Green-on-blue is equal opportunity terrorism

| December 24, 2012

Stars & Stripes reports that a US police adviser was killed with a single shot by a female Afghan this morning;

The shooter was arrested shortly thereafter.

Amin said police are still investigating why the woman killed the adviser.

The International Security Assistance Force issued a statement confirming a civilian contractor had been killed by a female police officer in Kabul.

The report says that it was the first green-on-blue attack this month, but we can only be sure that it was the first successful “insider” attack, since we already know that the Pentagon doesn’t report the less successful attacks to us.

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  1. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Another of those “isolated incidents” as the administration calls them. Strange how a truly isolated incident can enrage a nation and energize the politicians but something that happens, on average, once per week, elicits barely a peep.

  2. B Woodman says:

    I feel like the spirits from Poltergeist,
    GEETTTT OOUUTTTTT . . . . . .

  3. LZ says:

    The masses are comfortable with the deaths of soldiers.
    (I know he was a contractor, but it amounts to the same thing.)

  4. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    I get that, LZ, and the risk of losing our people in combat is always there. But these aren’t combat deaths. These are executions. Malmedy justifiably invoked the nation’s rage. The total of these green on blue executions has well exceeded the number of those killed in cold blood at Malmedy. So, where’s the anger? Where’s the outrage? I can’t find it.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    It doesn’t count, for these reasons:

    A – They’re military

    B – They’re adults

    C – They are not school children

    D – It’s in another country

    E – It’s not in someone’s backyard.
    Remember NIMBY? Not in my back yard?

    When are we leaving? I will be so glad when our people are out of that rathole.

  6. Brian says:

    FYI: General Allen just outlawed the term “Green-on-blue.” All attacks like this are now “insider threats”

  7. CC Senor says:

    Maybe they should de-emphasize marksmanship and move on to profiling techniques. Just a thought.

  8. Rock8 says:

    What bothers me more than the attacks themselves is our leadership’s response to the attacks.

    In an earlier story by S&S ( ) discusses a draft Army FM on how our troops can avoid these green-on-blues. It contains several recommendations, including that foreign and Afghan troops should avoid discussion of religion, women, sex and human rights, and also suggested that female foreign troops avoid wearing shorts around Afghan men. An Afghan analyst based in D.C. said “The hard part is translating that knowledge down to the fighting unit: changing ISAF soldiers’ behavior…”

    My problem with all this? This all Liberal Doublethink meant to create a narrative that OUR TROOPS are doing something wrong.

    And this is utter BULLSHIT! It is those Afghan panty-wipes whose vaginas are crying. It is their problem if they can’t man-up and just tell our GI’s to ‘fuck-off’ if they’re being insensitive. Why are we walking around on egg shells? This is the thanks we get for NOT bombing them all the way back to the Paleozoic Era?!?

  9. WOTN says:

    It may (or may not) have been the first of the day/month, but it wasn’t the only infiltrator attack of the day.

    Other attacks on Monday included one in the North, and one in the East.

    General Allen has already rejected the FM, for the reasons we would, and was quite po’d that someone had signed his name to the foreword.

    And I’ll agree with him: “green on blue” is a misnomer. “Green” forces being neutral forces, not allies or enemies, these infiltrator attacks are far from “neutral.”

    “Green on Green” battles occur on a regular basis in Afghanistan, and refer villages/tribes attacking their neighbors. In the past (and probably now), SOP was to “observe and report” such events, rather than to take a side.

  10. USMCE8Ret says:

    I think this will be a change in how the Taliban and other factions conduct their business.

    Now, they’ll be using radicalized women to do their dirty work, what, with all the cultural sensitivity our folks have to endure over there.