itself. The 9 month Kosovo deployment included pre-mob and de-mob if I remember correctly. If you’d like the exact dates and deployment orders I’d be happy to send those to John as well.

  32. C2/2000AF says:

    Haab, you got that from being in the military during the time war kicked off.

  33. Scotty says:

    So let me get this straight. You was in Operation Enduring Freedom & not Operation Iraq Freedom by being deployed to Kuwait instead of Iraq ? Please confirm because your about to change history here.

  34. NHSparky says:

    Haab…seriously, give it a rest.

    You’re changing your story more often than you change underwear. And a 2-1/OER or whatever the Army is using these days can and should describe your deployments, dates, etc.

    And NO, not everyone screws up the paperwork. Even then, it was YOUR responsibility to get it fixed before you separated. Are you going to tell us now that you didn’t get to verify your 214 before you signed it, either in person or electronically?

  35. Hondo says:

    Actually, Haab – the GWOT medal that is to be listed on your DD214 is the GWOT Service Medal. It’s not linked to OEF, OIF, or any other particular operation, nor does it prove you served in those operations. It was also awarded to those who served stateside in support of Operation Noble Eagle, as well as to those serving worldwide who supported none of the three designated GWOT operations (ONE, OEF, OIF) directly.

    The GWOT Service Medal is awarded for simply serving on active duty 30 days consecutive/60 days nonconsecutive anywhere worldwide “in support of the GWOT” after 11 September 2001. The Army has interpreted that to mean any active-duty service in other than a training status.

    Scotty: in fairness, it is possible for someone to be sent to Kuwait initially with orders to support OEF. ARCENT is headquartered there, and until we left Iraq had forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan. If you’re sent there to support operations in Afghanistan, your orders will reflect OEF vice OIF. However, this guy’s unit was apparently sent there to conduct pre-deployment training prior to operations in Iraq; his orders and DD214 should thus have reflected OIF vice OEF.

    My eyes must be working better today, as I can now read Block 18 of the DD214 posted above when I expand it (or maybe he sent Jonn a better photo). His DD214 also clearly says his service this period was in support of OIF vice OEF. However, while 7+ months of overseas duty is listed in Block 12, his DD214 doesn’t list any time spent in Kosovo, Kuwait, or Iraq in Block 18. Not positive, but I believe dates in-theater should be listed if he deployed to Kosovo, Kuwait or Iraq during this time frame.

    Anyone know if the 415th CA had elements supporting Kosovo from Germany during this time frame?

  36. Scotty says:

    Thanks for that clarification Hondo. I was sitting on the edge of my puter chair for a few minutes.

  37. Hondo says:

    Addendum: I just checked my DD214s. The foreign service time on a DD214 appears to be career cumulative; ditto for awards and decorations. So the 7 mo 20 days of foreign service listed on the DD214 provided above as well as the Kosovo Campaign Medal could be from a previous stint on active duty. His DD214 also shows 1 year 1 mo 16 days of prior active duty time. That amount of prior active duty appears to be consistent with (1) basic/AIT plus (2) a 270-day activation ISO a 6-mo rotation to Kosovo. Further, his FOIA also shows what appears to be a 270-day contingency tour, extended 8 days to allow terminal leave, from 20 Jun 2001 to 24 Mar 2002.

    In other words: the above is consistent with the DD214 posted above being for a tour of duty in CONUS in support of OIF – like at a CA unit HQ at Fort Bragg, for example. That would also explain why no foreign service dates or GWOT campaign/expeditionary medals are listed on this DD214.

  38. Green Thumb says:


    Why did you take that silly ass picture?

    This seems to be the root of the problem.

    Honorable or not, you still are a turd.

    I do not ever recall taking any “self” pictures.


  39. Scotty says:

    Strangest thing though. No APO/FPO addresses are showing up in an address background search on him. In fact. No Military addresses at all are showing up.

  40. Hondo says:

    2-17 Air Cav: sorry, got sidetracked and never replied to your question about “educated outlook” above (comment 65).

    I’m stumped; only thing I can come up with is that the individual meant someone who’s skilled in using MicroSoft’s electronic mail software and (1) forgot to capitalize “Outlook”, then (2) meant to write “educated on Outlook” but inadvertently omitted the preposition.

    Altenatively, it’s also posible that the author was simply a tool who was trying to impress by using “big words” he/she didn’t fully understand but though sounded good.

    But I guess it could be a legal term with an obscure definition. Know anyone who’s a lawyer? (smile)

  41. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @142. GMTA.

  42. RandomNCO says:

    Hey Haab, if you’ve never been to combat, why is there a picture of you wearing a combat patch on the Academy Facebook page? Must have been to “honor” the real combat vets right?

  43. C Sherman says:


    Yes, the 415th was supporting the Kosovo mission up until 2003, so the Kosovo deployment may be legit. He wasn’t on any of my teams that I recall, so I can’t speak specifically to whether Haab went or not. If he did, it was in the 2002-2003 period, and he’s among the few who brought back war stories about being surrounded by screaming hostile mobs. In fact I don’t recall any other of the many Soldiers who also deployed in 2004 telling war stories like that.

    I do know that he got as far as Kuwait in early 2004, and he was sent home for suicidal behavior. He says he didn’t threaten anyone with a knife, but Soldiers I worked with were there and had a different version of events. I don’t know how long he hung around the Army system after he was sent back, but I recall discussions that he was NOT coming back to the 415th. Actually, it’s kind of naive of him to think he’d be allowed to.

    As for PFC/SPC Frye…I can’t speak for how well he knew her, but I’m thinking it wasn’t as well as he claims. She was part of a cross-level contingent that came from a different battalion, and they joined us quite late, during training at Ft. Bragg in January 2004. Since we boarded the planes the first week in February, that’s not a lot of time to become close. Not saying impossible, but Haab’s history of embellishing his story makes me skeptical.

    After a lot of years in this business I’ve got a pretty good BS-meter. SGT Haab makes a lot of statements that are hard to verify, but which don’t match up with my recollection of the same events. I won’t call them lies, but my BS-meter is pegging on the high side right now.


  44. Anonymous says:

    I’m not going to comment on Sgt. Haab’s service record, it looks as if he served honorably until his medical issues became apparent to command. As for the specific details regarding his mil service duty assignments, I guess the jury is still out.

    I do have to wonder though about what roll he played as a USAC staff/employee. From the USAC web-page –

    Supervision of Cadets

    Cadets are supervised – at all times – by a member of the U.S. Army Cadet Corps (USAC). Each applicant to become a USAC officer or Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) must undergo a thorough background investigation, ensuring their suitability to work with young people. Their initial application to the Officer or NCO Corps involves a rigorous criminal and civil background check by the Office of the Inspector General.

    End quote.

    Sgt. Haab admits that he’s been on medication (related to his attempted suicide, I’m going to assume anti-depressants) since 2004 (Comment #79), yet purportedly his assignment at USAC/Forest Hill Military Academy was as a ‘Special Law Enforcement Peace Officer’ (Comment #26), whatever the heck that entails (besides carrying a side arm, as he’s already informed us).

    Did Sgt. Haab reveal to the USAC staff the reason(s) he received a medical discharge upon his application for employment? If so, then as a former squidly-diddly, I’m thinking that somehow USAC must have an MOU with NAVPERS to structure their duty assignments. ;^)

    Most recently he’s booted from USAC (arrested by the Kentucky State Police, or rather, ‘someone’ [Sgt. Haab’s phrasing] was arrested by the KSP) for carrying a ‘concealed weapon’ at the school (Comment #17 [Scotty, was that Col. Land’s transmittal?] and Comment #26). Yikes, WTF?

  45. RandomNCO says:

    Seems like his arrest was more than just a “MAJOR SET UP” considering he was drunk at the time.

  46. RandomNCO says:

    Oh wait, no, that was just some OTHER arrest. Here is the one in which he was carrying a gun on school grounds:

  47. Hondo says:

    C Sherman: thanks for the update. I’m assuming at this point the DD214 above is legit. If so, it’s definitely not for a Kosovo rotation; if it were, it would list service in Kosovo and a set of inclusive dates to document earning the KCM. So the KCM and NATO medals listed above are obviously carryovers from a previous DD214.

    I’m guessing the period 20 Jun 2001 through 24 Mar 2002 for his Kosovo deployment (see the FOIA). Including pre-deployment training and outprocessing, the timing would match a 270-day contingency tour plus a short extension to allow for taking a few days of terminal leave.

    You indicate Haas got to Kuwait in early 2004 and was sent back after exhibiting suicidal behavior. That’s also consistent with the above DD214 if he was sent back before serving enough time for the GWOTEM, or was somehow otherwise disqualified by his chain-of-command from receiving same. Foreign service short enough that it doesn’t qualify for a campaign or expeditionary medal doesn’t always show up on a DD214.

    It’s beginning to look more and more like Haas “played out the string” at a CA unit HQ at Fort Bragg (or maybe at 415th HQ in Michigan) after he was sent back as you describe. Apparently his unit at least let him finish his tour vice simply REFRAD-ing him once his medical treatment was complete. But it certainly looks like he never went back to the “sandbox”, either.

  48. Hondo says:

    RandomNCO: oh-boy. Looks like the guy could well have some significant headspace and timing issues. Hope he gets help.

  49. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    @Hondo: Not just a few loose nuts and bolts, either, I think he has a stripped-out gearbox!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I was habb romemate for a few weeks in kosavo before he went to a outpost