Ike Densmore, the records

| January 5, 2013

You may remember that our buddy, Don Shipley, confronted phony SEAL Ike Densmore on the phone last September and our new buddy, Dan Noyes did a news report on him. So Mary checked him out and he never served in the Navy. But Dan Noyes says that he served in the Army.

Ike Denmore FOIA

Densmore has changed the privacy settings on his Facebook account, but I noticed that he has over 70 pictures that he won’t let the public see, so who knows what he’s got behind that wall.

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  1. MAJMike says:

    Well, golly gosh! If he’s not a phoney, why is he hiding photos of his heroics? I have no heroic photos from my very minor military career, but what pictures I do have are not worth hiding.

  2. streetsweeper says:

    The picture you’ve posted is the one from Mary? Or from Dan? Speaking of Mr. Noys….Excellent work, Dan! Hooah.

  3. Ali says:

    This man was found dead on Centerville beach outside the small town of Ferndale in Humboldt county this last weekend.

  4. kp32 says:

    Perhaps ‘Ike’ is not his given name. Did Dan Noyes share his FOIA?