Car 54 Where Are You? A Sorta Sunday Silly.

| December 16, 2012

I’ll leave it for you young folks to dig up the reference if interested.

Thing is… there just ain’t much good news filtering down to me here my ridge. So I’m going for coffee and donuts elsewhere. Barring unforeseen events we’ll be checking in on Eglin AFB next Friday.  We did have this excursion planned before the recent spate of events, mind you.  Since 12/21/12 is The Wife’s birthday AND some believe the world will end then too; I figured “what the hell?”.  Anything else isn’t my fault!

So… if Jonn doesn’t delete this for being irrelevant in the larger context (it certainly is),  AND the world don’t end next Friday I’m open to visiting with any TAH commenter in the neighborhood. Also open to: “If you’re in area you should see…”

I have pictures of Jonn and TSO that they don’t know about, BTW.

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  1. Whiskey Bravo says:

    Eglin AFB is my backyard. Used to do the burns there to increase mission readiness. Nice museum there and of course in Pensacola NAS.

  2. B Woodman says:

    Sorry. My closest is Hill AFB.

  3. Brian In Florida says:

    As Whiskey Bravo said, Eglin AFB is my backyard. Have a great time, would love to run into ya and say Merry Christmas.

  4. Al T. says:

    If you come through Columbia SC, holler. 🙂

  5. RT says:

    I work at Hurbie and would love to meet up and hang out but we’re heading out Friday evening for Christmas in north AL.

  6. Green Thumb says:

    Just stay armed.

  7. CavScoutCoastie says:

    If you do any traveling around Floriduh, I’m in the greater Tampa area. I’d love to meet anyone associated with the blog. I still haven’t recovered emotionally after being stood up by Jonn when he was here for the RNC.

  8. USMCE8Ret says:

    @7 and everyone else – Ditto. I’d enjoy meeting members of this blog as well, though I live a little south of D.C.

  9. Whiskey Bravo, Brian in Florida,RT, and any other TAH commenter in the Greater Eglin AFB area; Perhaps, since there are quite a few of us, we should meet and organize our own “Chapter of the “This Ain’t Hell admiration society” or some such moniker. Input welcomed at:, or e-mail at
    I am 1/2 way between C’view n DeFuniak.

  10. What Frankie sayz above.

  11. Gorilla forever says:

    If you have time take a look at the Khobar Towers Memorial in the 33FW area. Very moving, still gives me goosebumps over 16 years later.