Insider woman is Iranian

| December 25, 2012

Yesterday we mentioned that a woman in an Afghan National Police uniform killed an American civilian. The Associated Press reports that she is Iranian;

The policewoman, identified as Sgt. Nargas, shot 49-year-old Joseph Griffin, of Mansfield, Georgia, on Monday, in the first such shooting by a woman in a spate of insider attacks by Afghans against their foreign allies. Nargas walked into a heavily-guarded compound in the heart of Kabul, confronted Griffin and gunned him down with a single pistol bullet.

The Afghans state that although she displayed “unstable behavior”, she has no known links to militants. Well, other than the fact that she was Iranian. I’d call that a link.

The ministry spokesman, Sediq Sediqi, told a news conference that Nargas, who uses one name like many in the country, was born in Tehran, where she married an Afghan. She moved to the country 10 years ago after her husband obtained fake documents enabling her to live and work there.


“Her mental condition is not good,” he said, describing her behavior as “unstable.” He said that after she attended a recent training course in Egypt a “foreign government” – a clear reference to Egypt – informed Afghan authorities that she did not appear to be “normal.”

And, yet there she was in the ANP. She came into Afghanistan with fake documentation, acted strangely, but no one had a clue that she bust caps at an American? Yeah, that screening process that the Afghans promised us gets a gold star.

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  1. Rock8 says:

    Yeah, the ‘Manchurian Persian’.

  2. B Woodman says:

    “. . . . gets a gold star.
    That tarnishes.

  3. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    So a corrupt government overrun with 5th column terrorists can’t properly identify members who will kill allied personnel….this isn’t news, it’s what should be expected.

    How can anyone be expected to work with and train their own murderers? What the h3ll is the leadership in country doing in Afghanistan, besides not much, to remedy this nonsense?