Let Us Talk About Guns.

| January 7, 2013

Most here sort of collect firearms so we are well aware of the recent spate of headlines that have the potential to impact us. From outright confiscation to declaring  just what sort of guns we can own; the simmering fear is there for any gun owner that follows  the news.

Some are genuine collectors. John over at The Castle comes to mind, but most (I think) have other motives.


Question #1:  Motivation? I’m genuinely curious, BTW. I’ve bought guns for decades. Being one of them paranoid “prepper” types my interest begins at home.

Question #2: Numbers? I have more than one SKS, for example.

Question #3: Ammo, how much is enough?

I dunno, in the current climate it is perhaps better NOT to discuss such things. OTOH if we’re lucky Jonn will be laughing his ass off at folks trying to bust him, and he’ll give us a warning.

ETA: Question #4: How will the MSM portray you if…. Coupla comments made me wonder (I give a shit) so I added THIS question. Being a ‘Nam vet I’ve heard it before.

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  1. PintoNag says:

    A pistol, 1911 .45 (self defense).
    A .22 rifle (varmints) and a .308 (larger varmints).
    A belt ax for minor inconveniences.


  2. Casey says:

    Never had the money to afford any guns (why is even a basic M1911a1 so darn expensive?), but if I could, I’d get some items of historical interest. The aforementioned Colt, a Garand, maybe an M-2 carbine and a semi-auto repro of the M-14. Also like to have a Winchester/Colt SAA combo.

    What I do have are about 16 antique computers, including a PC/XT with the original Xebec 10-megabyte full-height 5 1/4″ hard drive. Even have a couple of CP/M computers.

  3. jonp says:

    1) Started when I was a kid for hunting but just accumilated anything in the gunshops that looked cool. I love things that go bang. More to the point, if things do go to hell everyone can stockpile all of the food, water, gold etc they want. I can take it all from them.
    2) More than 1 but less than 20. At one point I had over 100 mostly pistols with an emphasis on revolvers. I love revolvers. I had a nice matched set of SW K22 Masterpiece and a Combat Masterpiece in 357 in the original blue box but sold them. I cry every night when I think about it.
    3)I have several thousand rounds for each caliber and componants to load several thousand more. People laughed at me last year when I was buying it up. No one is laughing now and everyone is asking if I have some to sell. NOPE
    4) Insane crazy man I’m sure. But if things go down I’m the guy they want living next door and who will be their best friend.

  4. SFC Holland says:

    John, that rifle is bad ass. Congrats!

    I’ve got 9 pistols in the house, all loaded and strategically placed with ammo and fallback positions, in every room, so that I can have a running firefight and overwatching fields of fire. I answer the door with gun in hand. I have shotguns and rifles too, and a few thousand rounds. I have a CCW license and carry all the time. What am I afraid of? Not a damn thing.

  5. B Woodman says:

    I have sufficient for my needs . . for now. If the shooting war starts, I hope to pick up a few more (from cold dead hands).