The truth behind Sandy Hook

| December 19, 2012

Brian sends us a link to Heeb Magazine which reports that a Republican former candidate for governor of Arizona, Mike Harris, wants us to know that Sandy Hook was, what else, a false flag Jewish conspiracy;

This is, as of yet, unverified], has been quoted as saying the attacks in Connecticut were “Israeli revenge” against the United States. Reportedly, Harris cited “inconsistencies” in the official Sandy Hook narrative, and claimed:

The facts are now becoming obvious. This is another case where Israel has chosen violence and terrorism where their bullying in Washington has failed. Israel believes the US “threw them under the bus,” particularly after the recent Gaza war, allowing Israel to be humiliated in the United Nations. Their response was to stage a terror attack, targeting America in the most hideous and brutal way possible, in fact, an Israeli “signature attack,” one that butchers children, one reminiscent of the attacks that killed so many children in Gaza?”

He then went on to say:

This is exactly what Israel did in Norway; the political party that voted sanctions against Israel was retaliated against by a “lone gunman” who killed 77 children. This is what Israel always does, they go after the children.

If it sounds a little like something Gordon Duff would say, it probably won’t surprise you that Mike Harris is on the writing staff at Veterans Today. Then if you follow the link at VT, it takes you to another of his gigs as a radio host at Rense Radio. A distinction he shares with David Duke and Larry Sinclair. At the Rense Radio link, Harris brags that he’s a Paulian.

Anyone got bow so we can wrap this up in a neat little package?

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  1. Redacted1775 says:

    Meh. Fuggin Paultards.

  2. Ex-PH2 says:

    Considering that some of the children who were killed were Jewish, that’s disgusting.

    Harris needs to be cut off from human contact for a while.

  3. JohnG says:

    @#2 I don’t know about human contact but I’d say he’s already been cut off from reality for quite a while!

  4. PintoNag says:

    I don’t think even Duff is this crazy.

    And we don’t need this. We need to address what really happened in Sandy Hook, not allow the conversation to be hijacked by some wingnut.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    @3 – I think you’re right.

  6. Andy Kravetz says:

    The first child buried was a Jewish boy named Noah. He was six. My Noah is 7. It’s beyond offensive, but @4 is right. Wing-nuts are going to try to hijack this to make it something other than what it was — a guy who had serious mental issues did a terrible thing.

  7. NHSparky says:

    I don’t even want to know the quantity and level of drugs this doucheclown needed to inhale, snort, inject, or shove up his ass to come up with this shit.

    I can’t even wrap my head around that level of meta-stupid.

  8. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    “[A] guy who had serious mental issues did a terrible thing.”

    Yeah, that aptly describes Harris too.

  9. O-4E says:

    Screw this guy

    I’ll just wait for Jesse Ventura to give me the low down

    My bet is on time travelling reptilians

  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    Is the mantra for this slimeball ‘never waste an opportunity to be as offensive as possible’?

  11. FatCircles0311 says:

    He’s sounds about as Republican as Michael Bloomberg.

  12. 77 11C20 says:

    He is parroting the story from the official government media in Iran, where every event, natural or manmade, is a Israeli conspiracy. When that is what you use as your only source what do you expect.

  13. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Batsh1t crazy knows no racial/economic boundaries…..I am surprised he didn’t mention how it was done by Bush, pretty much everything wrong today was the fault of the president before our current sad leadership.

  14. Nik says:

    Not the craziest thing I’ve heard. Try this one on:

    “One bizarre connection to the tragedies that took place at the Sandy Hook, Newtown, Conn., school is that the father of murderer Adam Lanza has a connection to the theater shootings that took place in Aurora, Colorado earlier this year by shooter James Holmes.

    Killer’s Adam Lanza and James Holmes fathers were reportedly expected to testify in the Libor bank scandal trial that took place in June. Peter Lanza, the Newtown Conn. killer’s father is the Vice President and Tax Director at GE Financial, while Robert Holmes, father to Aurora, Colorado theater shooter, James Holmes, is the head scientist of FICO.”


  15. BK says:

    I was quick when sharing this around to compensate for Heeb making this guy sound like a real Republican, rather than someone Arizona Republicans probably cringed at every time he breathes.

    I guess we must accept a certain portion of the craziness with this stuff. Just for once, though, I’d like the conspiracy to be a false flag op on the part of Micronesia or something. My daughter’s Hebrew school busied itself last night making snowflakes for the Newtown kids’ new building. She read this over my shoulder yesterday and said, “why do people blame us for everything?”

    I told her with great power comes great responsibility. 🙂

  16. USMCE8Ret says:

    @14 – I’ll bet whoever tries hard enough, they can link Kevin Bacon to the shootings, too.

  17. hep-t says:

    There are in the US in one years time, every year 1.3 million abortions performed by doctors using suction and cutting devices instead of guns to kill human beings while in the dubious safety of their willing mother’s wombs, all of them are children, all helpless.
    Spin that on the Israeli’s Bubba.

  18. Joe Williams says:

    Two editors crazier than the poeple(reporters?) than the poeple who wrote this shit. Joe

  19. Jen says:

    I’m not one to blame a people for what a small few can do within any race, color or religion, so I definitely disagree with Harris’ presentation and rigid beliefs about the Jewish community in general; Just as Americans should not be held responsible for the sick, inhumane acts that our shadow government performs here and globally on a daily basis.

    But, on the other hand, I do see major inconsistencies with the Batman murders and these Sandy Hook murders amongst others. No, I can’t quite figure it all out, but I’ve done a ton of research on it and other mass murder claims/cases and there’s a lot of very odd coincidences and connections we should all surely be uncomfortable with. It takes time to compile this stuff and rummage through it all, but I see some sort of a hoax (although I dislike that word.) I think that the American people live in a media bubble of lies and whether we like this or not, it means that we’re being brain washed to suit some sort of an unseen agenda.

    If you lie to people and keep them in fear and subject them to violent movies, tv shows and video games, If you tell them about all of the awfulness and sadness surrounding them on the news over and over again on a daily basis, If you feed them toxic pharmaceuticals and GMO foods that cause major health problems, obesity and learning disabilities etc., If you spray crystaline/aluminum sprays across the skies, If you vaccinate and inject toxic chemicals into biological bodies, If you fluoridate toothpaste and water with the same ingredient found in anti depressants and rat poison (poison that dulls emotions and level thinking,) If you drop a lyme tick on a nation, If you create a police state within schools and communities, If you turn people against one another, If you bombard society with fear and make them believe that you are the one that can save them with more rules and laws – then what/who are you?

    Well, since the Federal Reserve is an illegal privately owned central bank whom prints our money against the written law of our constitution (only congress shall print money;) then I believe that America and many other nations are suffering the effects of an overshadow government. The Federal Reserve act was signed in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson, as Taft refused to do it previously (which is why Taft didn’t have a 2nd term.) It was signed late before Christmas as much of congress was already on Holiday break and I even believe it was a full moon (this is research I did long ago, I’ll need to look it back up and should you also.) Thomas Jefferson warned us “in writing” against allowing a private central bank print our money. They once stole all of our gold and silver as well, just because you don’t remember, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Your elders remember! They remember the bomb “scares” and the bread lines too. JFK was initiating a new gold & silver standard that would get America out from under the Federal Reserve Act. Just look what happened to him! Fort Knox is empty (I promise) and we have no more gold. There is nothing backing the American dollar, not even manufacturing – we’re dead in the water right now. You hear them talk about fiat money – what do you think it is? Fiat money: Is paper with ink & symbolism that has absolutely nothing backing its value. This should send American’s into the streets -All of us! We’re literally passing around monopoly money that many nations won’t even accept any more! Hello, are the lights at least blinking yet?

    We need to wake up and face reality, we all know that something is very wrong on this planet and it’s not coming so much from your fellow neighbors as it is from the small group hierarchy (the Illuminati, the powers that be, the over shadow government, the central banksters, whichever you choose to call them,) who plays society against one another and seems to get great pleasure from it with lots of laughs. They look at us as fools. It’s sad we don’t see it. Although they’re all beginning to stab each other in the back, so maybe we’ll get first row seats as we watch them shrivel away in panic and treachery.

    My honest opinion is that these murders are psy-ops (look it up and learn about it.) I believe that the objective is to get guns away from Americans as quickly as possible, before Americans realize we’re completely bankrupt, without farmlands and manufacturing to dig ourselves back out. We owe China & other countries more money than we can possibly repay in production. So, once the guns are confiscated (if we’re stupid enough to allow it,) then they are in a safe zone to now take your savings, pensions, 401k’s, etc. They’ve done this in other nations (look up history folks.) They’ve played this card before in the past! Now, they’ve already stolen a massive amount of homes, small businesses, savings & gold all over the globe, not just here people. Now realize that what has happened to America, the UK and others is an illegal Central Banking scheme and Libor Score fraud with a small group pulling all the strings. They’ve destroyed the world economy and have everyone fighting or watching football!

    Oddly enough I predicted that Hillary Clinton would need to find a way out of testifying on the Libor score scandal case….Well she bumped her head! So I figured, maybe she would claim amnesia, but as of last night in the “Breaking News,” she came up with, oops, I mean she has now suffered a blood clot. Well I wish her well with that, but “sorry Hillary, it’s time to face the music- your fat head is just as big as all the others.”

    People, they’re scamming us. Go back again and study these so called Sandy Brook parents, the police, the coroner. Think about your reaction if it had been your child, think about the demands you’d have for answers, think about the true despair you would suffer. Honestly, go back and look at the people they’re presenting to you on the news, the whole layout of the school from above, how the fire engines were parked, the ambulances were all blocked in, it’s more like a movie set. Where were the real tears? There are way too many oddities that don’t add up. 12 girls and 8 boys – all dead (the hierarchy loves numerology as 12 died in the Batman murders as well. 12 is a favorite number with much symbolism,) shot multiple times with shot guns, yet he only had hand guns. Kindergarteners are 5 & 6, not 6 & 7. Lanza’s mother was a teacher dead in the school, then she wasn’t a teacher and she was dead at home. The “police authorities” apprehended 2 other men, one was chased in the woods. Some say that the school had a drill posted for that day, but that I’m not sure of yet, I need more evidence. The “authorities” threatened outside media about posting info online. And there’s so much more that I’m not going to put here. You are responsible to prove the truth for yourself.

    Something smells really bad and before you object, do some honest research about these things, don’t believe what I’m saying, but don’t believe them either. I’ve never lied to you before, but they do it all the time. Yes, it’s strange, but think outside the box, it might just save us from more non government tyranny. Take a minute and really think about things….really think about things…………………………..

    On another note, I would like to say that the last thing we need is fear in this world – fear is what is controlling our emotions and we can’t let it. There’s nothing to fear, but fear itself. Let’s just take this bull by the horns empty out the whitehouse, congress and the senate. What use are these fighting puppets with no regard for humanity? We see the same big heads bouncing around in positions for years and years, making the same big messes, but always a little worse. Well, this is as low as it goes now, so we must end it and create a new paradigm that benefits all of humanity. If you don’t think it can be done, then look up the hundreth monkey theory. Start to believe that you do make a difference and we can make changes as individuals and as a collective. We all want the same things – to be loved, appreciated, safe and free – who doesn’t want these things? Peace

  20. bpete says:

    According to Gordon Duffus…
    “Please excuse any cryptic aspects of this news release.”

    “Michael Harris has been added to the American sector of the Board of Directors of the Adamus Group. Other members are James S. Hanke, Frederick Coward and Gordon Duff.

    Adamus, among other things, manages a series of organizations that oversee high security databases for national intelligence agencies, law enforcement groups and financial institutions.

    Several Adamus group companies work in the area we broadly refer to as “disclosure,” managing the integration of “after next-gen” technologies. Among those are energy sectors including a variety of fusion systems, advanced energy weapons and unconventional flight systems.

    Adamus is privately held, quasi-governmental and operates under the authorities of several treaties and conventions.”

    Sounds like more bullshite to me…but then that’s Duff’s world.