John A. Kuykendall; Phony Marine/Ghostbuster

| January 5, 2013

Scotty sends us another of his recent busts, John A. Kuykendall, who claims he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel with 17 years of service and then went into business as a ghostbuster. Here’s his proof;

John Kuykendall ID card

The issue date says 1984 and the military wasn’t using those ID cards in 1984. You guys can pick apart the ID card because I’ll admit that I don’t much about them. Like having two Military Police badges on the card. Do the Marines even have police, and if they do, is it called “Military Police”? You guys know more about that than me.

But he doesn’t seem to know that everything in the military changes sometimes. Here he is in ACUs and if he was in the Marines, I don’t think he’d be wearing an Army uniform. Since he claims he left the service in 2001, he would have had to time travel ahead four years to get some ACUs.

John Kuykendall ACUs

Well, all of that on top of the fact that he’s a fat f**k, too.

Well, anyway, the Marines say they’ve never seen his fat ass before;

John Kuykendall FOIA

He also claims to have an MBA and a master’s degree in biology, but he spells business as “busniess” – twice, so he probably should have majored in spelling words and stuff.

But you can read the whole spectacle at Scotty’s place.

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  1. streetsweeper says:

    His former website had to have been fairly new before he took it down. Not finding anything stored in archives except that it was crawled two times during 2011, on 6SEP & 26SEP2011. However, I found as of 30DEC2012 he joined a website called Haunted Society. His “About Me” info shown there is:

    What Best Describes You?
    Love Everything Paranormal

    Business or Team Name
    USA Paranormal

    My Twitter Page

    My Website

    About Me…
    John Kuykendall is a California native who was born in Tenn, and raised in Californa from the age of (2). Moved to Colorado to write his book in early 2011, and to find the truth of the paranormal, he has been working on his Book Haunted America “Do You… Believe here in Colorado for the last 9 months. John was brought up in a very open minded family and has been curious in the paranormal since a young age, with is own experience. John is the founder of USA Paranormal and Lead investigator and case manager. John also has a Masters Degree in Business Managament and a bachelors of science in Computer Science and Engineering, with a Masters of Biology. John is now studying parapsychology with the The American Institute of Parapsychology.

    Module 1: Foundations of Parapsychology
    Module 2: Psi and Psychology
    Module 3: ESP and Psychic Development
    Module 4: Survival After Death: The Scientific Evidence
    Module 5: Investigating Hauntings and Poltergeists

  2. RandomNCO says:

    There is already a book called Haunted America by two of my favorite ghost book writers, Michel Norman and Beth Scott, so he may want to try and think of a new one. Maybe “Tales of a Para-Marine Spooke Chaser”

  3. Hondo says:

    Folks, this kind of stuff happens routinely – a dipstick gets busted as a poser, but gets wind of it and wipes everything. Web caches don’t always have copies of the documentation of false claims.

    Bottom line: if you find one of these tools, it’s a good idea ALWAYS to save (screencap, print to PDF/other image format, or download) the incriminating bogus junk – if possible, in a way that shows the URL/date/time. Print to PDF is great for web pages – unless you turn it off, the browser will insert the date and url (and time, I think) into the header for the printed pages.

    — break —

    O-4E: Great work in comment 45! Would you consider a suggestion to change that to “FakeBusters”? That gets rid of the extra syllable in “PhoneyBusters” so it flows a bit better.

    Shoot, I think TAH might now have it’s very own theme song!

  4. Joe Williams says:

    Hey Army, the POS is wearing your ACUs so the Corps is giving the honor of his nonservice. Enjoy the our gift to you. Joe

  5. SJ says:

    Dang. I have 5 tabs open just to keep up with the latest findings (Ghost; Densmore;Punk; Bastamonte; and “CSM” Collier)….all from 1 week. There’s so many that worthy threads (like the CSM”) fade into history so quick. Wish there was a way to easily check up on progress. For instance curious what the CSM’s VFW reports back.

    Going to be a hell of a Ballbuster contest this year.

  6. Scotty says:

    # 35, Please send me a message valor_stolen @ I have the personal info that you need. But I need to know a few things about you first. Leave a message on his BoS when you’ve e-mailed me.. Thanks…

  7. Virtual Insanity says:

    I screen-capped his LinkedIn entry claiming USMC LtCol.

  8. Green Thumb says:



  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    “a California native who was born in Tennessee”?

    He is illiterate AND uneducated!!! You are a native of the state where you were BORN, not the one you moved to. He is a Tennessee native who moved to California, the land of fruits and nuts.

    @25 – Streetsweeper, you may have seen him in the TV audience at a sumo wrestling match.

    He may not be the most original guy in the world, but he is one of the silliest.

    Stay on the trail, my friends.

  10. O-4E says:

    I must say he has done quite a good job closing all of his social media accounts

  11. MeShell says:

    Wow – I’m floored. I joined John’s team April 2012. I just started reading about all of this today, and I’m pretty stunned. I tried to contact him via text msgs to all of the numbers that I have for him but haven’t heard back. It does seem strange that he always wears a uniform – even when he’s just kicking around the house. I wonder if he will come over to pick up his equipment? I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but since he hasn’t responded to me… :S

  12. O-4E says:


    There IS NO benefit of the doubt

    We have already shown that. You being a civilian don’t know any better.

    Which is what douchebags like Kuykendall count on.

  13. HMCS(FMF) Ret says:

    Kuykendall has some videos on YouTube – posted under “Klowns666”. The following is posted under a video called “USA Paranormal Fort Carson Army Base Abanddon Haunted Hospital”

    {i]Uploaded on Aug 14, 2011

    At 1.31 sec. I entered the blood room, and you can clearly see an energy orb shoot out from the left bottom of the video frame and move to the center of the frame and the vanish. This Hospital was built in 1941 and closed in 2007. This is just one of the videos we have posted of the haunted hospital. I will post more as I go through the evidence. They held POW`s here in WW2 and they did some bad things to them. Alot of them were murderd and beaten. There spirirts still remain. Fort Carson Military Base 8/13/2011 Colorado[/i]

    MeShell – He’s just one of many that go around telling people things that are not true, and some also do things to hurt people – not just the victims but those of us that have served our country honorably, in time of war and at peace.

  14. MeShell says:

    I dunno… there were things going on between John and a producer of paranormal shows that makes me wonder. For all I know, the letter above is just as much a forgery as the things that John has supposedly done. I have to have the proof in my own hands, not something posted online from a source I don’t know.

    I am a civilian, its true, but my father was in the AF when I was born and had served in Viet Nam as a Marine. My brother is an officer in the AF and my nephew just joined the Army. I understand what an affront it is to impersonate someone that has served, but I also feel suspicious when character attacks are made and everyone just jumps on the bandwagon.

    So, I will request official verification myself, and see what the military says.

  15. Green Thumb says:


    Good plan.

    Follow through.

    No one could ask for anything else.

    Just be prepared to hear something you may not like or agree with.

    Good luck.

    And…… “I ain’t ‘fraid no ghost”.

  16. MeShell says:


    Thank you for understanding. As difficult as it would be, I’m prepared now. I will share here anything I find out, good, bad, or indifferent. Hopefully it won’t really take 20 days to get an answer…

  17. sean says:

    Comon guys, this guys obviously MARSOC undercover

  18. Mero says:

    ROFL, I really can’t get over this fat fuck wearing a DAPS piece as a bib or some kind of chest rig. Clearly that’s some super high speed MARSOC stuff right there… helps them blend with the ANA better or something…

    You’d think at least get the uniform right for Christ’s sake, it’s not that friggin hard to open google and type in “United States Marine Corps utilities”… Instead this re-re has got to go and steal one of our uniforms and DAPS no less…

  19. USMCE8Ret says:

    He may have scrubbed himself off the grid, but he’ll be back.

    They always come back.

  20. Chip@NASA says:

    One *other* thing…..where’s his gold chip? I had/have DOD and US Govt (NASA) CAC cards and there’s a little thing called your gold chip at the bottom that holds your PIN and other information.
    Just sayin’ is all.

  21. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 61 EX-PH2

    “a California native who was born in Tennessee”


    He was concieved in a trailor park somewhere between Barstow and Bakersfield, CA.

    He was born (on the road) in Tennessee while his parents (first cousins) were attending a tractor and noodling convention.

  22. Green Thumb says:

    What does a Tennessee woman say after sex?

    Roll over Dad and try not to crush my cigarettes.

  23. NHSparky says:

    a California native who was born in Tennessee

    To paraphrase Scotty from the Star Trek movie series:

    “Thar be reee-tards in here!”

  24. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ 74 Green Opposing Digit … Nice!

  25. NHSparky says:

    WARNING: Joke coming that will easily offend Tennesseans who can read…all three of them:

    A couple in TN was married, and after the ceremony the bride and groom retired to the groom’s home. However, before the vows could be consummated, the bride confessed to her husband she was in fact a virgin.

    The husband was devestated and immediately went to the living room of the home to inform his parents.

    His father took a look of rage, slammed his fist on the chair, and exclaimed, “Well DAMMIT!! If she isn’t good enough for her family, she isn’t good enough for ours!”

    And with that, we have the genetic makeup of one LTC “Ghostbuster”…single trunk family tree which does not fork.

  26. O-4E says:

    And like the spooks he investigates…POOF!!! His organization’s website has vanished without a trace!

  27. USMCE8Ret says:

    @77 – How ’bout a spew alert next time?! I just blew out a mouthful of sunflower seeds.

  28. Mustang says:

    @77 Hey now, I’m from TN. Then again, there’s a reason I left and have never gone back 😉

  29. Twist says:

    Why wear a uniform ghost hunting? I thought the whole point is to find ghosts, not hide from them (not that ACUs blend in with anything except for a 70s patterened couch).

  30. Green Thumb says:

    What are the two best things about Tennessee?

    I-65 North and I-40 East.

  31. Twist says:

    @82, Beale street in Memphis is pretty fun.

  32. Green Thumb says:


    I know. They really cleaned it up over the years.

    I went to HS many years ago in Memphis.

  33. Green Thumb says:

    Maybe this clown can help track down the “ghost shitter” we had at my last unit.

    I believe the case is still unsolved…

  34. PSR Pete says:

    @53 there is a great site, which captures lots of old stuff, you can always input a site in there as well.

  35. Dirt Dart says:

    @ 68
    MeShell –

    Ms. Mary is not wrong and he was not listed in the militray white pages for retirees, or the Marines. I do feel sorry for the true blue served his Army MP this clown tried to clone.

    It is a hard thing to get fooled- Embaressed and Insulted beyond rage is what i remember when i was skunked many years ago.

  36. 10th MTN NCO says:

    Is that a DAPs deltoid protector? I have never seen a flak jacket with velcro placed in that area. “If there’s something strange, in your neighborhood….Awwww who you gonna- GHOSTBUSTERS”

  37. Mustang says:

    @66 For being someone who is new to this blog, I can understand where you’re coming from. Just know that some of the guys around here have been doing background checks for quite awhile. Scotty, in particular, has a plethora of guys that he’s bagged and I’ve never known him to try and forge an FOIA request.

    I’m sure you’ll get back the same results he did but no one is going to hound you for wanting to submit your own request for verification.

  38. Steve says:

    He calls himself a Ghostbuster? He might be getting a call from Louis Tully, Ray Stantz’s lawyer very soon…..

  39. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    A mentally retarded one-eyed chimp on LSD could do a more intelligent fabrication than that assclown!!

  40. Green Thumb says:

    An obese, utterly useless individual.


  41. Retired Master says:

    #66, Have you heard anything so far?

  42. USMCE3TLCPL says:

    Camp pendleton huh? I dunno about that looks like a new ID to me. Yet strangly doesnt look like the one in my wallet or any that ive seen before…

    And yes we have MPs, a few marines do have moustaches but we have regs we have to keep them in… And weight standards too.

  43. Larper says:

    @45 But we didn’t get you anything. 😀