Punk Lewis pulls a “Tim Poe”

| January 5, 2013


We got emails last night from a bunch of folks who were pretty upset about one of the members of their unit in Afghanistan who was embellishing his record in order to build a myth around himself. Apparently, golf blog Bunkers Paradise wrote an article entitled Punk Lewis – A Combat Hero Turned Golfer. In the article, they wrote about the incident that took Lewis out of the war;

Punk Lewis was injured on August 31st, 2009 in Logar Providence in Afghanistan. While conducting combat operations, insurgents launched a complex attack against the squad Lewis was in. During the ambush multiple rocket-propelled grenades (RPG’s) struck the patrol, causing Lewis several injuries. The wounds included Traumatic Brain Injury, dislocated jaw, nerve damage in his right arm, lower and upper spine damage, and short term memory loss. Due to these injuries, the United States Army decided to medically retire Punk Lewis from the service. Lewis was awarded a Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Two Army Commendation Medals, Army Achievement Medal and a Good Conduct Medal.

According to witnesses to the incident, what really happened was that an Afghanistan National Army soldier accidentally discharged his RPG rocket launcher and Lewis, along with several others, were caught in the back blast area (when the rocket motor ignites and sends a stream of burning gases and fuel out the back of the tube behind the gunner). Witnesses tell me that there were three other people between the RPG and Lewis who were not injured. From one email;

This guy, Specialist Victor Lindbergh Lewis, was in my unit when we deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. We were in 3rd Platoon, B Company, 1-32 IN and attached by orders to 3-71 CAV (B Troop 3-71 CAV went with our Battalion to Kunar and our company went with the CAV to Logar). At the time he was the Platoon RTO but on Facebook he claims he was a scout/sniper (he attended a week long designated marksman course at Fort Drum). On top of claiming to be a scout/sniper he has somehow managed to be awarded THREE Purple Hearts, obtain an 80% disability rating but play golf nearly everyday since going to WTB/WTU back in 2010.

On a patrol in Charkh District, Logar Province, Afghanistan in late August 2009 he claims he was back blasted by an RPG which caused spinal damage, PTSD, mTBI and a bunch of other problems. However, there were at least 3 other Soldiers between him and the ANA firing the RPG, none of those Soldiers were injured and he himself said he was fine. He managed to get CASEVAC [casualty evacuation] from Charkh all the way back to Bagram and then from there back to the states. Once in the states he continued to have different problems pop up (back injury, shoulder injury, nerve damage here or there, etc…) and finally was transferred to [Warrior Transition Unit/Warrior Transition Battalion].

Every Soldier who served with him and knew him are in a RAGE about his Stolen Valor. He is shamelessly trying to secure all the free goodies and benefits he can and taking away from the REAL wounded Soldiers from our platoon.

Apparently, he was calling himself a scout/sniper on his Facebook page but after the kerfuffle in the comments of the Bunkers Paradise article, he’s removed all of that stuff. While on the subject, you can read the comments at the article and see him get called out by members of his former unit. One young lady in particular is quite exercised.

According to emails we received, Lewis was in the same platoon as SSG Brandon “the Bullet Magnet” Camacho who has the dubious honor of earning five Purple Heart medals in as many years. That seems to be the source of much of their ire.

You can also see Punk Lewis’ comment in which he announces to his compadres that he “fixed” his Facebook profile.

ADDED: Since Lewis and his editor at Bunkers Paradise want to play stupid games, here’s their stupid prize. A screen shot of his Twitter conversation in which he claims he went to sniper school and has 3 Purple Hearts (thanks to SSG S for the screen shot;

_Punk_Lewis Tweets

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  1. USMCE8Ret says:

    @49 – Don’t get disillusioned because of the nonsense of a few others. If you can look at yourself in the mirror each day and know you’re doing things the honest and honorable way, you’ll be OK.

  2. MedicLH says:

    @#48- They were sent out later that night, and there happened to be more seats so I jumped at the chance to get everyone out. Head injuries are sometimes vague at first, but will quickly get ugly. I didn’t want to risk having a patient that seemed fine suddenly collapse 30 minutes after the MEDEVAC left. I got spoken to a few times that deployment for sending more patients than I originally reported. Better safe than sorry when you’re out in the middle of nowhere.

  3. Green Thumb says:

    Thing went from bad to worse when Commanders figured out how to clear their 162’s by pushing turds, psych cases, druggies, etc into the WTU.

    It should have a seperate one called the fucking dirtbag collection unit.

    Also, as far as WWP in Landshtrul, huge coflict of interest. WWP gives two shits who they sign up. Its all about the numbers. Hell you could have been in a gang fight in Harlem and they would enroll you.

  4. NHSparky says:

    Doc–better to be “spoken to” for sending a few questionable folks out than having to deal with leaving one behind that goes south on you with no way to deal with it.

    That being said, that fucker needs some Wall-To-Wall induced TBI. Fuck it, if fakers are gonna fake, they might as well know what the REAL injury feels like.

  5. USMC_SGT231 says:

    I hope this Punk guy sues the hell out of you all and gets this blog shut down.

  6. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Yeah, we hope he sues and gets this blog shut down, too.

  7. SSG Richard Thayer says:

    How would he sue, since he falsely claimed 2 purple hearts and being a sniper, so that he could further his career monetarily. Obviously USMC_SGT231 If you were, or hopefully are not an NCO anymore you would understand what morals and ethics are. Especially when dealing with stolen valor. I am thankful to have medically retired from the service and do not have to put up with petulant children that were not taught the difference between right and wrong. Sincerely SSG (R) Richard J. Thayer

  8. NHSparky says:

    Hey Sarge @55–what would he sue for? Definition of character?

    I’m not a lawyer (or lawer, as some would say) but I do know what a sworn affadavit means, and I’m pretty sure of the legal implications of lying during a deposition.

  9. O-4E says:

    @55 USMC_SGT231

    Hey your Proctologist called…he found your head

  10. John Stryker, USMC says:

    After reading cmt 55, I thought I’d try a new screen name. What the heck? It’s not difficult. You just type in what you want and that’s that. Regards, 2/17 Air Cav

    p.s. For you kids, Stryker was played by John Wayne in “Sands of Iwo Jima.”

  11. ArmyATCVet says:

    @ 55. Your suggestion is JUST about as absurd as Punk’s actions these past few days. Really? What grounds does he have for legal action? I am not a lawyer, but I do exercise common sense (more than he can boast). There is in no way, shape or form any grounds for him to take this blog, its commentary, or even the individuals commenting to a court system. Additionally, the idiot lied during an interview, (which was ON record, CRIME), lied about Army medals (CRIME), and selflessly stole stories, awards and honor from his brothers in arms (Not a crime, BUT HORRIBLE). He then proceeded to say the article was “wrong”, yet he had posted the proof himself. He didn’t ever provide any proof that he was entitled to any of the medals, was called out on his lies by the ones who served beside on that deployment, and has now cowered in the face of confrontation. Which tells me 2 things: That he is lying, wrong, and playing up his supposed “life altering” injuries, and second, that the idiot wouldn’t know the first step in taking any action, legal or otherwise, against anyone. I am surprised he knows how to dress himself in the morning. Perhaps he is lying about that too, who knows… Now, if you have ANY grounds, any other oblivious comments, or otherwise, keep them to yourself, or take them somewhere someone can appreciate them. (Perhaps the local dog kennel)….

  12. Stryker's bud says:

    Yeah, it really is quite simple.

    Will y’all quit discouraging the lawer threats? They are so funny.

    And AC? Nice explanation, but it made me feel exceedingly old to already know who John Stryker is. Or was. (A movie character would correctly be present tense unless all copies of the movie no longer exist???)

    OWB, pretending to be other than (while trying to remember to change the name later)

  13. USMCE8Ret says:

    @55 – Really? I have a great .bmp image from his now defunct website, of his alleged “HONORABLE DISCHARGE”, with a poor attempt of him “cutting and pasting” Gen. Amos’ signature.

    Not sure where you come from, but forgery can be defined as a criminal act that includes the purposeful defrauding, misleading, deception, and misrepresentation of a product, service, or item with the intent to deceive.

    While the scope forgery is a vast one; forgery can include the production of falsified documents, counterfeited items – products intended to resemble other products, and the misrepresentation of fraudulent identification.

    Where I’m from, forgery is illegal – as are the rest of his claims.

    Run along.

  14. USMCE8Ret says:

    (63 was posted to the wrong discussion thread). Never mind.

  15. rb325th says:

    I think #55 is just Punks ball bag and club polisher.

  16. Hondo says:

    Interesting that “Concerned Nurse” and “USMC_SGT231” seem to both be commenting here from the same IP address.

  17. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    rb325th @65 gets the prize this morning. Good call.

  18. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @43 O-4E, Well said sir. It would have been a pleasure to have served with someone like you. Nicely done, thank you for your service and your support.

  19. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Oh, no! I have 24 hours to remove this post or Punk is going to sue me! Whatever shall I do?

  20. Green Thumb says:

    Call WWP and see what they have to say.

    I’d be curious.

  21. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @69. 24 hours? Does he understand that you could wipe it all out in, oh, 30 seconds? Tell him you need more time.

  22. Jonn Lilyea says:

    He also threatened to tell on me to the Army.

  23. teddy996 says:

    Gosh, 24 hours sounds official. Is it a full 24 hours from the time you opened the email, or 24 hours from the time the email was sent? Or is it one business day? What happens on T +1 minute?

    So many questions…

  24. OWB says:

    @ 72: Oh, now that is some sort of threat! Ooooooooee. We wouldn’t want the ARMY to know about you!! Egads.

  25. SSG Richard Thayer says:

    @Jonn Lilyea are you serious? I have contacted 10 or 12 different agencies along with our former unit, (waiting on his ERB) and the proof is undeniable. Our unit 1-32IN 3rd Bde 10th Mtn is not pleased in the least. I will not name drop on here but several CSM’s and General Officers are aware of the situation and taking action. Also let the PGA and his sponsors know and they are taking action as well. Thank you for helping to expose this fraud.

  26. Powerpoint Ranger says:


    Has your county courthouse added a full-time TAH lawsuits filing clerk to the staff yet? I bet the line looks a lot like the Star Wars cantina scene.

  27. SSG Richard Thayer says:

    Funny, that Victor “Punk” Lewis is reading this and has seen my post in TF Chosin on facebook. Yet he is claiming to tell the US Army on this post and sue. Hey “Punk” I told the US Army. On you. They have already seen the post along with your twitter feed claiming your 3 Purple Hearts and being a Sniper. Which since you are not and have never been a sniper, the ASI is B4. Which reflects on your ERB or since you are out now, your DD214. Think for a minute, I told the US Army you are a liar. Now you want to tell the US Army that you are a liar and have falsely claimed 3 Purple Hearts and Sniper school. So go ahead and tell them, also tell the VA Investigation Service about your golf career. Any more great ideas?

  28. Twist says:

    @72, Since I’m sure a lot of people reading this blog are doing it on DOD computers on their lunch break or whatnot, the Army is well aware of these posts.

  29. raul duke says:

    Lol, great work, SSG T. Fuck this guy. His line of bs disgusts me, and chumps like him are the reason WWP is a joke….people taking money that is meant to help combat wounded vets get back on their feet. Victor “bitch” Lewis was making a career out of lies and false war stories, and impressing civilians with his embellished tales. The VA still hasnt rated me for back injuries, and its been 6 years since my second PH. I was an avid runner of half marathons prior to getting blasted, now i switched gears and took up light weight back packing and kayaking. How does someone with a back injury play pro golf??? And get 80%???

  30. Andrew says:

    I’m not sure why you anyone thinks WWP has done anything for this guy. I’m an outreach coordinator in te Jacksonville office. I also served in B Co 1-32, 10th Mtn (same company, different time as “Punk”) so of course this peaked my interest.

    We do track all involvement at events/programs/phone calls and trust me there is not sponsorship of this guy. I did see that he has some golf towels with the WWP patch but we don’t even have those so I can gaurnetee you he took a patch and had it put on a towel.

    For the guys with bad experiences with WWP I don’t know what to say to you. I’ve been an alumni since 2006 and I will tell you this, WWP saved my life. And I can say the same for 1,000’s of warriors and family members. Do we do everything perfect? No we don’t. But I know the impact we make is great to a lot of severely wounded warriors and their family members.

  31. Green Thumb says:



    That sounds like the party line.

    That form 990 tells a differnet story.

    Also, as an alumni, I have pointed out frauds and posers to senior leadership. They just look the other way and focus on numbers.

    No suprise.

    There is a reason WWP is fading and guys like this “Punk” are a big part.

  32. Green Thumb says:

    I will say this.

    If “Punk” ever makes the PGA tour or similar event, WWP will be hanging off his nutsack.

    Mark my words.

  33. Cornbread says:

    He’s now calling it all a big misunderstanding on his twitter feed. He said that he said that it’s all a big misunderstanding – he never claimed to have 3 PH, he was talking about him and his 2 roomates. He’s also cut waaaay back on asking sponsors for free shit, lest he get caught up in the revised stolen valor act. The pictures of his yardage book with the custom purple heart cover and the purple heart head covers are gone. All this is much ado about nothing as far as he’s concerned – it’s just guys from his old unit “being jealous.” Scumbag.

  34. Green Thumb says:



    And were you IN?

    Will be standing by…..


  35. Green Thumb says:


  36. ALiX says:

    First of I would like to say im not trying to stand up for anyone who acts in a way to bring discredit to the army.
    I am currently in the WTB in Fort Bragg NC for stepping on 2×60 mm mortor pressure plate dismount ied while conducting route clearance in wardak province last year. I served with the 7th Eng Battalion 630th RCC out of Fort Drum NY. “DIRTY THIRTY” “HELLFISH” Dont belive me go ask them who I am.

    I met Lewis while i have been here and his injuries seem legit, but lets face it you can work you ass of for Uncle Sam your whole life and all you will get in return is a plot in the ground. So all you superman suit wearing strong men out there remember that shit when you ask how much i should give and i they reply is, more, more , more. I have on my facebook page (look me up Ronnie Alix) his Purple Heart award and his orders stating he recieved it for wounds received as a result of hostile actions. Or check his facebook page out i will post them there.

    Im NOT saying you all are just hating on him but you dont get those or the scars that he has from back blast. I also have seen all his shrapnel wounds on his body and inside his mouth.

    Plus reread your post on guy states that Lewis was driven to fob shank and another guy who was there was put on a bird to fob shank. So right there somebodys wrong.

    I would like the truth but right now i only have photos, and documents signed by LTC Stephson Stating he was wounded during a ambush and by ememey actions.

    ronnie.alix@hotmail.com email me and i will also send you those documents. ALso if you would like to enlighten me on things i dont know because i could have a blindfold on, please email me this info.

    “Infanty my be the queen of battle, but Combat Engineers make sure that bitch doesn’t get raped”

  37. Green Thumb says:

    Why would you put that stuff of his (PH, etc) on your facebook page?

    And what about the 15-6?

  38. ALiX says:

    Well i just came across this one day and decided to ask him becasue i wanted to have evidence showing he had one and why it was recieved. I dont know the story behind it but i have seen the scars and documents. If its wrong then this ltc and the sec of army needs to be brought up on charges or visversa. But from what i have seen i looks legit. Maybe he able to play golf but put 90lbs on his back nmight limit him , or maybe he is a fake but the documents point towards the 1st. Plus i want to find out the truth.

    I just think he imbelished on somethings but how can you embish on a purple heart wear you have to have been wounded due to the enemey and backblast from your outfits rpg isnt grounds for one.

    A 15-6 is for criminal investigations… right?

  39. ALiX says:

    Its nice to be able to call youself 3 things in life: a man who doesnt steal, doesn’t lie, and one of good values. The Army is non of these.(Most of the soldiers in the army have these traits
    Thats fine towards others but not towards those who went over there knowing they could die.Just stepping of that plane is a act of valor. If you sit on a fob or if you go kill people. I give praise to all those who joined during a war. Thanks for serving!

  40. ALiX says:

    @ 87 i think you thinking of a da 638

  41. Green Thumb says:

    No, a 15-6.
    NBI’s usually requires a 15-6. (ie. friendly fire backblast)

    Not an award like a DA 638; a line investigation.

    The one PH is beyond me, but three?

    Be careful of who you associate with, they usually will fuck you in the end.

  42. ALiX says:

    Advice noted.

  43. Punk says:

    This shit is so pathetic. My documents proves everything. That is why no one believes you retards. Get a life.

  44. 11BScottie says:

    So if we FOIA your ass they’ll show up on your DD214? I doubt it.

    And what the fuck, you’re a private first class and look like your 40 fucking years old. That’s like ancient in the Infantry.

  45. Green Thumb says:

    Extra Pussy(and un-PC)this turd is…

    Dude is about as tough as “Punky” Brewster.

    @94. He does look old, does he not?

  46. Green Thumb says:

    This clown strikes me as always taking a few intentional bogeys on the back 9. Know what I mean?


  47. raul duke says:

    I still cant figure out getting a PH from a backblast. That PH needs recinded.

  48. SSG Richard Thayer says:

    Ah I see Mr. Lewis joined the conversation. Yes you did receive a purple heart, we have clarified how it was received. (back blast), the problem is you will not leave well enoygh alone and continue to claim the 3 purple hearts and sniper school. Although you have redacted these statements and blamed them on your publisher, than the writer of the story, however the story from the Tyler paper(a news paper) that you have put on your website, also credits you with extra purple hearts. Did they also make a typo? Everywhere on the net, we can see your lies. Simply go to google and type in punk lewis and click on the links, people can see your lies for themselves. ALiX, you may be un aware, however many of the comments here are from people that where there and in his unit. Anyone can make up a story, the most common stories to hear in a bar or a VFW are, I was a sniper and I was hit by shrapnel. He does not carry the B4 designator of a Sniper, because he went to a 2 week course for Designated Marksman. As far as “shrapnel wounds” well, we believe the best in people and any scar can be said to be anything. He was a turd in B Co. 1-32 and still is, sorry if this lifts the wool from your eyes. Not everyone in the Army upholds the Army Values. Seriously, 80% disabled, yet can play golf? Many of us have lower physical disability ratings and have difficulty walking. I am 100% disabled and have over 12,000 pages of documentation and sworn statements, yet with a combat related injury to my spine I received 40% and walk with a heavy limp, cane and have had surgery to repair my spine, from multiple IED’s and RPG hits to my back. Guess I am not superman, nor was any one else in his unit, he was the only true hero during our deployment. Our company had over 300 TIC’s in that deployment, but he won every fight by himself. Also why was he an RTO, if he was trained as a Sniper? Wouldn’t we have given him an M24 instead of an M4? But he must be a true Professional to use foul language, when he was busted for lying, by calling everyone in his unit, retards. Obviously we are all jealous of a former Private First Class.