Stormin’ Norman Is Gone.

| December 27, 2012

Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, coalition forces leader during Persian Gulf War, dies

Many (most?) here will have more important observations about him than I… but The General became something sadly missing. Whether mythologic or fact based – he was iconic.

Look back over the last 20 years and find a military personage that carried that off. That he was also a ‘Nam vet doesn’t hurt.

RIP General… I salute you!

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  1. Old Tanker says:

    He brought alot of us home safely from Desert Storm. I got out of the Army the same day he did….

    RIP Sir…

  2. Hack Stone says:

    I often wonder how the great military leaders of the recent past would fare in these politically correct times. Patton slapping a Soldier? Immediate dismissal. These days you can’t yell or curse at a troop, no physical contact for corrective measures, and they better get rid of the cigars and liquor. I’m sure that the current administration would not tolerate General Schwarzkopf either.

  3. UpNorth says:

    Rest in Peace, General.

  4. Jacobite says:

    A soldier’s General, and a man’s man, there is no current equivalent in the armed forces today in my opinion.

    Rest in peace Sir.

  5. Al T. says:

    I had the privilege and responsibility of commanding the same rifle company he did, though nearly 25 years later (C/1-6). Always felt a bond.

    RIP Sir.

  6. Tman says:


    It is sad that not much was heard or seen from him in the public eye the past years, while his “other half” constantly making a buffoon of himself.

  7. HMCS(FMF) Ret says:

    A true warrior and leader…

    Rest In Peace, General

  8. CC Senor says:

    I like generals that get the job done and me home in one piece. That said, I always thought he treated Gen Franks shabbily. Mox nix. RIP

  9. USMCE8Ret says:

    I recall he treated Marines on his staff equally well, such as LtGen Walt Boomer (IMEF, Desert Shield/Storm), and the affect of his leadership rippled through the Marine ranks as well. He certainly earned my respect, because he really pulled the American coalition together, irrespective of services. His autobiography, titled “It Doesn’t Take a Hero” was a testament to his character, and those who had the privledge to know and serve under him can attest to that character. He will be sorely missed.

    Semper Fidelis, Sir…and may you find peace and rest in His glory. You’ve certainly earned it in my eyes.

  10. NHSparky says:

    God speed, General.

  11. PALADIN says:

    He was quite the fella.
    Don’t know of any Generals lately could “tote” the ruck like he did.

    RIP old soldier and know we will always remember you.

  12. 3C3P says:

    RIP Stormin’ Norman. B Co 1/187th 101st ABN during ODS/ODS.

  13. Nik says:

    Godspeed General. America lost a true and faithful warrior today. If there’s a Valhalla, you’re surely feasting there tonight.

  14. Bubblehead Ray says:

    My memories of General Schwarzcopf are somewhat different. I remember him for the kindness and compassion he showed to a teen age girl.

    Friends of ours in Jacksonville, FL had a beautiful teenage girl who was diagnosed with bone cancer in the mid 1990’s, and the General became pen pals with her, visited with her, and helped her set up one of the first internet chat rooms where these kids could get virtually “get together”. I remember when she passed away; he sent a huge flower arrangement and a note to her parents saying he was sorry he couldn’t be there in person due to previous commitments. It meant the world to them.

    That’s a leader I could follow.

    I’m sure Heather met him at the Gates and is helping him with his in processing.

  15. BinhTuy66 says:

    I was so saddened to hear of the Generals passing. I will always remember of how I felt after Deseret Storm… When I watched the parade down 5th Ave. I cried so hard. I was so happy those of you from Deseret Storm were awarded a parade from a grateful nation.

  16. BinhTuy66 says:

    @15 I meant to mention also of how causalities were kept so low, far below what that quack saddam promised. However every loss is a heartbreak. To me it’s the same as those on the wall.

    saddam promised

  17. Joe Williams says:

    Sharp slow hand salute, Rest In Peace, General

  18. AW1 Tim says:

    May the Angels of Mercy grant solace to his family and friends. Well done, General, and thank you.

    Would that our nation had more like him just now.

  19. Old Trooper says:

    He was my Division Commander. Jonn knows of my affection for the General and that’s all I have to say about that.

    RIP Sir.

  20. B Woodman says:

    The only thing the TV “news” had to say was that he was called Stormin’ Norman due to his explosive temper. Screw the “news”.

    RIP, Sir. I can only echo the general (no pun intended) sentiments above. A man’s man, all business, no bs, no pc, someone worty of emulation.
    Gone to meet the Great Commander Above.

  21. Detn8r says:

    RIP Sir, You have and will be missed!

  22. rb325th says:

    RIP!! Never served with him, know those who did and by all accounts he was a hell of a man and and leader of men.

  23. OWB says:

    RIP, sir.

    Nothing to add except to echo the sentiments of others. The most activity my base in Desert Storm saw was preceeding a visit from the General – everyone was excited that he was coming to a lowly AF installaton. All he did was climb up on a truck, gave us a little speech and flew off with very little time with all of us, but none of us forgot him or the attitude he shared. What a man.

  24. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    The man knew how to design a mean desert boot. Considering that the Army’s current standard issue is a derivative of the ‘Swartzkopf’ boot, you could say he is single-handedly responsible for the fact that privates don’t know how to spit polish any more.

  25. Devtun says:

    GEN Norm Schwarzkopf was at the right place at the right time. He was an obscure Army 4 star commanding CENTCOM, which was prior to Desert Storm a sleepy backwater assignment where command alternated between Army and USMC…It was the Army’s turn and Stormin Norman was ready for his rendevous with destiny.

    Probably the most charismatic, telegenic, media savvy 4 star General in memory…he was simply unmatched in command, fluency, and showmanship performing briefings in front of TV cameras…he captivated the world and became an overnight superstar celebrity. After the war he turned down the Army CoS job and retired to write a book and made a ton of money…don’t blame him, he would have been miserable as CoS…he liked to command and admitted he avoided the Pentagon as much as a General can.

    Rick Atkinson’s book on Desert Storm “The Crusade” portrays GEN Schwarzkopf warts and all…biggest weakness was his volcanic temper and sometimes shabby treatment of subordinates…he was nicknamed “The Bear” for a very good reason. The book is a good fast read and pretty fair and balanced.

  26. ohio says:

    After Norman left, the pussies took over. RIP sir.

  27. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Another one of the really good men is gone. It’s hard for civilians to understand that having a temper when your subordinates don’t meet your expectation of them doesn’t mean you are being an 4sshole, it means you expect those subordinates to do what you know they are capable of and that you expect nothing but their best all the time, the same as you expect nothing but the best from yourself.

    I’m okay with being told I am f#cking up when I am not up to standard, men like Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf are easy to follow because you know they will kick your 4ss if you are not in top form, but they will also have your back at all times. These kinds of men don’t throw subordinates under the bus, they protect them. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf was one of these men, and he will be missed by those who knew him or knew of him.

    RIP sir, thank you for everything.

  28. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    For the those of us on the home front at the time, Schwarzkopf WAS Desert Storm. His televised briefings were masterful and you knew damn well you were watching a real general of the WWII variety when you watched and listened to him. A friend of mine gave me a picture of Schwarzkopf when he returned from Desert Storm. I treasure it. Rest in Peace, General.

  29. Cacti35 says:

    RIP General Schwarzkopf, you served your country with the highest honor.

  30. SteveS says:

    The Washington Post has a brief article about GEN Schwarzkopf’s passing. The Comments section at first was filled with tributes from vets and former comrades in arms. Now, the trolls, sycophants, and leftists have overrun the Comments section and it has turned into its usual cesspool.
    I’m sure somewhere the General is laughing, but I’m not.
    Great warrior, masterful in front of the camera, great leader, and great tactician.
    RIP Sir, pay no attention to the mongrels nipping at your heels. We have your back.

  31. Biermann says:

    RIP Sir.

  32. HMA (aka Riflemusket) says:

    Rest in peace sir.
    1st AD, Desert Storm Vet

  33. ArmyJ says:

    The General was in attendance at my commissioning and he gave me my first set of LT bars. RIP Sir