They just don’t see it

| December 22, 2012

Washington Post reports that “Chicago grapples with gun violence; murder toll soars” without looking at the real and obvious problem in Chicago;

Since Jan. 1, Chicago police have recorded 2,364 shooting incidents and 487 homicides, 87 percent of them gun-related. Shootings have increased 12 percent this year and murders are up 19 percent.

Young people are often targets. In the school year that ended in June, 319 Chicago public school students were shot, 24 of them fatally. The total does not include school-age children who had dropped out or were enrolled elsewhere.

In the wake of the Newtown school shootings, as the nation talks anew of guns and the laws that regulate them, President Obama’s adopted home town of Chicago is struggling to retake its most violent neighborhoods from the gunmen who shoot with impunity.

Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country and yet gun crime filters through the legal barriers to the streets. Handguns were outlawed in the nation’s capitol in 1974, yet 2,000 guns are gathered up by cops there every year since.

The article continues to run through the gun crime statistics of large American cities, failing to mention that guns are largely more regulated in those cities than they are in the rest of the country. No one commits gun crimes in West Virginia or Vermont because criminals don’t know when, in these states, they might run into someone else legally carrying a gun. That’s not a problem in Chicago, New York or Washington, DC.

One puzzle is that gun violence has remained high in Chicago while the incidence of other crimes has fallen.

Puzzle? Really? It’s only a puzzle if you’re doing your level best to avoid an actual workable solution and unable to admit that you’ve been wrong for the last 30 years.

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  1. UpNorth says:

    6 shootings a day in Chicago? Where’s Joey, surely he can explain why they have so many shootings, when it’s against the law to use a gun in a crime?
    Where’s the Dear Leader? Oh, that’s right, nothing to see here, move along, to something that fits their agenda better.

  2. Old Trooper says:

    I have a 2 word response to the anti-gunners: Kennesaw Georgia.

  3. FatCircles0311 says:

    Libtards have the mindset of children and they can’t grasp the fact that guns will always exist even if you ban them. It’s why whenever cities with gun bans are mentioned they instantly say “well it’s the fault of the state next to it”. If they ever get their nationwide ban of guns they’ll blame something else. Libtards are illogical creatures suffering from mental illness.

  4. I am born and bred Chicago (now living in the far ‘burbs)and every day for the past week, I have been at war (privately, I don’t want to be banned from the site) with my fellow bloggers over at Many of them have been writing how we need to ban all guns or at least assault guns. They don’t know what that means but that doesn’t deter them from arguing that it’s the guns that are the problem. Every time I ask them to explain why the city with the toughest gun control laws in the country, the city that until it was deemed unconstitutional banned all handguns is leading the nation in gun violence; everytime, I’m attacked as a card carrying NRA gun nut (I’m not NRA) and told I just don’t understand how it is all a failure of the larger community, how we need more social services, more opportunities for the poor, disenfranhised, confused youth, etc., yada, yada, yada. Things like fact, logic, statistics, reason, case after case study of how gun violence goes down in communities that have CCW does nothing to pierce the liberal elitist bubble they have intellectually wrapped themselves in. I wish I had some answers, some hope of getting through to these people. This is the milieu Obama came from, and it is why I truly fear for the first time in my life the direction of this country. These liberals are absolutely convinced of their superiority, and anyone who disagrees with them is not just wrong, but are troglodytes. At the same time, suburban gun stores (there are NONE in Chicago)are doing record breaking business.

  5. Old Trooper says:


    “well it’s the fault of the state next to it”.

    Rahmbo did just that a few weeks ago. It’s the fault of other states where guns are easier to obtain.

  6. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Tell you what. Want to reduce shootings? Send the police and NG onto every street and into every household in Chicago. Everyone gets frisked and every dwelling place thoroughly searched. Screw those warrant, probable cause, or articulable suspicion requirements. Whaddaya say? Who’s with me on this? It’s for the children. It’s for the people. To hell with the Constitution.

    Jeez. You just know where this going now.

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    I used to live in Rogers Park in Chicago.

    This morning, I was on the phone with a friend of mine who lives in the building I used to live in. While I was talking to him, I heard a siren and asked if that was the fire department or the cops. He said it was the cops, and there was a shooting just up the street.

    I left that neighborhood in 2005 because that kind of thing was picking up. It’s picked up even more in the last few years.

    This is not about running to a safer place, because there is no such thing. It’s about common sense. The world is not the safe, simple place that people think it was in some “good old days” memory book. That never existed. Philadelphia in the 19th century had shooting wars in the streets that were worse than things are now. I’m sure Chicago had the same thing. (I could look it up.)

    There’s no such thing as the idyllic ‘safe place’. There never was, except in stories. And getting rid of guns won’t change things and make it all better.

  8. John11B says:

    #4 That was very well said.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “One puzzle is that gun violence has remained high in Chicago while the incidence of other crimes has fallen.”

    Well, considering the criminals there are using guns with impunity and law enforcement is doing little to do about it, that seems pretty evident to me what’s going on in that city. No silver bullet will solve the problem, but it’s no puzzle to me that things have spun out of control in that city because (1) people can defend themselves, and (2) it appears the cops have grown complacent.

  10. USMCE8Ret says:

    …sorry, #9 was me.

  11. I read something yesterday that the police found 4 handguns in the Sandy Hook school. And the “assault rifle” was found in the truck of the car.

    If I have the situation correct, the shooter went on his shooting spree in the school, and committed suicide in the school after police arrived. And since the rifle was found in the trunk, it was never used. So the shooting spree was done with hand guns.

    Yet, the call from the gun-grabbers is to ban “assault rifles” so that this shooting spree done with hand guns never happens again?

    How does that make any logical sense?

    Something bad was done with X, so in order to make sure no one does something bad again with X, let’s ban Y.


    Unless I’m missing something? Do I have the facts correct? The shooting was done with 4 handguns?

  12. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @11. I don’t know whether the rifle was used but it truly doesn’t matter. That it was used or COULD have been used amount to the same thing, as far as the anti-gun nuts go. Banning a particular weapon will do NOTHING whatsoever to keep one of the banned guns out of the hands of a bad guy intent on working evil with it. Now, if one looks at the latest FBI stats on weapons used to commit murder, one finds that murder by rifle use is statistically paltry and murder by handgub significant. The former includes the AR-15. So, what does the left really want? I think you can figure that out.

  13. pete says:

    this is epic! motor city madman!! lol

    Ted Nugent Schools Piers Morgan with Statistics on Gun Control

  14. pete says:

    well shit,,guess one can’t leave a link! bummer

  15. UpNorth says:

    @#12. Apparently, the “assault” rifle is scarier looking than the handgun, so, we must ban the scary looking firearm.
    I’m still trying to wrap my head around this, if the rifle was found in the car, did Lanza shoot up the school then take the rifle out to his car, bypassing the chance to move on to another school or mall, then go back in to shoot himself with a handgun? Or, did the media just see a chance to run with their favorite bad gun? Or, did they screw that up, along with about everything else they screwed up that Friday?

  16. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @15. Wasamattawifyou? The media don’t get things wrong! For instance, when ABC reported that Reagan was dead, they weren’t wrong, they were just ahead of everyone else by 20+ years.

  17. OWB says:

    What I heard the local official spokeman say (believe it was the PD Lt, but not exactly certain about that) was that it was a shotgun in the trunk of the car and the rifle was with Lanza inside the school. And he used it inside the school. The spokesman was specifically asked about this because a TV helicopter had taken video of a long gun being removed from the vehicle. So the question at the presser I saw was to clarify how many rifles were involved.

    The spokeman seemed to simply report the facts of what was found where. The shotgun and additional ammo were in the car. Sounded truthful from here.

  18. UpNorth says:

    OWB, was that last Friday? I was referring to the ongoing bad reporting that went on all that day, it was Ryan Lanza, he murdered his father, he murdered his mother’s room mate, he murdered his mother in her classroom, the “assault rifle” was found in the car, and on and on.
    I tuned out after that day, knowing that, as the story changed and changed, that the reporters and reporterettes had no idea what they were putting out. I missed the pressers that the State Police Lt had.

  19. Common Sense says:

    @17 The shotgun was found in the car and the shooter used the rifle exclusively.

  20. OWB says:

    @ #19: Not certain whether it was a Saturday or Sunday presser. It was well over 24-hours after the fact. (That much I DO know because I had tuned out all the early confusion and did not make an effort to catch up until late morning the next day.) But, yes, I watched the presser and heard a very clear explanation of which weapons were found where.

  21. Jim Scrummy says:

    A city with probably the toughest gun laws on the books and it leads the nation in homicides and probably violent crime. The solution is to have more laws against people wanting to protect themselves. Yep, that’s common sense?

  22. jhtrotter says:

    @7, Ex-PH@ said: ‘…this is not about running to a safer place, because there is no such thing…’

    Newtown was that place. 95% white, median household income over $120k. It’s a privileged white enclave and suburb of NYC without those messy things like poverty or race or violence that most people in the world have to deal with.

    And now their dream world kind of sucks a little bit slightly, because your nasty little assault weapons are in it. And they want simple, quick answers, and no stupid 200 some year old document is gonna get in their way.