Albert Valentine Bustamante; Marine forger

| January 4, 2013


Here’s one I came across from our buddy Scotty. Albert Valentine Bustamante claimed service from 1973 – 1979 and time with the Marine “Special Forces Recon” units and here’s his DD214 to prove it;

BustamanteFORGED DD214 -3

Everyone knows that they type out your Bronze Star citation on your DD214, right? What? They don’t?

Well, that DD214 conflicts greatly with his FOIA;


Go over to Scotty’s link and read the discrepancies between his claims and reality. It’s a hoot, he even lied about his high school years. The internet is a real bitch when she wants to be.

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  1. O-4E says:

    He is so high speed it makes me cry

  2. Twist says:

    So he’s the bastard that gave Shinseki the beret idea.

  3. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    So what exactly is “outstanding duty preformed”? I have some ideas but they don’t make for polite conversation.

  4. NHSparky says:

    O-4E…this guy is so high-speed he leaves a vapor trail doing PT.

  5. Twist says:

    I bet he is combatives level Chuck Norris.

  6. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    “Therefore has performed a lifesaving duty.” Oh, okay. I can guess that his major was not English.

  7. Green Thumb says:

    Poser or not, his name rocks!!!!

  8. NHSparky says:

    And as I noted elsewhere: Not all of his PII is redacted, Jonn, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say 1–he didn’t enlist when he was 15, 2–if you’re gonna forge a DD-214, it’s a lot more believeable if you use the proper font.

    Probably because his DOB is faked, but hey, YMMV.

  9. Mustang says:

    He’s got stuff all over the place and sadly, his MC is buying his BS. He claims the whole “had to enlist or go to jail thing” also even though he was still a minor at the time.

    His forged DD-214 is a recent development. I love how he removed the “Other Than” from his disharge type but still left the KFS1 on there. KFS1 is DISCHARGE IN LIEU OF TRIAL BY COURT-MARTIAL.

    He also change his rank to E-4/CPL on the DD-214 yet he’s wearing SSgt rank on all his pics. Could go on and one with this one.

  10. TheDot says:

    “Carried Officer LT…”
    I guess I failed to learn that “Officer” is part of every officer’s title LOL

  11. O-4E says:

    Ballad of the phony Marine Special Forces Recon Soldier Green Beret:

    Fighting phonies who are not shy
    No self esteem they tell stories and lie
    Men who may beleive just what they say
    The sad, sad men of the phony Marine Special Forces Recon Soldier Green Beret

    Silver wings upon their chest
    Throw in a DSC, scuba bubble, silver star and CIB with all the rest
    One hundred men will show up to the Legion Riders poker ride today
    But only three will be Marine Special Forces Recon Soldier Green Beret

    Trained to live off gullible people throughout the land
    Trained in scamming folks, mouth-to-hand (sorry had to ryhme)
    Men who pose by night and day
    My records burned phony Marine Special Forces Recon Soldier Green Beret

    EOD badge and Master Aviator wings upon their chest
    These are scam artist, America’s best
    My service and medals are classified by the CIA even today
    So the story goes for the phony Marine Special Forces Recon Soldier Green Beret

    In various cities young wives wait
    Their phony Marine Special Forces Recon Soldier Green Beret has shown up late
    He has cleaned out the account as you might have guessed
    Leaving her $110K in bills and this last request

    If the FBI shows up asking about the silver wings on my chest
    Tell them I moved out west
    Better yet the military called me back into duty today
    Thanks for the great time…your phony Marine Special Forces Recon Soldier Green Beret

  12. Green Thumb says:


    Now that is funny!!

  13. FatCircles0311 says:

    How does a Lance Coolie not have an MOS?
    A Marine wearing a Beret?! Burn it with fire, please.

  14. Mustang says:

    @13 He was an 0311. That piece on his forged DD-214 is true. He didn’t think to change it to 0321 to support his claims.

  15. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    In his bio he talks about how he walks the path laid out for him by his heavenly father as well as his cherokee wisdom…..

    I’m not particularly religious nor am I am cherokee shaman, but I suspect being a lying, forging, phony is not something a heavenly father or a wise cherokee would normally do….

    Just another sad little man desperately trying to pretend to be something other than what he really is….

  16. Twist says:

    “In his bio he talks about how he walks the path laid out for him by his heavenly father”

    I guess he missed the “Thou shalt not bare false witness” part.

  17. martinjmpr says:

    I love how his black beret has the universal flash adopted by the Army in 2001. Apparently his Marine Special Forces BlackBaret unit specialized in time travel, too.

    You know what’s sad, though? He may be a poser but at least he knows how to wear a damn beret. I’ve seen AD soldiers who can’t form a beret for shit but this guy actually has a squared away looking beret.

  18. HMCS(FMF) Ret says:

    Another “Rice Paddy Daddy” that served with the “Secret Squirrel Security Forces” in the ‘Nam… he’s died a couple of times and has “seen the light”.

    Got to love these losers, each and every one of them….

  19. USMCE8Ret says:

    Yeah, and Albert Valentine Bustamante doesn’t get lost, the earth just reorients itself to him.

  20. Mustang says:

    @19 Albert Bustamanta doesn’t join the Marines; the Marines join him.


  21. Mustang says:


  22. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    Thanks Mustang, I was going to point out how interesting it was that “honorable” was center justified unlike everything else, but the KSF1 is a dead giveaway. Your Marine lingo frighten and confuses me.

  23. Twist says:

    Albert Valentine Bustamante can touch MC Hammer.

  24. Twist says:

    Albert Valentine Bustamante eats babies and shits out Delta Force team members.

  25. USMCE8Ret says:

    When Albert Valentine Bustamante walks into a room, he doesn’t turn the lights on, he turns the dark off.

  26. Twist says:

    Albert Valentine Bustamante let the dogs out.

  27. Twist says:

    Albert Valentine Bustamante lost his virginity before his father.

  28. FatCircles0311 says:

    His old balls MC must be all posers as well to allow for that obvious fraud shit to fly. Having clicked the link and seen the eagle, globe, and anchor on a fucking beret almost made me barf. Shitbag couldn’t even handle garrison life of an 03 and he claims all sorts of combat valor. Fuck this poser forever.

  29. KnightsWhoSayNi says:

    Death once had a near-Albert Valentine Bustamante experience.

  30. Chip@NASA says:

    Somebody needs to frag this worthless oxygen thief. He’s *all over* stolen valor/wannabe’s/TAH/The Whole Got Damn Internet and he’s almost as bad as the energizer bunny.

  31. Bam Bam says:

    You know, I remember a friend of mine in the Marines being so mad when the Army stole their berets to make us a lighter, faster striking force… wait…

  32. martinjmpr says:

    As I said in another post, the “Motorcycle Club Vietnam Vet” has become an established archetype in the motorcycling world. It’s one of those things where there are likely so many fakers that it’s not worth it to call them out. In fact, the “Motorcycle club poser” is probably such a prevalent form of military fakery that it probably deserves to be in its own sub-category.

    Also, there is a huge sub-industry within the motorcycle world that caters directly to the VN Vet bikers (both real and fake) and obviously those people have a strong interest in not busting out the fakers.

    All of which kind of makes me wonder what will happen as Vietnam further recedes into the past. Yes, there are already Desert Storm/GWOT/AFG/IRQ MC riding vets but they don’t command the “instant cred” of the VN Vets, at least not yet (my guess is that this is because none of the more current wars have gained the elevated “Noble Lost Cause” status of the VN war in our cultural memory.)

    But sooner or later, math is going to “out” these fakers. You can’t be 53 years old and claim to be a “Vietnam Veteran” unless you can explain how you were duking it out with “Charlie” at the age of 9 or 10 years old.

  33. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    I’m changing my name to Bustacappa.

  34. Tango9 says:

    I was an AF Personnel Specialist (did at bit as an MTI, but still) and NO ONE wants to stolen valor me! I’m very hurt by this fact.

    Do you have any idea the paper cuts I got? Or the time I sprained my wrist mounting the air conditioner at USMTM/ELF-ONE?


  35. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Tango9 #34, I think The Duffel Blog did one on a phony clerk, if that makes you feel any better.

  36. AGEFMB says:

    Anyone know the MC? Can’t see the back of his cut.

  37. Tango9 says:

    #35 LOL yeah I saw that one. Having to wrap a measuring tape around the girth of a sweaty ass reserve captain the size of Oprah is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

  38. Mustang says:

    @36 Pretty sure it’s the Oakville chapter of the Gypsy’s. He’s in the pic on their cover photo:

  39. Tango9 says:

    Huh. An MC taking in shitbags. Whoda thunk.

  40. Hondo says:

    Geez – not only is this guy incompetent at basic arithmetic (as NHSparky notes above, I doubt he enlisted at 15), but he can’t do even cursory research to support a fake story, either. Then again, after looking at the quality of the writing on his faked DD214, that’s not surprising.

    A quick Internet search turns up the fact that there were zero US casualties during Operation EAGLE PULL. So his claim of getting a BSM for saving a wounded Marine officer during EAGLE PULL is easily proven to be BS.

    There were some USMC casualties during Operation FREQUENT WIND – 2 KIA and 2 lost at sea, and at least 1 WIA. The 2 KIA and the WIA were Marine corporals who were wounded at the DAO location in Saigon. The two lost at sea were the pilot and co-pilot of a CH-46F which crashed at sea at the end of a night SAR mission. The two enlisted crewmembers survived.

    However, none of those casualties were USMC officers wounded by enemy fire, so he can’t claim “they put the wrong operation on my DD214”, either.

    Lastly, it’s the “Combat Action Ribbon” that the Navy and USMC awards. The USAF is the one that awards a “Combat Action Medal” – since 2007. Prior to 2007, there was no such thing as a “Combat Action Medal”.

    Obviously, Bustamante “ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed”.

  41. Tango9 says:

    Two fat girls and what… 4-6 meth heads? Losers.

  42. Tango9 says:

    #40 the AF did have a combat ribbon for many years (remember I’m the papercut guy). Let me do some digging, it’s tickling my memory… I believe it was for air only (pilots/aircrew) but let me get my ducks lined up and do a little research into the 8 brain cells I have left. Not the Air Medal, but a combat ribbon… going hunting brb.

  43. Mustang says:

    When he was outed over at the SV facebook page I went through his chronological record and put in order (now posted on Scotty’s page). It was a little daunting due to all the entries that were backdated because of his time being UA.

    He spent nearly his entire last year of service UA, being a deserver, in the brig, or in civilian jail.

  44. Mustang says:

    Damn, can’t type today. Meant *deserter

  45. Tango9 says:

    Combat Readiness Medal. Been around a while. I didn’t look up the official award criteria (this is all from memory) but it was awarded to personnel serving in positions likely to get dead, in 1 year increments.

  46. Hondo says:

    Tango9: two-year increments, actually. But the CRM never did and still does not require actual participation in combat, so it’s not exactly designed to recognize the same thing as a CIB/CMB/CAR/CAM/CAR.

    And yeah, I did have to look up the criteria (smile):

  47. Tango9 says:

    Hondo, I’m old, and it’s been 12 years so it was all from a clouded, hooker-infested, Jack Daniels memory, so forgive me.

    I know it isn’t the equivalent but it’s what we had when I was in.

  48. Tango9 says:

    and hell, when I was in we had the “all, some or none” ribbon wearing policy. I only wore 2: My MTI ribbon and my AFEM.

    God, the chief would get pissed when I wore my blues… best part of my day.

  49. OWB says:

    Hey, Tango09! My memory is kinda foggy on that one as well, but wasn’t it awarded to folks like refueling crews over/near combat areas and such? Seems like we had some boomers back in the day with them. (Was in a KC-97 unit many years ago.)

  50. Tango9 says:

    I was with the 552d AWACW so we gave them out to the aircrews. Those and Air Medals by the truckload when they participated in Bear-H intercepts. Ah, the good old days.