Idiots in the gun control debate

| December 16, 2012

Yeah, I’ve read some real stupid shit in teh interwebz today in regards to gun control, but this one just deserved a public answer. It’s from some shithole called Balloon Juice written by a guy named John Cole who explains that he was supposedly in the 11th ACR stationed at Camp Doha between the wars with Iraq;

So why am I telling you this? Because in the middle of one of the most dangerous regions in the world, even with clear Rules of Engagement, every time I went on gate duty, there was a piece of tape over my ammo clip on my M-16 and M1911 .45. Why? Because the most heavily armed military in the world did not want accidental shootings. If a situation arose, I would have to eject my ammo clip, remove the tape, and reinsert and work the action before I could fire.

This was in a combat zone. Yet I have spent the last two fucking days dealing with armchair commandos telling me they need unlimited firepower to be safe in… Connecticut.

If there are bigger pussies in the world than gun nuts, I don’t know who the fuck they are.

So, because he was such an incompetent boob that he needed to have his ammo taped in his magazine, gun nuts are pussies – yeah, I don’t see the connection either. Besides, he calls them “ammo clips” – who, with more than a day in the Army, calls box magazines “ammo clips”? So, I’m thinking that John Cole was a cook, or anything except someone his unit would allow to guard something. And, I’m pretty sure that between the Iraq Wars, the Army was using 9mm Barettas and not the M1911A1 .45 cal pistol.

And the reason any magazines were taped wasn’t to prevent the ammunition from loading. The Army did that when ammunition was passed between guard shifts for accountability. But, of course, any dingus who thought they’re called “ammo clips” wouldn’t know that.

So why do I call Balloon Juice a shit hole? Because all of their writers are gun grabbing facists, apparently. They write shit like this;

Bernard Finel: If it were in my power, I’d seize every fucking firearm in the country other than revolvers, shotguns, and bolt-action rifles and melt them all down.

mistermix: If you must own an AR-15 or Bushmaster or AK-47, it should stay locked in your personal gun cabinet at the range, never to leave. If you change ranges, a bonded courier can take it to the new one. The same is true of the high-capacity clips for your Glock, your 100-round drum magazines, and all the other expensive toys that let you bang off a couple of dozen rounds in a minute. Yeah, that’s expensive and a nuisance. So are the laws surrounding other potentially unsafe pursuits.

Mistermix, my Glock uses high capacity magazines, not clips. The ammunition for my M4 is in clips until I put the bullets in the magazine. If you’re going to talk the language of gun control, learn the language of guns first.

After posting the Wikipedia entry for events leading up to the UK’s gun ban, Imani Gandy (ABL) posts this;

Am I suggesting that we ban handguns? No, not really. I am suggesting we have a sensible discussion about gun-control laws that leads to, as President Obama put it, meaningful action.

If you weren’t suggesting that we ban guns, why did you have to tell us that the UK banned guns because of an incident somewhat similar to Sandy Hook? Every leftist gun grabbing fascist on the internet is talking about “a sensible discussion”, but their discussion of a sensible discussion is senseless.

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  1. Hondo says:

    Ex-PH2: Sippy claimed some time ago that he worked for a “large law firm”. ‘Course, he never did say exactly what he did there, and as far as I can recall he never did claim to be a lawyer. So for all I know, he might transcribe depositions or run their copy room.

  2. NHSparky says:

    Oh, and for the “anti-gun nuts” who think it’s ludicrous that if all guns are banned, then the feel-good libbies wouldn’t come after knives next, consider that there were a couple of douchebag Boston city council memebers who proposed exactly that.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    I don’t understand any of these arguments, if that’s what they are.

    Like this one: I don’t like guns. I don’t want a gun. Therefore, I don’t want anyone else to have a gun.

    Or this one: Guns are horrible. People who own guns are therefore horrible.

    Well, guess what? No one is forcing anyone to own a gun. Got that part, you self-involved blindworms?

    I don’t own a gun. I don’t feel the need for one. I lived in Chicago for 32 years, never owned a gun, never wanted one, never felt the need for one. And that was long before all the restrictive gun bans went into effect in the city. The only people who actually had LOTS of guns, besides the cops, were gangbangers and criminals, and they were, still are, mostly on the south side. Englewood was one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago for a long time. Still has problems — WITH GANGS, NOT WITH RESIDENTS, but the residents are activists who have taken their neighborhood back.

    The real problem is violence. Anything can be turned into a weapon, as I and others have pointed out above, and I mean ANYTHING. This obvious quality either escapes the notice of the rabid left, or is conveniently ignored.

    You don’t need guns to commit mass murder. I think that was more than aptly demonstrated by Terry Nichols and Tim McVeigh, and by the WTC truck bombing in 1991. The Unibomber had a field day with his homemade bombs, until he was finally caught. And the Tylenol murders in the 1970s — random acts of violence with cyanide-loaded Tylenol capsules — has never been truly solved. Should I bring up John Gacey’s homosexual murder spree. Not all of his victims have yet been identified.

    Should I dig into the history of Torquemada’s Inquisition and the auto da fey? The witch hunts and political executions en masse in the Middle Ages? The Slaughter of the Innocents ordered by Herod when he was told that a recently born child would some day replace him? No guns used in any of these episodes of violence. Maybe we should discuss Stalin’s purges again. Or how about the BTK killer?

    People who are going to engage in that kind of behavior don’t need a gun to do it. That’s just a quicker way to get it done. The real problem is that no one is willing to address the true issue, that violence is always unexpected and the tendency to violence is frequently hidden or ignored, ir if not ignored, then the “wish you’d just straighten up” attitude rises and nothing is done about it.

    Hindsight about these things is always crystal clear. Heated discussion erupts everywhere, everyone is wrong on both sides of the table, and then it dies away and people go back to doing their thing, and nothing is done about it until the next time, when fear generates the same anger and same heated arguments, name-calling, disputes, and vilification of anyone who disagrees with anyone else.

    Well, there is definitely a copycat crime being planned somewhere right now, especially since Doomsday is coming up in short order, so batten down the hatches.

    Sometimes, I don’t really miss TV.

  4. NHSparky says:

    Hondo–IIRC, he at one point claimed to be a paralegal.

    Hey, in the mind of a liberal, that makes him about as much of a “law professor” as Dear Reader.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    @403 – Hondo, I’d agree with you but when I was still in the workaday world, staying up all night usually meant I had a bodacious load of overtime, and therefore, no time for personal stuff.

    Sipply was on TAH almost all of last night. The people I remained in contact with at my old law firm have told me that there have been serious layoffs of clerical staff and no one is getting ANY overtime now. It’s logical to think, then, that Sippy may no longer be employed at that large law firm.

    So I was just speculating about it, nothing else.

  6. Hondo says:

    A para, huh? I guess I missed that one among his other inane comments.

    But that could explain much. I understand people who’ve failed to attain their aspirations but stay in the same career field anyway often become bitter and illogical. And they often don’t handle being told they’re “full if it” well – especially when they are. Perhaps denial and anger directed at the successful are their coping mechanisms.

    Why? Hell, maybe being told they’re wrong reminds them they failed previously. Who knows?

  7. Jack Burton says:

    So internet tough guys like Cole are allowed to spout their sissy garbage to their hearts desire over at his cesspool, but the second their dear leader gets insulted all his cronies over at his site come screaming over here? What a bunch of pathetic slimy worms.

    I’ll make them a deal. I think accountability is the first step to addressing any problem. Having said that, since guns are so evil, they need to request that anyone ever coming to their aid do so without firearms. Simple solution, I think.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    Jesse Jackson is on WGN telling us that military-style weapons can bring down airplanes, shoot up buildings, etc., etc., etc.

    Who else was it that said that? Someone in Congress?

    Where do these people get this crap?

  9. Redacted1775 says:

    Probably shitty movies on syfy.

  10. Hondo says:

    Jack Burton: I certainly don’t see them advocating for a disarmed police and military – just restrictions on the “average Joe”.

    Obviously, they believe the government can protect them at all times. They persist in that belief in spite of clear evidence to the contrary, and in spite of the fact that the SCOTUS has ruled government has no legal obligation to do so. I’m guessing they believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and unicorns that shit Skittles, too.

    They would deserve pity if they weren’t trying to impose their idiotic world-view on all.

  11. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    26 in a single location is tough, it brings up a lengthy debate because politicians feel compelled to do something. Banning guns gets quick airplay, soundbites on the evening news and publicity for the politician who seems to be “doing something” about a problem….

    14,000 folks were the victims of murder/non-negligent homicide last year, because they killed one or two at a time all over the nation nobody really gives a sh1t about them….folks at a mall, a movie theater, or a grammar school that catches our eye because it’s a bigger number all in once place. And of course Friday’s victims are beyond comprehension for most folks….we are less violent than we used to be when we had about 65 crime related a deaths a day. One could argue that advances in policing, stricter sentencing, and technology have had the desired effect and reduced violent crime in the nation dramatically from 20 years ago according the to the FBI’s own website:

    Therefore one could also draw the conclusion, without hysteria, that continued advances will help decrease the crime rate even further. People like Friday’s perp are mental health issues that need to be addressed with a sensible conversation devoid of ACLU histrionics. The level of mental health deterioration for some of our citizens requires lengthy, if not permanent, stays in an institutional environment where the society at large can be protected. Having an intelligent discussion about monitoring these people instead of dumping them and forgetting them is not easy or comfortable, but will probably yield a more effective solution to potentially violent mentally ill individuals.

    That of course doesn’t generate the publicity that the anti-gun crowd requires to perpetrate their agenda.

  12. Detn8r says:

    Wow John, You were right this morning! Cole brought quite a few of his “friends” into the fray! It must be the lovely sunshine and cool water of the Cheat that muddles their minds. Unfortunately for me, I know him and probably some of the ones posting on his behalf.
    It does surprise me that they could be so ignorant of how the rest of the US “gun nuts” like myself would fight against any form of control. It must be that they fail to realize that they live in an area saturated by firearms. No one in their right mind would want to attempt anything close to what happened in CT. In Preston, Tucker, Grant or Mineral counties of WV. It would be a very short act of violence ending with a very dead Dumb Ass. I for one would love to carry a firearm 100% of the time and NEVER have to use it, verses, ever need one and not having it. I have a beautiful Grand Daughter who is with me quite a bit of the time. If anything would threaten her and I could not protect her because of the dipshits that think banning guns is a good Idea, I know who my targets would be after that.

    John Cole, you are wrong on this matter and you know it. Your attack on the folks of this forum is way off base. I have been in some of the same situations as you regarding taped magazines and YES, it was for accountability reasons. Having “No Gun” zones on a military base has nothing to do with gun control, historically, it comes form traditions passed down through the years.

    If what is coming from the Kingwood crowd is now the norm, I am very happy not to be associated with them.

  13. Jack Burton says:

    I don’t own a gun, although I do enjoy going shooting and many of my family and friends own firearms and shoot regularly. And to a person, every one of them are the most safety conscious people I know with all things regarding weapons. That includes care and cleaning, securing, safety and respect. I don’t know a single gun owner who doesn’t take ownership of guns with the highest degree of respect for what they can do and what can happen in the hands of idiots. Go to your local range and tell me how many careless jackasses you see in their waving their guns around and talking about shooting people. My guess is consistently zero.

    The anti-gun zealots have this notion in their pathetic little minds about what the typical NRA member or gun owner is all about. In most cases I’d say its a by-product of the liberal echo chamber, or every now and then from some clown like John Cole. As an alleged ex-military guy, he’s their gift from heaven as they feel someone like that gives them absolute moral authority to comment on all things gun related.

  14. 68W58 says:

    Upthread strongarm goes on and on about Vermont’s open carry law without once taking notice of the fact that none of the mass shooting incidents he is supposedly so concerned about ever happens there-or why that might be.

    There’s no reaching some people.

  15. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Yeah, if you fucking hippie fucks keep wishing that someone would die while you’re using my bandwidth, I’ll turn the firehose on all of you.

  16. Cassidy says:

    Wow. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of pussies in my life. A lot of you call yourselves Soldiers, or servicemembers, but you all sound so chickenshit that without your gun you couldn’t do anything. Maybe my era of Soldier is made of sterner stuff because we have the confidence to do our jobs regardless of the weapon. Bunch a disgraceful shitbags in here.

  17. JP says:


    Calling some a pussy from behind the safety net of the interwebz sorta invalidates whatever point you were trying to make.

  18. Bubblehead Ray says:

    Sippy is really bothered about those 20 kids. Good for him, I’m impressed. How concerned is he about the approximate 324,000 children killed by Planned Parenthood via abortion last year? Not so much, I guess. Bet he still argues in favor of THAT “right”. And we’re heartless…riiiiiight

  19. Ex-PH2 says:

    @414 and 415 – Good points, but next, they’ll want the ban of movies with violence in their content.

    I love Quentin Tarantino’s movies, and it’s not because they are loaded with violence, but because he has the go-for-broke angle in every one of them. His latest release in “Django”, which is full of movie violence. I’ve seen “Kill Bill” at least a dozen times, but I haven’t gone and bought a samurai sword and run around slicing people with it. I’ve seen “Inglorious Basters” twice, but I haven’t set fire to a theater with locked doors.

    Sam Peckinpah was famous for his movie violence and slow-motion shots of people being shot, but no one saw gun violence rise as a result of people watching his movies.

    But, VOV, if someone threatens to set his wife on fire and go shoot ‘lots of people’ where she works, because he and she had a fight and he’s blowing off steam (per police in Cedar Point, IN), does that make him mentally ill? No. It means he was angry and needs to get marriage counseling.

    99% of threats of violence are no more likely to be acted on than you intentionally driving your car through a hot dog stand. If I say “I’m gonna kill that sumbitch”, is that an actual threat? No. It’s not even a sign of mental illness. It’s just hot air.

    When you say, VOV, that these people need to be instituionalized, who is going to make that determination? The state? Isn’t that the “Big Brother” thing that should never happen in the first place?

    Our society as a whole has become one that refuses to deal with genuine emotions such as anger and fear, because they are too intense. If someone so much as raises his voice in public, he HAS to be crazy. Real anger is now considered to be socially unacceptable behavior. It’s loud, it is noisy, it is palpable, and it is threatening. That doesn’t make it a mental illness, but because it is threatening and generates fear in others, the angry person must be ‘crazy’.

    Everything has to be just fine. You know — maintain an even strain. Never let that shit-eating grin leave your face, no matter how you really feel. You bury how you really feel until you can’t contain it any more, and then, like Charles Whitman, you ‘snap’ and commit another horror.

    Oh, god! It’s the 1960s all over again.

  20. Bubblehead Ray says:

    Thanks JP.(419),

    I needed a laugh this morning

  21. Joe Williams says:

    @389,27 slashes ,vertic ally across the neck equal,s 27 dead. the knife killing does not take as long as you think it would. Anyb me have heard of 3gun comprtion(pistol, shotgun & rifle) ?Allthe the afore mentioned are semiautomatic.There are many types of firearms contests. The biggest is probaly Camp Perry.A firearm laying by itsefl will do nothing but rust until a human picks it to use for whatever reason, good or bad. Joe

  22. Ex-PH2 says:

    Just in case Strongarm comes back with more idiocy, this is a link to a complete article about Nancy Lanza, Adam Lanza’s mother, and how she was NOT struggling, and where NOTHING about being a prepper is referred to:

    She seems to havd had serious struggles with her son Adam, but if her ex-husband is accurately quoted saying that she would never have to work another day in her life, if she could afford a landscape artist to enhance her home, and if she was an sociable, outgoing person, then she was hardly in the doomsday prepper mode.

    The difference between my source and Strongarm’s is that my references (three so far) are from valid sources and his come from print and online tabloids, which favor mendacity and vitriolic gossip, and outright lying, just to make sales.

  23. Strongarm says:

    The mother was a doomsday prepper, just like the majority of people on this website. Just listen to the interview with her relative. The lady flat out says it:

    “Last time we visited with her in person we talked about prepping and you know, are you ready for what can happen down the line when the economy collapses,”

    Paranoid doomsdayers and preppers such as yourselves, who indoctrinate your children with these end-of-society delusions, have the blood of 20 children on your hands.

  24. Hondo says:

    No, Strongarm. Misguided liberal tools like yourself – who made it unlawful for anyone at the school to be lawfully armed and able to defend themselves and the schoolkids, and who advocated mainstreaming the mentally ill, are partially culpable.

    But even you tools aren’t completely to blame. In the final analysis, the one primarily responsible for this tragedy is the bastard who pulled the trigger.

    Collective responsibility is a myth. Individuals are responsible for their actions, not “society”.

  25. Strongarm says:

    Yes Hondo, MOAR GUNS is always your answer. Why don’t you respond to the previous question posed to you: with all of these mass shootings, why are none of you ever at the scene to stop the madman? Jared Loughner shot up a political rally in public in Arizona where it is legal to carry. Why are you self-appointed protectors of society never there with your 300 million guns to stop the tragedy? Why is it always the police first on the scene and not you brave cheeto-warriors?

  26. Claymore says:

    Not sure about Arizona, but most states that have concealed carry laws also mandate that you cannot carry them in certain places…like political rallies and the like…and I’m more of a Doritos man myself, thanks.

  27. Claymore says:

    According to what I’ve seen, there’s no stipulation on carrying concealed at political rallies in Arizona (…that being said, let’s remind ourselves that Congresswoman Giffords was a Democrat, and not likely to attract those of the political persuasion who WOULD exercise their 2A rights considering how hostile those on the left are in regard to guns in general. Just sayin’.

  28. melle1228 says:

    @427 Both the Colorado Theater and the school are gun free zones. And that is what happens: law abiding citizens ABIDE by the law. Murderers DO NOT.

    You can FOAD about the blood of innocent children being on our hands.

    I’ll ask you again strongarm- do you support abortions and is it a right?

  29. UpNorth says:

    @#427, because schools are “gun free zones”, why don’t you look up the Clackamas Mall shooting and see what transpired there?
    As for “why are none of you ever at the scene to stop the madman”? Simple, there aren’t enough people carrying concealed yet. And, make mine potato chips.

  30. 68W58 says:

    “… why are none of you ever at the scene to stop the madman?”

    Of course that is exactly what happened in Pearl Mississippi not that actual examples of armed citizens using their firearms will deter strongarm in the slightest.

  31. Redacted1775 says:

    Seriously though, I can’t remember anyone even bringing up the subject of prepping for doomsday on this site. Strong armed, weak minded. Cheddar Cheese – Pretzel Combos for me.

  32. Hondo says:

    Strongarm: and what, pray tell, question have YOU asked me above? I can’t find any such question in the comments above. And yes: I’ve checked.

    If you’re asking me a question, address the question to me. If you don’t, you have no reason to get upset if I don’t answer it.

    And if you’re referring to a question asked by someone else – you are cordially invited to go fornicate yourself. I don’t owe you an explanation of why I choose to answer, or not answer, other people’s questions here.

    I don’t owe you such an explanation either. But if you ask politely, you still might get an answer.

    Or you might get ignored. That’s my call.

  33. melle1228 says:


    LOL- I had to look up the term. I want to know when supporting the BOR made you a survivalist gun nut. I don’t even own a gun, but apparently I fall into that category, because I support the Constitutional power to protect yourself, your family and your property.

    And I tell you, I was in my daughter’s kindergarten class when this happened. I have had gun training. My first thought was a mama bear who had a conceal and carry wouldn’t hesitate to take out his fool.

  34. Yat Yas 1833 says:

    Sorry Guys for being late to the dance! For all the “Joe” anti-gun zealots rail against this.

    A couple of years ago my brother and I were returning from the Ben Avery shooting range in north Phoenix where we had given our Colt 1911 A1s a little exercise. We decided to pull into a “Fry’s Marketplace” grocery store, to get some refreshing beverages, when we noticed a guy knock down a lady as he was brandishing a rather large knife. My brother drove toward him and we exited his p/u with .45s drawn. The guy suddenly became very calm and peaceful as my brother held his .45 at this a$$holes head and I called PD. Turns out the A-hole had warrants out for domestic assault and custodial interference! We testified at his trial and the judge thanked us for getting involved.

    Here in Arizona it is illegal to have a firearm on any educational facility grounds. Everyday, as I drop off my kindergarten granddaughter, I become a criminal because my .45 is in the cab of my truck. I can’t say if I had been at that school I could have made a difference but I would have been in a position to try. Can any of you libtards say the same?

  35. Redacted1775 says:

    Yeah, Cassidy personally took out the Kaiser with a rusty old P-38 after low crawling through several hundred yards of chlorine gas contaminated and c-wire strung no-mans land between trenches in WW1. Real keyboard warrior there gents. Take heed.

  36. NHSparky says:

    Hondo @412–SCOTUS has ruled government has no legal obligation to do so

    Precisely. As has been observed many times before, cops don’t carry guns to protect YOU, they carry them to protect themselves.

    And as was seen most recently in the Empire State shooter a few months back, most cops (not all, but far too many) basically suck even at defending themselves, if the number of injured bystanders is any indication.

  37. Hondo says:

    NHSparky: yep. Castle Rock v. Gonzalez, 2005, among other cases.

  38. NHSparky says:

    @425 Limpdick–The mother was a doomsday prepper, just like the majority of people on this website.

    Such as how, exactly? So lemme get this straight.

    I have the following available in my car at all times:
    –Blanket, MRE, flares, tool kit, first aid kit, regular cat litter.

    I have the following at home:
    –Canned food, more MRE’s, generator with full tank of gas, 15 gallons of gas, transfer switch for generator, my (gasp!) guns, fishing equipment, 3-4 20-lb bottles of propane, more first aid kits, fire extinguishers, cord or so of firewood, etc.

    Does this make me a “prepper”? Or does it merely make me relatively able to handle what the winters up in this part of the country routinely dish out, like 10-15 day power outages, etc? (And yes, I’ve had the power out that long a couple of times in the last few years.)

    If that makes me a prepper in your eyes, fuck it–guilty as charged. Hope you don’t have to go through it, but if you do, don’t come whining to us.

  39. NHSparky says:

    And while you’re at it limpdick, I loves me some nachos. The simple kind–tortilla chips, cheese, and jalapenos–but not fresh ones, I prefer the picked kind from the jar where the juice gets all into each and every bite of those deeeee-licious nachos.

  40. 68W58 says:

    But Sparky being prepared for a bad turn of events obviously means that you are “paranoid” and “terrified”. Obviously you should trust in nanny, er the wise and all powerful state, to take care of your every want and need.

  41. USMCE8Ret says:

    @423/Joe Williams… what are you talking about?

    @427 – As unfortunate as the attempted assassination attempt of Gabrielle Gifford was, it seems to me in your mind that anyone who carried a firearm should have prevented the tragedy? Given that logic, why didn’t the police do something instead of waiting ’till the shooting occurred? (I’m certain there was plenty of law enforcement present at the site.) I would propose that if such a law existed that prohibited carrying a firearm at a political rally, those who are law abiding citizens were following the law (as they do when entering a movie theater, open mall, etc), the point still stands that CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW.

    (Cripes! Where do these people come from?)

  42. melle1228 says:

    @441 I bet those people who suffered thru Sandy wished they were Preppers too..

    Now I feel like singing the Dr. Pepper song.. 🙂

  43. NHSparky says:

    68W58…ask the folks in NJ/NY (or NOLA) how well depending on “Unca Shuga” has worked for them so far…

  44. USMCE8Ret says:

    Posting this because I feel it’s relavent to the discussion, in regards to what happened after the McDonald’s shooting in San Ysidro, CA years ago, perpetrated by James Huberty:

    The families of the deceased victims along with the surviving victims together tried (unsuccessfully) to sue the McDonald’s Corporation and the local franchisee. The cases were in San Diego Superior Court and were consolidated. The court ultimately dismissed before trial on defendants’ motion for summary judgment, but the plaintiffs appealed. On July 25, 1987, the California Court of Appeal (Fourth District, Division One) affirmed summary judgment for the defendants because (1) McDonald’s or any other business has no duty of care to protect patrons from an unforeseeable assault by a murderous madman; and (2) plaintiffs could not prove causation because the standard reasonable measures normally used by restaurants to deter criminals, like guards and closed-circuit television cameras, could not possibly have deterred the perpetrator (who did not care about his own survival).

    James Huberty was killed by a police sniper at the scene, AFTER 22 people were killed and another 19 were wounded.

    Had someone in McDonald’s had a gun at the moment the shootings began, the outcome may have been quite different.

    In all, now I’m wondering what kind of litigation against the school district will come about for “failing to protect the students”?

  45. Jack Burton says:

    So I guess being a prepper means you are someone not counting on the government bailing you out if things go wrong where you live from a storm/power outage? I guess in liberal land everyone should be equally stupid and unprepared.

  46. Gary says:

    I walk through this world like a MAN, I can not for the life of me understand the paranoia it must take to live in FEAR constantly. 54 years old, and I have never needed a gun, I don’t walk down the street looking over my shoulder, I don’t jump out of bed at night if I hear the wind blow a door shut.

    I just don’t live in FEAR.

    What is wrong with you paranoid whack jobs?

  47. Ex-PH2 says:

    @445 – Sparky; #@439 Hondo — I seem to be pounding something (not my head) against a brick wall with Strongarm about whether or not Ms. Lanza was a prepper.

    First, I cite reliable sources, including the local news station WGN video — see link to WGN here —,0,1330351.story

    Here’s another link to Marsha Lanza’s interview from #270 above:

    Nowhere has Marsha Lanza, who was Nancy Lanza’s SISTER-IN-LAW said that Nancy Lanza was a prepper or connected to ANY doomsday ideology.

    Also, the video attached to the link to the talking points blog has nothing about Nancy Lanza being involved with preppers or doomsday ideology. In fact, if you watch it to the end, the man at the Wooster shooting range says that the police pored over the register books at the shooting range for the entire year to date for 2012, and neither Nancy Lanza nor her son had been there at any time.

    Yet, TPN writes up a semi-scary doomsday scenario, saying that Marsha Lanza was interviewed by TPN and quotes her as saying that Ms. Lanza was a prepper waiting for doomsday.

    This is what tabloids do. They write what they know will get attention and sell their crap in the checkout lines at the grocery store, even though it’s pure fiction. The first clue that what TPN published is their reference to Nancy Lanza as Marsha Lanza’s sister.

    They were NOT SISTERS. Marsha Lanza was Nancy Lanza’s SISTER-IN-LAW.

    Therefore, everything in that TPN article is a blatant lie. The Daily Mail, another tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, created the prepper/doomsday crap out of whole cloth. Everything about it is a lie. Rupert Murdoch has already been sued for exactly this kind of unmitigated filth. How much more does that asshole expect reasoning people to swallow?

    Crystal Lake is not too far from where I live. I can look up Marsha Lanza and ask her for an interview, although I’m not the kind of person that intrudes on someone else’s privacy.

    I have referenced reliable sources, yet Strongarm chooses to ignore the truth and plants lies as a rebuttal.

    So, guys, am I pounding something against a brick wall?

    Oh, my favorite: garlic-stuffed queen olives preserved in white wine and vinegar with dill. And russet potatoes sliced into 1/4 inch wedges, brushed with EVOO, dusted with garlic salt and cracked black pepper, roasted in the oven for 15 minutes at 425F.

    This is for Strongarm: you’re an asshole.

  48. NHSparky says:

    Nor do most people, Gary–but if trouble finds us, the difference between us and you is that I refuse to become a victim.

  49. Jack Burton says:

    Funny thing is Gary all the gun people I know aren’t in fear of anything. Most of them just like to target shoot. There is an actual sense of pride in refining your skills to become a good shot. But the possibility that there are gun owners who aren’t waiting for the next shootout at the OK Corral never entered your twit leftist brain.

    And since you are such a MAN, I just hope there is nobody around you with a gun when the day comes that you need one. But you sure will have showed us.

  50. Old Trooper says:

    @427: Why is it that the mall shooting in Oregon died in the media right away? Because the shooter was confronted by a person with their CCW permit that had the drop on him. When the shooter saw this, he took himself out, without any more innocent lives taken and without the permit holder firing a shot. So, I just answered your question. Why don’t you chew on that a little bit.