Crime in the US vs. the UK

| January 1, 2013

Chief Tango sent us a link to mega-moron Eugene Robinson’s latest hand wringing column in the Washington Post pleading for a ban on weapons. Like most liberals, he strains at the confines of facts;

Hence the unbelievable response by NRA chief Wayne LaPierre to the Newtown killings. The solution isn’t to take assault weapons out of the hands of madmen, LaPierre argued, it’s to put armed guards in the schools so there can be a great big gunfight when the homicidal madmen show up. Never mind that armed officers at Columbine tried, and failed, to stop that massacre. Just be paranoid. Fight guns with more guns.

This must be the year when America says: No more.

The solution certainly is to take assault weapons out of the hands of madmen. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) pledges to introduce legislation banning assault weapons and large-capacity magazines as soon as the new Congress convenes. This should be just the beginning.

In other words, everyone who owns a weapon is a madman, according to Robinson. He holds up Britain as the shining example for America, irrespective of our antecedents’ successful attempt to flea that country, Robinson thinks we should mimic them with our own gun laws now.

Well, Brady sends us this video from a guy who appears fairly bright and he breaks down the real numbers and arrive at the real problems in the two countries, in the US and the UK;

So if Robinson wants to cling to his “58 gun deaths in the UK” line, then I guess we can cling to the violent crime rate in the UK that is 3.5 times that of the US.

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  1. NR Pax says:

    The solution certainly is to take assault weapons out of the hands of madmen.

    What? You mean that laws to prohibit people with mental issues from owning firearms haven’t been written yet? I could have sworn that Congress already did that years ago.

  2. rb325th says:

    Harvard University did a study that pretty much destroys the anti gun rhetoric that you can reduce crime and suicides if you ban guns…. It doesn’t show in the real statistics. go figure.

  3. NHSparky says:

    Of course, after Columbine the Dems were all hot cock to put guards in all our schools when Clinton suggested it. Nah, no hypocrisy there.

    So a gun makes me a maniac, Eugene? Guilty as charged. One thing I’ll never be, however, is a victim.

  4. SGTKane says:

    My biggest fear this year is that the desire to own a firearm will become considered a mental illness.

    The kind of crap spewed forth from Robinson’s…brain lays the logic behind the groundwork to do just that. And he’s not alone.

    You see others making similar claims, things like “You want a gun for defense?” Then you are paranoid.

    You want a gun to “Protect your rights”, that means you are an anarchist with delusions of grandure, and are paranoid…

  5. Just an Old Dog says:

    I went to the VA the other day. Part of the screening is a mental health survey. Two of the questions are “Do you own a firearm” and “Would you agree to turn it over”. Unfugginbelievable.

  6. SteveS says:

    If you really want to see the Liberal mind in action, you should spend some time reading through the Comments section for the article. It is truly filled with Liberal doctrine, talking points, half truths and outright lies. Yet they’re absolutely convinced of their moral superiority.
    Take these moonbats very seriously. They’ve been up front about their position: they have every intention of eviscerating the Second Amendment and turning 80 million law abiding gun owners into instant felons. Their vision of the ultimate nanny state, their appalling lack of understanding of the history of disarmament, and their hysterical statism makes them dangerous. They feel they are acting from the moral high ground, which makes them “righteous.”
    They need to be fought tooth and nail via the legal processes available. Otherwise, we’ll be fighting them in the streets. While I like my odds in a gunbattle with a Liberal, I’d rather not put this country through another Civil War.

  7. 68W58 says:

    Joe will be along to tell us how this is all wrong because, I don’t know, farting loudly is considered a violent crime in the UK or some such.

    The video was good but I think frankly that our elected overlords have done far more to create the conditions that foster violent crime and that those areas he refers to might benefit from some benevolent neglect on their parts.

  8. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    Video is perfect. So much for sterotypes. I had “LIB…LIB…LIB” flashing in my head as soon as saw that guy. Wrong. The guy uses data, not hyperbole. The guy wants truth told, not political points. Excellent video.

  9. BamBam says:

    For once someone finally laid out the facts that I have been searching for for weeks in anticipation of discussion and debate with others. I see a lot of “one death is too many” BS but that’s an unarguable statement by pie-in-the-sky people. Wake up folks: guns are out there and there is no getting rid of them! So move to the next point which is defend yourself from these “madmen” and protect your rights! It’s a shame that the points in the video aren’t being put out there more. I get it on CNN, but how come when I flip to Fox they aren’t being more vocal about this issue? I admit I don’t watch fox all that much (it’s like eating too much candy to me, makes me ill after a while. Sorry but you can’t blame EVERYTHING on Obama) but I would expect more pro gun info being presented there.

  10. Before I retired from police work, I began putting on training for school/college violence prevention. Some of the research I did showed that in most cases, somebody knew that the shooters were going to do something bad—but said nothing to the police.
    I wonder if any of the schools have read any of the prevention information that’s been around for many years.

    and here’s what the US Secret Service put together. Taking guns away from good citizens will not fix the problem. There are going to be several things that have to be done–the first is for schools to read this information and act on it!

    this info has been out there to the public for years, but how many schools have used any of it?

  11. Guy says:

    what they are forgetting is if all Handguns are banned for civilian use, their security guards (being NOT LEO or .gov) will be disarmed as well.

  12. NHSparky says:

    @2 Manor Rocket–he had me, right up to the point he started lauding Guidick’s book. If he wants to retain any sense of credibility, LTC Grossman needs to distance himself from Guidick the sue-happy assclown, most ricky-tick.

  13. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    The media isn’t reporting all the details in a story? They are just using the pieces of information that support their viewpoint and disregard the total picture? How is this something new?

    The sad part is the large mass of lazy youth who believe j3rkoffs like Jon Stewart are a credible source for anything…the MSM news has been pretty much useless in the US for decades when it comes to actually dissecting a story down to its core. There a few credible exceptions, but virtually none of those exceptions are on a national level.

  14. David says:

    “Overcame armed security” – the armed security guard was a ways away and did not even arrive near the shootings until several minutes after hostilities commenced. At that point he was at a severe disadvantage and trying to return fire using a handgun from over 50 yards away. Not exactly like it sounds in this dipshit’s claims.

  15. Ex-PH2 says:

    Well, it’s good to know that not all the hand-wringing in the world has the effect that the gun-haters want it to have. Looks like FBI checks are up in regard to licenses and permits:

    If I thought it would really piss off some whiny leftist, I would go and apply for one, just to piss him off. There just aren’t any in my immediate neighborhood.