Terry Lee Farmer; another phony Vietnam Vet

| December 26, 2012

Someone sent us this article from KOKH Fox 25 in Oklahoma City about some veterans who teach kids about the US flag, which is a laudable enough venture. However, there’s one person in the article who is not being completely honest about his service. Terry Lee Farmer tells horrifying tales of his time in Vietnam;

“I went into the United States Marine Corps January 4, 1969,” says Terry Farmer, a Veteran and close friend of May’s.

Both May and Farmer served in Vietnam. They say the flag is what they fought for. “It’s not about us. It’s about the red, white and blue,” says Farmer.

“I saw my best friend…. get his head decapitated. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” says Farmer, tearing up.

Well, nothing is right about that story. Farmer did did not join the Marines on January 4, 1969, but rather on January 10th, 1971, and the rest is BS, too, according to his records;

Terry Lee Farmer FOIA

The word is that he was injured in Boot Camp and draws disability for his injury – there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But I also hear that he blames some of his bad behavior on PTS from his non-existent tour in Vietnam. That’s never acceptable.

He spent three months in the Marines and never saw Vietnam. That’s Farmer on your right;

Terry Lee Farmer

Like I said, it’s commendable that Farmer is doing what he’s doing, Lord knows that kids need to learn more about the flag, but he can do it without making himself out to be something he’s not.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    His brother, huh? Then I’m sure Terry will be more than happy to drop the name, DOB, etc., necessary to do an FOIA request.

    That one went out with Jim Ferris claiming he was wearing his brother’s medals to “honor” him.

  2. Anonymous too says:

    Also, the original story with the local news station included a video of both him and his buddy Billy May, so the lies were in his own words, not the reporter’s interpretation of them.

  3. NHSparky says:

    Hence why Terry was so eager to get the television station to pull it down.

    Newsflash, Terry–they can put it back up, and the Internet NEVER, EVER forgets.

  4. Anonymous too says:

    He posted on his fb page that his phone number is [redacted]. Would one assume he is welcoming phone calls?

    Unconfirmed phone number redacted above. While this guy appears to be a reprehensible low-life LSoS, commenters should refrain from posting such materiel here. You never know what unstable individual might read and act on such info – correct or not.

  5. Anonymous too says:

    Sorry about that, but if anyone is interested, and if your computer shows the Facebook thread before this comments section, Mr. Farmer has posted his own phone number.

  6. Brownwolf says:

    @ 104 & 105,

    I definitely would not trust that posted number on his page. For all we know, he posted the local constable’s number and Farmer-Fuck wants you to get yourself into heaps of trouble. Shitbags always want to bring you down to their level, by any means possible, which is lower than whale poop at the bottom of the ocean.

  7. Green Thumb says:

    Just be polite.

  8. Anonymous too says:

    Unfortunately, I can confirm that is his actual cell phone number.

  9. @108, yes it matches the contact info on the OK veterans flag program web site. Now, this guy has been exposed. Many who went to school with him in Midwest City, OK are well aware of his tells of derring-do. I contacted several local news outlets who have done stories on the flag program which included Terry’s Vietnam fantasies. The reporters that did respond, advised they “took his stories at face value”. One reporter advised he didn’t feel qualified to question a Veteran’s service. I invited them to have a look at this blog.


  10. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’m concerned that he’s even allowed to be around children.

    OWB is right, the discovery period for assault on a child is open-ended. If it weren’t the Catholic Church wouldn’t be going broker defending itself against charges against pedo priests by the adults they molested and abused as children.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I do see that there are no school engagements on the flag program calendar. If anyone does see anything, we need to contact that specific school!!!! My children have told me that he also shows up at gun shows with at a Marine Corps booth, touting his flag program.

    April, so sorry for what he did to you. The worst he did to me was slamming my face to the floor and sitting on top of me and threatening to do horrific things to my children. Doesn’t compare to your experience.

  12. Barbara Farmer says:

    Terry phoned me between Thanksgiving and Christmas and told me to “quit” slandering him on this site. I informed him everything I had to say was ‘truth’ and there was no slander. I stand by what I have said and also the many accusations that I have not posted about him. Maybe, just maybe, by him being exposed for the fraud that he is will help to keep anyone else from being a victim of his. I can only hope.

  13. rb325th says:

    So Terry Farmer, you perverted f’ing Poser… since you like to read here, a little message for you.
    Do the world a favor, grab some piano wire, make a noose, place it around you genitals, tie the other end to a tree limb and jump till they come off. Or you could just go and suck start a Glock.

  14. MGySgtRet says:

    So, to recap:

    Terry Farmer beat and sexually abused children and was incarcerated for it. He beat his ex wives and girlfriends. He lied about service in Vietnam and being a member of the United States Marine Corps. He used his lies about his service to gain notoriety and most likely monetary gain for himself through his flag presentations. He is most likely scamming the VA for veterans benefits he does not rate.

    Yeah, once again proving Stolen Valor is a victimless crime.

    Jesus Christ what a sorry fucking piece of shit.

    Yeah, rb325th, you are correct, suck starting the Glock seems to be the best option here.

  15. CWORet says:

    Took long enough, but I’m glad he’s starting to feel the heat. Bookmarking this along with our Rotund Ranger. I can hardly catch up with the posts…

    “Since he publically professed his lies, he needs to publically confess his lies.”

    That has a nice ring to AirCav

  16. April Lee says:


    Thank you for your commitment to the truth. There are no words that can better express my gratitude toward you for not backing down to his attempts to make you go back on your word.
    The women and children of tomorrow will be safer because of it.

    I would also like to thank the Anonymous contributors as well. I understand how frightening it can be when a man, such as Terry, threatens the well-being of yourself and your children. I admire your willingness to post information to this blog and share your experiences.

    April Lee

  17. anonymous says:

    Terry is a racist piece of mess he had gotten me kick out of my house. He stayed calling DHS on me and the city. He lied like my son had a gun. He is the worse. I were scared because I didn’t no what he might do next he made racist slurs to my kids and he tried to run over them with his car. He is awful and I don’t like him. I hope he get what coming to him old sick bastard.

  18. Anonymous too says:

    Any possibility he is dead yet?

  19. Green Thumb says:

    Has this “backdoor warrior” wound up in jail yet?

  20. April Lee says:

    Anonymous too and Green Thumb, he is still alive and well. He has not been placed under arrest that I know of. If the non-profit organization is still functioning, and there is a good chance it is, the calendar on the website with scheduled events is no longer being updated.