| January 3, 2013

I came across an article about cops finding grenades in Disney World today and it reminded me that a grenade was found in a parking lot in Virginia yesterday so i went looking for that article and found a slew more across the country. Albuquerque, Tulsa, Colorado, and TSA says they found ten grenades last week.

Funny, but it was rocket launchers in LA earlier, now grenades seem to be popping up.

But, the Orlando story had an interesting line. Even though the grenades had no explosives in them, the cops said they were going to “blow them” so no one would get hurt with them. Why? Do cops chuck evidence at each other? Grenades want to be blown up, that’s the only time they’re dangerous. “Blowing them” is more dangerous than leaving the inert grenade casings in the parking lot where they were found. Sounds to me like someone’s bomb squad wanted to play.

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  1. Twist says:

    I wonder if they were the complaint department “please take a number” grenades.

  2. NHSparky says:

    No shitter–I had just PCS’ed to Guam (USS Proteus) when an emergency was called away in port one evening. Seems a couple of dipshits were “boonie stomping” in the jungle and they came across an old WWII hand grenade, and damned if they didn’t think that thing would look way cool in their workspace.

    Unfortunately, that workspace happened to be the Radio Room, complete with all the geewhizbang crypto and other assorted gear.

    The stupid shall be punished, and were.

    Bottom line, if they’re real, yeah, demostrate appropriate concern. If not, meh.

  3. apachetears says:

    Hell there is an Army Navy store near us that has old practice grenades in buckets, the old solid no lever or spoon or firing mechanism pineapples of WW 2 and the lemon ones with spoon and all. There are even the baseball types. None are active To blow one would take something these lumps of scrap metal do not have, an active charge, a firing mechanism and detonator.
    To blow one means to actually stuff explosives in them.

  4. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Someone call 911 … my son was making grenades this weekend.

    Yes he was, my motivated 6 year son decided to make, as he calls them “hang grenades’ out of snow balls.

    A small rock inside a snowball with a small stick protruding out completed his masterfull creation.

    Although, completely harmless (unless you are hit in the face with one), they are inert and pose no danger to little children, their parents, or the general public.

    However, to be on the safe side, since they are grenades … CALL 911 NOW!

  5. NHSparky says:

    Why not, Master Chief–NYPD evacuated several buildings over SEVEN GRAMS of HMTD, which might be the equivalent of a couple of blasting caps.

  6. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @3. Yeah, I have an old pineapple around here somewhere. Why? Because.

  7. AndyN says:

    Ruh-roh – I let me son have an old inert baseball style grenade I had boxed up with a bunch of old memories. If the authorities find out they’ll probably treat him like the kid who pointed his finger at a classmate and said “bang.”

    When I was in college somebody saw a guy in a car tossing a pineapple grenade up and down in his hand as he pulled into the parking lot of the local strip club during rush hour. Cops came, evacuated the strip club, talked to the grenade owner, were told it was a fake, and didn’t believe him. They tied up Rt 1 in College Park for hours and scraped the paint off the sides of his car and the one next to it in the parking lot by forcing their bomb disposal robot between the two to safely retrieve a paperweight. On the plus side, we all got to watch stippers wearing next to nothing standing around without having to pay a cover charge.

  8. apachetears says:

    @6 Yup, there is one old rusty pineapple W/no spoon, explosive or striker I use as a door stop.

  9. LFR says:

    Yeah, I’d be willing to bet money they were just the “blue ball” training grenades.

  10. apachetears says:

    I saw where some kid found an old sub sized practice munition on a beach in England, loaded it on the family car they did and washed it off before calling the cops.
    Mass Hysteria followed.

  11. FatCircles0311 says:

    Does this mean my home is going to be raided because 15 years ago I purchased an inert hand grenade from the army surplus store?

    Government, you so stupid.

  12. Flagwaver says:

    I still have my stupid training inert from my Complain Department thing. The only time it was dangerous is when I had a can of CS sitting next to it and some Second Lieutenant came in and started finger frakking stuff on my desk.

    Funny story, the armory parking lot was full of hippies having a Saturday Market. So, I can actually say that I saw a bunch of hippies get tear gassed…

  13. Ex-PH2 says:

    My cats leave grenades in the cat box.

    I will name my next cats Grenade and UXB (unexploded bomb).

    I sometimes make grenade punch (grenadine, lime juice, vodka, maraschino cherries with stems). Good with popcorn or cheese and crackers.

    Look, if the cops don’t get to blow up something innocuous, they don’t feel like real men. Try to have a smidge of understanding for these poor souls. Their days are filled with donuts, parked cars, and reports of shots fired in an aley, which they would actually have to investigate.

  14. The Dead Man says:

    #14 My dad named his cats C4 and Powder. I’ll admit they’re easier to call than his two old cats, Bob and Bob.

    Seriously. We’ve got two inert artillery rounds out in front of our garage for decoration. We’re not going to get a visit from the local bomb squad are we?

    Now I wish I could find out where Pope AFB’s EOD shop got the sea mine they used as an ash tray though…