Your weekly Hasan’s beard update

| December 18, 2012

Colonel Tara Osborn, the new judge in the Hasan murder trial has told the defendant, who murdered 14 people at Fort Hood a few years back, that even though his beard is against the standards of military grooming, he can keep it according to the Associated Press;

The new judge overseeing Maj. Nidal Hasan’s case told Hasan during a Tuesday hearing that the beard is a violation of Army regulations. But the judge, Col. Tara Osborn, said she won’t hold it against him.

Hasan answered her questions, saying he grew the beard voluntarily. He previously said his Muslim faith requires it.

Colonel Osborne’s predecessor was fired from the bench when he was found to have been prejudiced against the defense because he made them clean up after their incapacitated client. Whether Osborne is trying to expedite this trial or bending to PC pressure from above remains to be seen.

So can we get back to the business of putting this rat turd to death?

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  1. Anonymous | December 19, 2012
  1. MAJMike says:

    Apparently we are incapable of accomplishing anything useful in this country anymore.

  2. PeterK says:

    Heinlein. That is all.

  3. Virtual Insanity says:

    So–just add:

    ART. 89 Disrespect Toward Superior Commissioned Officer, ART. 90 Assaulting or Willfully Disobeying Superios Commissioned Officer, and
    ART. 92 Failure to Obey Order or Regulation

    violations to the docket and move out.

    I’m with Jonn. Smoke him soon.

  4. FatCircles0311 says:

    Glad the U.S. military is in keeping with high tradition of holding Muslims to a different set of rules and standards. It’s not like that hasn’t had consqe………oh wait.

  5. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Another account says that Tara Osborn told Hasan that military jurors in the murder trial could have negative reaction toward to his beard. Yeah, that’s the way I’d be too. I can hear myself now, “I’m not sure whether he was the shooter but that beard demands death.” The judge is insulting and will pen special jury instructions to instruct the stupid military jurors to disregard Hasan’s beard. The Massacre occurred in 2009. No trial date has yet been set. Everyone realizes that Hasan is winning so far, right?

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    I think a truly fitting punishment is to put him permanently into isolation with no one to look after him, his meals served in cardboard french fry trays and oatmeal only, no milk or sugar, 3 8-ounce glasses of water per day, all consumed under the watchful eye of a security camera. That will keep his bowels active and hydrated.

    No contact with other humans. No TV, books, or papers. No outside contact. No one to wipe his butt, either. No appeal, either.

    If he refuses to eat his oatmeal or drink his water, he gets executed. No appeal.

    I guess I’m getting cranky in my old age.

  7. NHSparky says:

    Air Cav–every day he draws breath he “wins”, and the victims get another kick in the collective nuts.

  8. PALADIN says:

    i’d love to shave the turd.

    Got a nice Jimmy Lyle knife that would be perfect for the job.

  9. MAJMike says:

    @#6: Me, too. I’ll volunteer to cap him, free of charge.

  10. TopGoz says:

    New problem: Col. Osborn is a woman. No devout Muslim man could allow himself to be judged by an inferior woman. I foresee motions being filed to change judges. Then the next one will be Christian, or Jewish, or Zoroastrian, or atheist, or anything other than Muslim and Maj Hasan will protest that as well. He won’t stop until a Muslim man sits behind the bench and all of the members of the court are Muslim as well. Mark my words; the circus is only getting started.

  11. TopGoz says:

    Put him in a taxi cab and drive him to Guantanamo Bay.

  12. David says:

    I’m all over a female judge presiding…. hell, I’m all over making him use pig fat to grease his hair in place. We can only hope his last sight is of the firing squad’s dipping the rounds they are issued in bacon grease.

  13. USMCE8Ret says:

    Even more interesting is how the actual trial will run. My guess it will be a circus.

    Will it be “judge alone” or will he get a jury of his peers? (Those in the military know how that looks – a panel of senior officers).

    For courts martial cases, members of a military jury are usually assigned, in writing, by the convening authority with a list of alternates.

    Can defense counsel/the prosecutor for the gov’t “voir dire” military jury members? (I ask because I don’t know if that’s a procedure or not in military courts).

  14. PintoNag says:

    That trial will happen when hell freezes in a solid block. Not before.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    You know, I changed my mind about Hassan’s punishment. Oatmeal only, no cardboard french fry trays, no utensils – just his hands and no towels to wipe them — and no glasses of water, just the equivalent in one of those drippy bottles used in pet shops. But he has to drink all of the water at once. And if he doesn’t eat his oatmeal and drink his water, get out the snicker-snee.