Idiots in the gun control debate

| December 16, 2012

Yeah, I’ve read some real stupid shit in teh interwebz today in regards to gun control, but this one just deserved a public answer. It’s from some shithole called Balloon Juice written by a guy named John Cole who explains that he was supposedly in the 11th ACR stationed at Camp Doha between the wars with Iraq;

So why am I telling you this? Because in the middle of one of the most dangerous regions in the world, even with clear Rules of Engagement, every time I went on gate duty, there was a piece of tape over my ammo clip on my M-16 and M1911 .45. Why? Because the most heavily armed military in the world did not want accidental shootings. If a situation arose, I would have to eject my ammo clip, remove the tape, and reinsert and work the action before I could fire.

This was in a combat zone. Yet I have spent the last two fucking days dealing with armchair commandos telling me they need unlimited firepower to be safe in… Connecticut.

If there are bigger pussies in the world than gun nuts, I don’t know who the fuck they are.

So, because he was such an incompetent boob that he needed to have his ammo taped in his magazine, gun nuts are pussies – yeah, I don’t see the connection either. Besides, he calls them “ammo clips” – who, with more than a day in the Army, calls box magazines “ammo clips”? So, I’m thinking that John Cole was a cook, or anything except someone his unit would allow to guard something. And, I’m pretty sure that between the Iraq Wars, the Army was using 9mm Barettas and not the M1911A1 .45 cal pistol.

And the reason any magazines were taped wasn’t to prevent the ammunition from loading. The Army did that when ammunition was passed between guard shifts for accountability. But, of course, any dingus who thought they’re called “ammo clips” wouldn’t know that.

So why do I call Balloon Juice a shit hole? Because all of their writers are gun grabbing facists, apparently. They write shit like this;

Bernard Finel: If it were in my power, I’d seize every fucking firearm in the country other than revolvers, shotguns, and bolt-action rifles and melt them all down.

mistermix: If you must own an AR-15 or Bushmaster or AK-47, it should stay locked in your personal gun cabinet at the range, never to leave. If you change ranges, a bonded courier can take it to the new one. The same is true of the high-capacity clips for your Glock, your 100-round drum magazines, and all the other expensive toys that let you bang off a couple of dozen rounds in a minute. Yeah, that’s expensive and a nuisance. So are the laws surrounding other potentially unsafe pursuits.

Mistermix, my Glock uses high capacity magazines, not clips. The ammunition for my M4 is in clips until I put the bullets in the magazine. If you’re going to talk the language of gun control, learn the language of guns first.

After posting the Wikipedia entry for events leading up to the UK’s gun ban, Imani Gandy (ABL) posts this;

Am I suggesting that we ban handguns? No, not really. I am suggesting we have a sensible discussion about gun-control laws that leads to, as President Obama put it, meaningful action.

If you weren’t suggesting that we ban guns, why did you have to tell us that the UK banned guns because of an incident somewhat similar to Sandy Hook? Every leftist gun grabbing fascist on the internet is talking about “a sensible discussion”, but their discussion of a sensible discussion is senseless.

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  1. Nik says:


    Funny JBS. I just got done reading that story on another site.

    They’ll say it doesn’t count because the person was an off-duty cop. They’ll say it doesn’t count because it wasn’t a school. They’ll say it doesn’t count because it was a Monday night.

  2. 77 11C20 says:

    Nick, beat me to it, I can’t type that fast.

  3. Hondo says:

    Nik: don’t forget free cell phones!

  4. JBS says:

    I posted the link because I remember Mashtots asking, “Were are you people” in these situations. Now he has an answer and a recent one to boot.

  5. Nik says:

    Oh my God, how did I forget Obamaphones and mortgage payments?

  6. Nik says:

    Oh, I agree JBS, but reality doesn’t matter much to those types.

    And now our entertainment has run off. Good help is so hard to find these days.

  7. Isnala says:

    Since you want hard data Hammeroids I’ll point you in the direction of others (more verse in this area than I and who have spent way longer studying this topic:

    A very interesting study on England and comparing it to the US, especially with regurads to guns and violance:

    Here’s another study/book which uses careful statistical models and deploys a wealth of crime data showing that laws permitting the carrying of concealed weapons actually lead to a drop in crime in the jurisdictions that enact them:

    While you specify homicide, these books look at all crimes.

    Without real study one can take just about any stat to try to prove your point. Could the fall in homicide also be attributed to a fall in population? Could it also be attributed to the increase in medical technology and increased response time of first responders allowing people who are injured by a firearm to survive? The point is with out careful and well thought out study and analysis you won’t really know. Which is why knee jerk ‘we must ban all guns’ reactions is not the answer.

    – Ish

  8. Hondo says:

    Isnala: “Hammeroid” – love that! Do I have your permission to use that when dealing with the Brainless one? (smile)

  9. 77 11C20 says:

    CBS News: ‘Fast and Furious’ Gun Found At Site Where Mexican Beauty Queen Killed. Sen. Chuck Grassley, tells CBS News that the Justice Department did not notify Congress that a Fast and Furious firearm was found at the scene in Sinaloa. It makes you wonder who’s side the Justice Department is on.

  10. USMCE8Ret says:

    For the sake of argument (800+ comments now), there’s been quite a bit of discussion in the media lately about the condition of mental health in this country. In fact, several of us have even alluded to that very issue in responses posted here.

    Given that, perhaps some dialogue needs to come about regarding the relationship between mental health care, guns, and the criminal justice system as a whole. On side will argue for more laws and restrictions (which isn’t the answer, and proven it ISN’t the answer) and the other who will argue the 2d Amendment, NRA, responsible gun ownership, CCW and right to carry. In other words, criminal justice partnering with bolstered mental health-care in this country.

    When will judges that sit on the bench start ordering psychiatric evaluations as a condition of bail or release? How much (more) training will LEO’s get when dealing with psychiatric related calls? (How much to they get already?) And, last but not least, considering emergency rooms across the country are inundated with psychiatric cases/screenings, how will that issue be addressed?

    In short, it doesn’t seem like either side is getting anywhere in arguing a point, but it is interesting dialogue nonetheless.

    …and mandatory sentencing guidelines for commission of an offense with a firearm doesn’t work either.

  11. Ex-PH2 says:

    And some of us do not actually have a need for weapons that fire exploding rounds. We can simply use the middle finger to thwart criminals:

    Hondo — From the way Mashtaters rattles on, I doubt seriously that he (?) actually has a wife and kids. There’s so much palpable hostility vented in what he (?) puts into writing, it’s extremely unattractive. However, since he(?) did, in a previous post above, invite us to locate him (?) and notify the local police, and it’s in print for everyone to see, and he (?) also admits to lying about his (?) persona, I see no harm in doing exactly what he (?) invited us to do. Do you?

    After all, he’s done this twice now, last night and this afternoon.

    (N.B.: I used (?) because he could also be a ‘she’.)

  12. Isnala says:

    Feel free Hondo I stole it from the Iron Man 2 movie. In the movie it was used to describe mindless robots attacking the main character. In this case its a mindless drone repeating talking points and throwing out smokescreens to cover the simple fact that bad people do bad things and gun control will NOT prevent it. (ref my earlier book links) SO it was just too good a quote not to use.


  13. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @814 the problem is having a rational discussion about any of this isn’t actually possible when one side is clearly dishonest about their motivation. They want a full repeal of the 2nd amendment as Hondo has pointed out in several of his comments, but they want to couch it in terms of being “reasonable” as in, what reasonable person needs a 30 round magazine and a dangerous looking military style black semi automatic.

    That same silly logic can be applied to many things, what reasonable person would choose an electric vehicle with a range of 38 miles costing more than a fossil fuel vehicle? Why do you need a 75″ TV? Why do you need a 3500 sq ft home? Why do you need lobster when chicken is available?

    It’s not about need, it’s about being a citizen in a free republic. We have the right to own dangerous things, whether they are cars, weapons, or extreme sports gear.

    The right to own a weapon was granted as the second most important right in the documents that founded our nation behind the right to speak our mind free from government oppression. So it’s clear the nation was founded by folks who recognized and armed populace is harder to oppress and subdue. The duty to be responsible while exercising these rights was left to us as citizens, while it’s clear that some are not capable of exercising these rights responsibly whether speech or weapons attempting to rewrite the bill of rights piecemeal should be halted at every step. State your case that you want the 2nd amendment repealed and find someone willing to back your play.

    20 dead kids is a tragedy, but twice as many people are killed every day with little or no media coverage because they are killed singly and thus not very newsworthy. With a steadily declining murder rate in the absence of major gun bans it is worthwhile to review what has caused this miraculous reduction from 65 murders a day to 40 and move forward. An appropriate study with reasonable recommendations has the potential to advance a dialog on reducing crime further.

    Histrionics solves nothing and advances no worthwhile purpose.

  14. USMCE8Ret says:

    @817 – I’m with you, trust me – and I couldn’t have said it any better, but I believe your angst is directed in the wrong direction.

    I value and appreciate the comments you, “Hondo”, “2-17 AirCav”, “ExPH-2”, “Nik”, “NHSparky”, “Jonn”, “Old Trooper” (et al) make here, which is why I keep coming back. I share your sentiments.

    I’m a veteran (recently retired), a gun owner and I possess a CCW myself. (No, I’m not bragging…) It’s a worthwhile debate, I agree. Perhaps my suggestion was brought up the wrong way in an inappropriate forum considering it touches so close to home for us who share the same values. I just get SO tired of reading “the other side” drone on without using any logic and using the same ol’, tired, and emotionally charged responses with no basis of supporting their views other than links to WIKIPEDIA and the WASHINGTON POST.

    With that, you’ll never hear me state my case that I want the 2nd amendment repealed, so there’s no need for me to find anyone to back my position. You’ve already made it, as have others here, and I agree with them. Heck, I’ve even chimed in on a few occasions.

    There’s a lot of experience out there on the subject I proposed in my earlier comment, and I’m interested in what people have to say. I was merely suggesting turning the discussion towards a different direction.

  15. Dave says:

    Why is it that people are not looking at this logically? An AR or assult weapon is no different than a hunting rifle. They are both semi-automatic, and they both shoot bullets. In Fact, a lot of hunting rifles are way more powerful. The facts are clear… people own a lot of these AR “Styled” guns. They are black and scary looking so the crazys out there use one for their rampage. If they get rid of the AR style… the crazys will just use handguns or sawed off shotguns or pipe bombs or a hammer…. whatever they can get. Fact… gun control is STUPID! It is an emotional response to a terrible situation created by a terribly troubled individual. I wish someone out there would say it like it is. You can’t stop the guns… and if you pass laws – only the criminals will have the guns. No law is going to stop anyone who does not care for the laws from getting one. Don’t you think this latest whacka-loon would have just grabbed another handgun or two if the AR was not available? If you don’t see my points… I fear for all of us… because we live in a world where mass hysteria dictates rational thought. May God help us all!

  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    This is a program that is being implemented in some school districts.

  17. Ex-PH2 says:

    I also wanted to bring this up, posted in #528 above:

    I think it would be pretty cool to have a Tommy gun — Confused.

    Yeah, this clearly demonstrates the complete ignorance of the gun-fearing population demographic. The Thompson submachine gun, which was popularized in movies like ‘Public Enemy Number One’ with Jimmy Cagney and used in WWII and subsequent military action, has not been used since 1976, when it was declared obsolete. It is now wanted only by collectors.

    No one calls semi-automatic weapons Tommy guns. You only make yourself look as thick as a burnt biscuit when you post things like that. And I doubt seriously that real Tommy guns are affordable these days, because they are considered to be only collector’s items. Maybe if you have $130,000, you could buy one.

  18. Nik says:


    “Why is it that people are not looking at this logically? An AR or assult weapon is no different than a hunting rifle.”

    What? They’re not deaderer if you use an AR or an AK?

  19. Ex-PH2 says:

    @822 – Why is it that defense training is not considered? That’s a logical approach, isn’t it?,0,5458419.story

    This program at Harrold, TX was implemented in 2008. The terrified people in the anti-gun corner haven’t howled about it yet, but they probably will.

    Why is it that the logical approach — defensive measures — is not discussed by the anti-gun corner?

    The one thing we learned in self-defense classes in the 1970s was never say “Please don’t hurt me”, because the only thing a criminal hears is “Please hurt me”.

  20. NHSparky says:

    Why do you need lobster when chicken is available?

    Because Unca Shuga is “spreading the wealth” and all ya gotta do is just swipe yo’ EBT!!!

    I wish I was kidding. Oh, and in other joyous /sarc news, Obama has said he will sign an AWB renewal if DiFi can get it past the Senate. In between getting through her bodyguards, no doubt.

    Remember proles, rules aren’t for rulers.

  21. Ben Hammer says:


    Why would I care what some Chairborne Universal Expert named Powerpoint Ranger thinks of my screenname? Hey Chairborne, put the Twinkie down and stick to the topic.

    All of you geniuses who googled up “banana magazine” — did any of you serve? Or were you all Correspondence Course Rangers like Powerpoint here and never actually handled any hardware? In my 9 years, I heard “banana magazine” maybe a dozen times. I heard “banana clip” thousands.

    Well, y’all are famous on the internutz now. Famous for claiming that someone who doesn’t share your politics couldn’t be a soldier ’cause he called a magazine a ‘clip’, or cause he followed orders and put tape over the rounds in his ‘clip’ on guard duty during a deployment to Kuwait… or something else stupid. Your story keeps changing and I can’t keep up.

  22. NHSparky says:

    Well let’s put it this way, Ben–I heard of banana magazines, although we never used them.

    And yes, I served. Got the shiny medals and trinkets and everything to prove it. Even got a little piece of paper with 214 on it that said, “Thanks for playing and have a nice day.”

  23. Hondo says:

    Broken Hammeroid: internutz? Is that a term you use when describing yourself and your friends? Because it’s certainly apropos.

    Get your story straight, dipstick. First you said above you’d never heard of a “banana magazine”. Now you say you have – as well as “banana clips”. Were you lying at first, or are you lying now?

    And put the crack pipe down. That sh!t’s messing up what’s left of your mind. And there obviously already ain’t much left.

  24. Ben Hammer says:

    Seriously, though, the saddest thing about this 800+ thread is that you’ve been asked over and over to offer some alternative explanation for the low homicide rate in 1st world countries with strict gun control.

    And you came up empty every time.

    To end this bloc of instruction, let me repeat what I told you I’d tell you and then told you, but evidently you didn’t hear, since you failed the skills test.

    As the % of households with guns has fallen, the homicide rate has fallen, in the USA and throughout the 1st World. The homicide rates (all weapons) in countries with tighter controls on guns than ours, ranges from about 1/3rd to about 1/5th of ours. The gun homicide rate in those countries is usually 1/8th ours.

  25. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Actually, Ben, Cole’s explanation as to why he used “clips” instead of magazines says more about you than him – he said he had to dumb down the technical language so you ignorant turds would understand. And since I was never a pogue, and all non-pogue units in the Army were using the M9 after 1985, you can’t expect me to know that pogues were still using .45s to guard the most dangerous place on the planet (Camp Doha) in 1991.

  26. Ben Hammer says:


    You’re right. First I said I’d never heard of a “banana magazine” and now I’ve said I have. But the only guys I heard call it a “banana magazine” were dweebs and wanna-bes, much like you guys, so they didn’t count.

  27. UpNorth says:

    R-i-i-i-i-i-ght, Dumber than Hammers, now run along back to BJ’s place and get yours. He’s waiting.

  28. Hondo says:

    Hammeroid: we’ve given you an explanation: societal differences. The strictness of a locality’s gun control laws appears uncorrelated to the rate of firearms homicide in that locality.

    Yes, correlation doesn’t necessarily prove causation. But absence of correlation effectively disproves any simple linear relationship – which is exactly what the anti-gun crowd claims when they say that stricter gun controls will end gun crime. That’s been proven to be BS six ways from Sunday – and you ignore the proof.

    Yet you refuse to accept that fact, in spite of hard data and analysis backing that thesis. Sorry, but reality isn’t what you want it to be. Deal with it.

    If you have the intellect, that is. I personally think you’re incapable of handling logical reasoning that contradicts your preconceived notions. That’s pathetic.

  29. Hondo says:

    Thanks for admitting you’re a liar, Hammeroid. We already knew that, but it’s good to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

    Or in your case, the horse’s ass.

  30. Ben Hammer says:


    You’ve moved from claiming that John Cole wasn’t a soldier to claiming he was soldier but that he was a pogue and not a strack super-trooper like you.

    That you effed up in calling out another soldier’s service and never admitted it is the only thing that matters here. Soup Sandwich, it’s not on your shirtfront, it IS your shirtfront.

  31. Ben Hammer says:

    “societal differences” — that’s pretty scientifical. A highly edjumacated posse of geniuses like you and the Chairborne Ranger can do better than that.

  32. Ex-PH2 says:

    Here are some statistics by French Property dot com, an estate agency providing information for prospective property owners in Europe/France:

    Here’s another one from All Safe Defense Systems that shows the crime rate to be higher in France than in the United States:

    Another from France24, a news agency:

    From NCPA, France passes US crime rate:

    Is that enough for you, asshole? I realize it means that you actually have to read the references and resources, but I’m not going to do it for you.

  33. Ex-PH2 says:

    This is from Scotland Yard. You may or may not have heard about them. I visited the place in 1976, right after they had moved into their new building.

    England and Wales
    Official crime statistics can be found on the Home Office website, in the Research Development and Statistics section. Download Crime in England and Wales 2010/11 as PDF documents from the Home Office website.

    Search the publications area of the Scottish Government’s website to find their latest crime statistics.

    Northern Ireland
    Visit the crime statistics page at the website of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) for the latest monhtly statistics and the yearly statistics.

    Crimestoppers statistics
    Read Crimestoppers’ latest statistics, updated monthly.

    Nope. Not doing your reading for you.

  34. Ben Hammer says:

    Seriously, hoss, isn’t it weird that all the other countries in the 1st World have the same societal difference, fewer guns and tighter gun control laws than us, and the same result — homicide rates 1/3rd to 1/5th of ours and gun homicide rates around 1/8th of ours?

    What is this ‘societal difference’ that you’ve pulled out of your 4th point of contact that sets us apart from Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, etc… and puts us in the homicide neighborhood of Mexico?

  35. Hondo says:

    Hmmm. I wonder if I know anyone who served in the 11th ACR in the early 1990s. If so, they’d probably remember when the 11th ACR changed over from M1911’s to M9s.

    However, I’d guess that they had. The 11th ACR, like the 3rd ID, was based in Germany at the time. I’m guessing Germany changed over from M1911s to M9s over a relatively short period of time. NATO standardization and logistical simplification and all that.

    The particular weapon is irrelevant, though – except to prove whether or not Cole lied more than once. Regardless of whether Cole is telling the truth about the weapon in question being a M1911, he is still being deceptive as hell. He’s trying to come off like Billy Badass by claiming he served in “one of the most dangerous regions of the world” when the fact is he served under conditions involving very little personal risk. Why? Because no one was shooting at him. That’s kinda likes folks in Kuwait or Qatar today who try to claim things there are “just as risky and bad as in Afghanistan” – e.g., it’s bullshit.

  36. Ben Hammer says:

    We’ve been discussing homicides, not crime.

    But keep trying. I give your bouillabaisee of property theft, shoplifting and prostitution a 9.5 for it’s woody flavor and oak undertones.

  37. Ben Hammer says:

    Hondo: “Hmmm. I wonder if I know anyone who served in the 11th ACR in the early 1990s. If so, they’d probably remember when the 11th ACR changed over from M1911?s to M9s.
    However, I’d guess that they had.”

    Then go get ’em, Tiger! But since you haven’t yet, that means you’re admitting you and the OP were pulling that BS out of your asses. HINT: next time you accuse a soldier of lying about his service, on the internutz for all the world to see, do your homework upfront instead of 839 replies into the thread.

  38. melle1228 says:

    @836 There is NO use arguing with a brick wall or a Ben Hammer. He uses other countries to support his position, but when we mention other countries- we are guilty of “comparing them to the United States.”

    And apparently it is okay if you are victimized by burgalary, rape, assault etc. as long as you don’t legally own a firearm.

  39. Hondo says:

    Go talk to a sociologist, Hammeroid. Describing the societal differences between countries/cultures is outside my area of expertise. But I can assure you I’m competent to analyze the data. And I provided you a link to both data and analysis supporting my assertion above. Look for it above – if you have the balls.

    The analysis is sound; the absence of any direct connection between strictness of gun control and gun homicide rates is real. That’s been proven conclusively.

    Why is that the case? I don’t know – and neither do you. If you want to know why reality is what it is, you’ll have to find someone else to give you that answer. I can’t tell you why reality is what it is. I can only tell what analyzing the data proves to be reality.

    Science – and reality – is like that sometimes. You get results you can verify as true, but cannot immediately explain.

  40. Hondo says:

    No, Hammeroid. All that means is I hadn’t previously thought about trying to track down folks I haven’t talked to in maybe 25 or more years and seeing if they served in the 11th ACR. I served with a helluva lot of folks over 30+ years.

    And in any case: it doesn’t matter. Cole is either a baldfaced liar and a fraud – or just a fraud. In practical terms there’s not a huge difference between the two.

  41. Ben Hammer says:

    “Describing the societal differences between countries/cultures is outside my area of expertise.”

    You’ve never let that stop you before. Go for it!

  42. Ex-PH2 says:

    @842 – I finally figured that out, too. It isn’t about getting statistics, it’s only what jackhmmered wants it to be.

    If it doesn’t suit his ‘meme’, it’s invalid. This is so he can’t be pushed off his ledge on the rock. So it doesn’t matter if the statistics include violent crime without a gun.

  43. Ben Hammer says:

    “And in any case: it doesn’t matter. Cole is either a baldfaced liar and a fraud – or just a fraud.”

    Talk is cheap. Whiskey costs money. Let’s see those “folks I haven’t talked to in maybe 25 years”. Put up or shut up, you lying sack.

  44. 68W58 says:

    Hammer keeps going on about how we compare with “1st world countries” (which essentially means us and Canada, most of Europe, a couple of Gulf Emirates, Israel, Japan, the ROK, Singapore and Australia/New Zealand) with regard to gun ownership and homocide rates. There are a a number of problems with this comparison and the main one is that, although it is politically incorrect to say it, if you throw out the firearm related murders committed by young black American males our murder rates fall right back in line with those other countries. Lefties squeal with outrage when you point this out, but there it is.

    FWIW-I wouldn’t deny young black males the right to keep and bear arms regardless of this fact. Given that a great deal of crime is black on black, they deserve the right to defend themselves just like anyone else.

  45. Hondo says:

    Hammeroid: how about you refute the data and analysis I’ve provided first? Oh, wait – you can’t. First, because you aren’t capable of even following the logic; and second, because, well, you can’t. Numbers don’t lie.

    Or how about you provide someone who can verify Cole served? Oh, wait – Jonn’s already said he’s been contacted by someone who served with Cole and verified that he indeed served with the 11th ACR. And who also says that Cole was a shitbird.

    Lying sack? Don’t think so, amigo. Just remember: I’m not the one who’s already admitted publicly being a liar – that would be you. That’s not even a “nice try” at either an ad hominem attack or changing the subject.

    I swear, the playbook you tools follow is just so damn predictable. First, you change the subject. Then, use appeals to emotion. Then use bogus sources/false arguments to try and provide a smokescreen. Then you quote out of context or intentionally misinterpret opposing arguments. You make stuff up out of whole cloth. And when all of that doesn’t work, you start acting tough and making ad hominem attacks.

    It won’t work, dipstick. We’re on to you.

    But if I can indeed find an acquaintance who in fact served with the 11th ACR, I’ll indeed tell everyone what he says.

    Not that it matters much. Cole’s still a mendacious SOS who’s trying to impress people by implying he faced dangers he simply never did.

    And you’re still a tool and an asshole.

  46. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    The few others rolled in, got smacked around, and left. Hammeroid keeps coming back. I guess he thinks his time spent here is worthwhile. Well, either that or he has deluded himself into thinking he has accomplished something. And as long as I’m here, I would like to remind everyone that John Cole is a horse’s ass. I wouldn’t advise you to visit his wet condom site, though, but that’s where you’ll learn just what a crazed mongrel he is. If you go, go on an empty stomach.

  47. nobunny says:

    Posted this under one other topic:

    Hey. I’ve been quiet for a while, but this is a battle we must all fight. We must keep our Second Ammendment right.

    As I see it, there’s two things against us, both related to technology:

    1) Perception. Since the 24 hour news and interwebs can report everything that happens, as it happens, people think this is “the worst ever” and “these things are getting worse/increasing.” The bed-wetting hand-wringers have limitless fuel to “do something.” The are active idiots who must be stopped.

    Look up “Bath School Disaster.”

    2)Safety in numbers. These people find kindred spirits on the internet. The minority rules by internet with one voice as loud as 1,000,000. In the past these opinions would have been silenced by society’s common sense. The minority now has an over-ride to common sense. 50 years ago their local society would have said “Shut the fuck up, you’re wrong.” and it would have ended.

    One small group bands to another. They may disagree for different reasons, but they are bound together in the counter-culture. They mass into one big, noisy, stupid, panicky herd.

    Just my analysis.

  48. Hondo says:

    2-17 Air Cav: maybe Hammeroid is a masochist. That would explain why he keeps coming back to receive abuse.

    Either that, or he’s as dumb as a doorknob and doesn’t realize how much of a horse’s ass he is making of himself.

  49. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Okay, nobunny. We get it. No need to multi-post the same comment in different threads. Really.

  50. nobunny says:

    I’m sorry. I do not post a lot, anywhere. Still need to be schooled on etiquette. I thought it was fitting. Won’t do it again.