Let Us Talk About Guns.

| January 7, 2013

Most here sort of collect firearms so we are well aware of the recent spate of headlines that have the potential to impact us. From outright confiscation to declaring  just what sort of guns we can own; the simmering fear is there for any gun owner that follows  the news.

Some are genuine collectors. John over at The Castle comes to mind, but most (I think) have other motives.


Question #1:  Motivation? I’m genuinely curious, BTW. I’ve bought guns for decades. Being one of them paranoid “prepper” types my interest begins at home.

Question #2: Numbers? I have more than one SKS, for example.

Question #3: Ammo, how much is enough?

I dunno, in the current climate it is perhaps better NOT to discuss such things. OTOH if we’re lucky Jonn will be laughing his ass off at folks trying to bust him, and he’ll give us a warning.

ETA: Question #4: How will the MSM portray you if…. Coupla comments made me wonder (I give a shit) so I added THIS question. Being a ‘Nam vet I’ve heard it before.

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  1. Claymore says:

    Rather than answer the question in order, I’ll offer up the following:

    I focused on concealable protection first and foremost since I don’t have a lot of money to spend. Would love to indulge my desire to have a much larger number of weapons for different uses, but mortgage, utilities and food have to come first. So, I have one shotgun, one surplus Mosin-Nagant and a sprinkling of handguns, that’s about it. Pretty tame by most standards, but I’m sure it’s a scary “arsenal” to the media dipshits.

  2. Jonn Lilyea says:

    In an hour, I’ll be picking up my latest acquisition. A Remington Model 700 Long Range Tactical in .338 Lapua Magnum. It serves no other purpose than to make me smile. I read that it’s popular among snipers, and I want to know why. The .338 Lapua holds the record for the longest sniper shot. I joined the Infantry because I like to shoot and I never got it out of my system. I like big guns that make loud noises. Even the 25mm Bushmaster hasn’t completely satisfied me.

    I like the science of shooting. I liked the sound of the gun dealers’ voice when he just called me to tell my rifle had arrived when he said “It’s beautiful”. I like that few people understand the absolute unbridled joy I get from holding and firing weapons in a safe direction. Aside from my Super Blackhawk and the Ithaca 20 gauge shotgun I still have from my 14th birthday, none of my firearms are suitable for hunting.

  3. Claymore #1: I certainly agree. Cost MUST be a factor. Bought my SKS’s for less than you’d think, but I’ve carried a .38 for decades.

  4. fm2176 says:

    “Question #1: Motivation? I’m genuinely curious, BTW. I’ve bought guns for decades. Being one of them paranoid “prepper” types my interest begins at home.”

    I “used” to be a prepper of sorts but the Army precludes any serious prepping for another decade or so. My collection of rifles is now mostly tailored toward my taste for history, while my handguns are almost all carry weapons. Shotguns are a mixed bag with some home defense and a few that are ideal for the hunting I don’t do.

    “Question #2: Numbers? I have more than one SKS, for example.”

    The most an any single type I have are Mosin-Nagants. Cheap, reliable, and no two are the same. Right now I have a Polish M44, two Soviet M44s, a ’91, ’91-30, and Finnish M28. Sold one of the other M44s a couple of year ago, and traded a Finnish M39 for some Mausers years ago. I have more than one Enfield and Mauser as well, and for a while had a paratrooper SKS and two full-length Norincos. Only have an M49/56 Yugo now.

    “Question #3: Ammo, how much is enough?”

    Hard to say. I used to shoot it up as quickly as I bought it, but recent years have me not wanting to lug it around when I change duty stations every few years. With proper storage I’d say that one can never have too much ammo.

    My collection is not impressive compared to some I know, but like Claymore I am sure that it would be quite the “arsenal” to ignoramus’.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    I shall focus my attention on creating an index of common household objects that can be used for self-defense, a/k/a weapons.

    I will also make sure that I use every naughty word in the TSA’s (that’s Totally Stupid Admin) list of naught words. I may include pictures.

    I was listening to an NPR program on Sunday (1/6/13) about the NSA’s idioticy abuse of privacy, how they issue gag order letters to people with no court approval, and how one guy who had an Arab-sounding name was on the ‘watch’ list so he started doing surveillance on himself, which he continues to do and makes sure the NSA knows his every move, including havng tacos for lunch and using the loo.

    That way, he lets them know that he knows that they know that he knows that they know that he knows that they are watching his every move.

    He just wants to make sure that they don’t miss anything.

  6. Gerdo says:

    I like the surplus firearms, it was being able to hold history. For a history buff like me the fact that I could be holding something that was at the Somme or Bastone or Stalingrad got me hooked. The first thing I did after I turned 18 was to buy “the greatest battle implement ever devised”

  7. USMCJanitor says:

    1- Motivation? Mine are all practical short of a few plinkers. self defense, home defense and just in case.

    2- Numbers? 3 rifles, 2 shotguns, 5 pistols (and I dont count the .22 plinkers) A short barrel AR, a AR w/ a 20 Inch heavy barrel, a rem 700, Mossberg 500 and rem 870. all my pistols are 9mm except for one .45 and the 9mm are split between Glock (19 and 26) and Sig 226

    3- Never enough. but in reality balance budget and needs for “just in case” Keeping the number of calibers down lets me stock up smartly.
    always 2000 rnds of 5.56 ball, a few hundred of match grade 5.56
    A few hundred for the 700.
    12ga 500 rnds of 00 buck and a couple hundred of bird shot. For the 9’s always 1000 rnds of ball and a few hundred in JHP.

    my .45 is always 1000 rounds split between JHP and ball.

    Not huge by gun guy standards, but an arsenal by media standards. I can see the news now

    “man found will numerous pistols, several assault weapons, shotguns and a sniper rifle, also found was more than 5000 rounds of ammunition stacks of high-capacity magazines and dangerous assault vests.

  8. Hondo says:

    Jonn: the .338 Lapua Mag no longer holds the record for longest sniper kill. That now belongs to the .50 BMG.

    A pair of Aussie snipers using M82A1s claimed that honor earlier this year in Afghanistan. Two of them engaged a Taliban target at 2815m (GPS was used to determine the range). The two Aussies fired simultaneously. One missed; the other didn’t. Which of them fired the killing shot thus can’t be definitively determined.


    If anyone’s interested, that works out to roughly 4 1/2 feet short of 1 3/4 miles.

  9. Jonn Lilyea says:

    #8 Hondo; Yeah, well, I won’t be buying a .50 cal.

    I forgot the “how much ammo” part of the question. I have about 7000 rounds and I thought it was enough until a lot of what I use became unavailable in recent weeks, now it doesn’t seem like enough at all.

  10. ohio says:

    “A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition” —Rudyard Kipling

  11. OWB says:

    We have enough stuff to take care of what we perceive to be our needs. I’d really like a remote controlled something mounted on the roof (to address the poachers in our woods that have caused me on more than one occasion to hit the dirt), but that is probably a bit much. So far, the ammo on hand is more than enough, but who knows?

  12. JP76er says:

    My motivation is my dad. He raised us as hunters and shooters, my best memories of my dad are of hunting together. I have extended that now to my sons. I’ll hunt and shoot until the day I die, it’s completely a part of me.

  13. tankerswife says:

    This weekend we were clearing out space in the storage area of the basement for a gun safe. Tanker was going through his duffles and footlockers, found lots of TA-50 and Kevlar. He made a comment about selling it and clearing out some room. I replied “Not to sound too much like my folks, but maybe we should hold on to it. You know, in case the zombie apocalypse really does happen.” To give you perspective on my folks, think “Tremors” Gummers.

  14. JP says:

    I don’t have any guns. Any that I might have had were discarded of.

    No need for anybody to come looking around for them to confiscate, because there are absolutely NONE here.

  15. FatCircles0311 says:

    All of these questions literally play into the Libtard narrative that there is something inherently wrong with he second amendment and thus it needs to be infringed/restricted. Nobody questions the rest of the bill of rights or asks somebody’s motivation for why they are using the 1st amendment.

    I don’t care what a person’s motivation is, how many weapons they feel they need, nor ammunition. It’s their right just like I wouldn’t question someone’s right to call me a fartsack or somehow try to portray that maybe they use their freedom too much during the month and thus should only refrain to using this right 5 times a month.

    As Americans, responsible Americans, we need to take back the narrative and not fall into the traps constructed to lessen these rights or remove them altogether. We hold the high ground not Libtards, so don’t ever let them think they own it.

  16. Hondo says:

    Jonn: probably not needed amigo. I suspect the .338 will give you more than sufficient range and power. (smile)

    I still cannot wrap my mind around a kill shot at nearly 1 3/4 miles. Un-freaking-real.

  17. Hondo says:

    ohio: obviously, Kipling never grossly overindulged on red wine. I did – precisely once.

    That’s a hangover you really don’t want. (smile)

  18. JP 14: Just may well the proper response.

  19. NHSparky says:

    I think I might have a pea-shooter…no, not a .22, a pea shooter. Seems I was canoeing across Lake Winnipesaukee last summer, to a little island I like to play Rambo on, and WHOOPSIE!!!

    All those guns at the bottom of the lake. Aw, shucks.

  20. FatCircles0311 #15: You have certainly hit “A” nail on the head, so to speak.

    Still, ignoring facts won’t help either.

  21. JP says:

    @Sparky #19

    Weird how that seems to be happening a lot lately, isn’t it?

    Maybe we should ban lakes or something.

  22. A65l says:

    @ NH Sparky, I feel ya there, I had an unfortunate canoe incident just recently resulting in all my firearms at the bottom of a lake as well.

    I always liked historic military firearms, I also like holding a piece of history. I have (had) some newer civillian military firearms but that’s mainly because I appreciate ease of cleaning and (relatively) inexpensive ammo.

    And I’ve had the same carry pistol now for going on 20 years…

  23. Thunderstixx says:

    I wouldn’t talk about firearms on the web right now. You never know who is watching you…

    I don’t have anymore firearms as I needed the cash…

    Take care Brothers and Sisters.

  24. FatCircles0311 says:

    @23: Considering the U.S. Military has a web block on this domain because it’s “extremist” of course it’s being watched. Then again the guys who do have access to this site while on the job are probably laughing just as much as we are.

  25. Common Sense says:

    I am not yet a gun owner, but my son is. He started with a shotgun inherited from his grandfather then we added a rifle for his 18th birthday. He then bought an M4 with optics and I recently purchased a Springfield XD9 handgun for him (he’s not 21). He likes to shoot, we have our own range at our family cabin, he also has a membership at BlueCore. He wants to be an expert marksman, training he won’t get from the Air Force (shooting at BMT was a joke). In addition, he wants to be able to protect himself and his family, and lastly, he wants to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, or an Obama dictatorship, whichever comes first. I’m not sure how much ammo he has. He got 1000 rounds for the M4 around Thanksgiving but had gone shooting a few times since then. We also got 1000 rounds for the new handgun (still waiting on the background check, they are WAY behind).

    My brother is a HUGE gun collector with 105 guns the last time I asked him. His most recent purchase is “300 win mag lever action cowboy gun that I am changing into a 458 win mag for bear protection”, he’s planning a hunting trip in the Shoshoni Wilderness and there are lots of grizzlies. He also makes his own ammo. He doesn’t have a gun safe, he has a gun ROOM. He’s an avid outdoorsman – hunting, fishing, etc. and recently purchased 2 horses to use for hunting (he says he’s getting too old to hike 20 miles a day and pack out his kill). I’ve always said that he would have been happier if he had been born a mountain man a couple of hundred years ago.

    As for me and my husband, it’s mostly been a question of money. Now that all the kids are grown up and not sucking so much of our funds (they all still live with us), we’re starting to budget for weapons and training. My daughter and I will be getting handguns and taking BlueCore’s class once she gets back from BMT and tech school, probably next year.

  26. Common Sense says:

    Addendum… my son got a tactical vest from his grandparents for Christmas and a kit for reloading casings from my brother, he had an extra one.

    As an extended family, we don’t subscribe to the prepper thing too much, but do have a general plan to head for the cabin where we have water, solar power, and food. It would be a bit crowded until we build additional structures, but between all of us, we have the survival skills necessary.

  27. David says:

    Answers – if I had guns, I would have as many of whatever type I damn well pleased and/or could afford. How would the MSM describe me? Hopefully as a cantankerous old coot who told them to get the hell off of his property.

  28. SGT Kane says:

    @NHSparky #19, must have been the same lake that mine are sitting at the bottom of!

    I’ve always said those canoes were dangerous.

  29. Enigma4you says:

    I’ll bite,

    I am an avid collector, I have my C&R FFL. My collection is mostly military and ranges from Black Powder to “Modern”. My motivation began with the mechanical and design aspects. It has grown to very many firearms as in works of art. Men like browning, Colt, Henry and Winchester have given the world safe and dependable firearms. Even something as plain as a 1911 that we all now take for granted and some even see as antiquated are marvels of engineering.

    I own many, I will use the Mosin Nagant as an example. I have in my collection a Finish Model 91/30, A Tula Dragoon, A Hex receiver 91/30 just to name a few. SKS is another great example. I have a few Russian, Some Romanian and a Yugos. Each differs in some way. I also have AKs, ARs M1 Garands, Carbines a Couple of Thompsons. Several Mossburg 44 US and many other plinkers. My favorite is the Marlin Model 66 that was my first gun as well as a gift from my parents one Christmas more years ago than I care to remember.

    Ammo, I reload. I have enough on hand to shoot anything I own. I keep more 45 ACP and .223 than anything else. Total round count is greater than most sporting good stores. I keep enough primers and powder of all types on hand to load enough of anything I want.

    MSM would portray me as a Gun Nut. My Collection would be an arsenal, They would ask why I needed a SKS with a Grenade Launcher, why I have more than 50 Loaded 1911 magazines or 5000 plus rounds of 7.62 x 39 on stripper clips. Bandoleers for a Garand? I have them.. The MSM believes that anyone can pick up any weapon and with no training or practice are as deadly as a Sniper. I cant tell you how many gun owners have no idea how to clean a weapon. Almost every week I help some new owner at the range that is bitching about what a Piece of shit their new gun is. Anytime as collectors we push for better education, better training or funding for state owned ranges the MSM beats us down for being gun nuts. The Local High School JROTC has several high end Air Rifles that they are not allowed to use. Why? Because of the Media. I can take a group of Kids to the range and I promise they will have a great time, be safer than they are at home and learn a skill.

    I cannot tell you the thrill I get from working on a gun that was handed down from generation to generation. I love seeing a kid shoot at a target and hit it. I know that every time I work with a woman at the range I have given her the ability to refuse to be a victim. Guns are part of or history and more important our heritage. Tonight across our country meat is being eaten by a many families that other wise would be hungry. Some old man is giving his gun to his boy, and a Gun will be used to keep great harm from coming to an innocent person. But the MSM will focus on only the Negative.

  30. 2549 says:

    Who’s asking? The government? NBC?

    Question #1 – None of your damn business.

    Question #2 – None of your damn business.

    Question #3 – None of your damn business.

    Question #4 – I don’t care.

    If we’re among friends, I enjoy the gun culture. That’s my motivation. Mostly “sport” shooting with an occasional turkey hunt. One O/U, one autoloader shotgun, one evil black rifle and two pistols. I’ve got about 1500 to 2000 rounds each of 45, 9, 223 and a couple hundred rounds of #8 shot. #4 is the same. I don’t give two shits what the MSM thinks of me or how they portray me.

  31. Enigma4you says:

    OH one more thing, As the Good People From Gonzales said to the Mexican Government When They wanted the Cannon Back


  32. Mustang says:

    For anyone listening, I own “no” guns and there are “none” in my home. Just ignore the locked case that’s in my walk-in closet.

  33. UpNorth says:

    @#33. DItto, like others have said, I went canoeing and tipped. While I was transporting my guns to the range. All gone.

  34. cannoncocker says:

    Beautiful rifle Jonn. I myself splurged last year and ordered a Remington 700 Mil-Spec 5R chambered in .308. Hard rifle to get a hold of since it is considered a limited edition model and is not even listed in Remington’s catalog. Mine consists of the same action and barrel as the M24 SWS, hence the 5R rifling. I paired it with a Leupold Mark IV 6.5x20x50mm with tactical milling reticle. Shoots around .6 MOA on a bad day and well under .5 MOA on a good day.

    My motivation is mostly my love and passion for the sport, art, and science of shooting. Laying down with my rifle and checking my zero at 100, then pushing the envelope at 400 – 700 plus yards is sort of my zen. It is relaxing and fun.

    I dabble in a little bit of everything, bolt action rifle, semi auto rifle, shotguns, and handguns. I enjoy trap and skeet shooting with my shotgun and I enjoy timing my draw from concealment/double tap times with my handguns. I’ve been hunting on many occasions before but I don’t enjoy it as much as going to the range and shooting for recreation. I consider myself a collector. When I figure out what gun I want to buy next, I research price and availability, then start saving $$$ for it, buy it, then rinse and repeat. I am not the type who will sell or trade a gun that I don’t like or shoot anymore because it is still part of the collection.

    In a world full of lies, there is but one fundamental truth: you can never have too much ammo. And socks, I always need more socks for some reason lol.

    • Jonn Lilyea says:

      Actually, cannoncocker, I was shopping for a Rem 700 in .308 when after I had ordered two at separate dealers and both were out of stock by the time I put the order through, I went ahead and bought the Lapua because they had 25 of those in stock at Davidson’s. Now, I’m just having problems finding the right screws for the scope mounts.

  35. Mustang says:

    Let’s just say that Washington state swings way to the left so I’m keeping my inventory hidden.


  36. Ex-PH2 says:

    @Thunderstixx – ‘I wouldn’t talk about firearms on the web right now. You never know who is watching you…’

    OH, PLEASE!!! They’re ALL watching you….yes! They are! And you should make quite sure that they know exactly what you’re doing every second of every day, including giggling at their stupidity.

    What a wonderful thing is dental floss. It has SO many uses, so little time. Did I discuss cooking spray and the long-barreld butane lighter?

    I prefer something that is relatively noiseless, has ammo that can be recycled and does not require anything other than enough money to buy it. That includes an extremely long list of common objects such as slingshots w/stones, lentils, rock salt — you name it, I can come up with a use for it.

    Sometimes, I feel like calling the FBI and asking them if they’re watching my house, because I want to know that my tax money is not being wasted on people who don’t do their jobs properly.

  37. Biermann says:

    Nice hardware there Jonn.

    I have a couple of paintball guns. Does that count?

  38. ROS says:

    I’m a chick with a bunch of kids. That particular demographic is customarily considered a target.

    I’ve a Sig P226 chambered in .40S&W for carry, and have a conversion kit to switch it out to a .22 or 9mm for plinking. I’ve a .45 ACP for home defense, a Remington 700 in 7mag for varmints and just shooting things for fun, and my kids all have rifles. Aged 9-17, they have three .22’s, a .308, a .243, and a .270 between the 4 of them.

    We wll not be targets.

  39. fm2176 says:

    I’m probably already being watched anyways… Seriously, I didn’t realize it until old stuff was brought up in a security clearance interview I had a while back. It’s been over four years and still no clearance. 🙂

    I used to be more cautious and bought into the whole “don’t discuss my guns online” deal. Then I realized that if the Feds really want to raid my house for a few dusty old bolt actions and a handful of pistols, more power to ’em.

  40. WOTN says:

    Beware the man with only one gun, he probably knows how to use it!

    I have a 16 penny nail gun!

    In all practicality, more than one weapon diminishes carrying capacity. I still cannot comprehend the idiocy of these psychos that feel the need to carry 3 or 4 weapons to their massacres.

    Shotguns are the most versatile of weapons. Handguns are great for concealed carry, but nothing outperforms a rifle at distance. One could “justify” the need for two rifles, for different purposes and hence 4 firearms. Beyond that, it becomes a collection, because you can only accurately shoot any ONE of them at a time, despite Hollywood’s doble pisteleros shooting the stingers off of bees at 100 yds.

    Too much ammo? More than you can carry? Or more than you can shoot before it expires? There is certainly a case to be made for reloading.

    Still, I have a 16 penny nail gun, but dream of the day that I could have the weapons of the world to fire at Will. I never did like that guy.

  41. WOTN says:

    Given the FBI statistics, I had to get the nail gun before they were banned!

  42. CTICS(NAC/SW) says:

    I have 27 fishing poles ranging from baitcasters to closed faced spinning reels, five tackle boxes, two kayaks, a canoe, and a small fishing boat, a four wheel drive truck for surf fishing….oh no that might get me for being a fishing nut!

  43. JP says:

    Piers Morgan had Alex Jones on his show tonight, and he started his rants about conspiracies and got all fucking nutty, as usual.

    Now we’re ALL going to be portrayed as Alex Jones.


  44. Gunny says:

    What guns??

  45. Claymore says:

    @45 – Saw that trainwreck with Alex “The Zionists & Neocons Are Out To Get Us” Jones…tell me that won’t be used by every gun grabber as an example of our side of the story.

  46. bullnav says:

    To answer #3: all of it.

  47. Joe Williams says:

    As per law, the goverment knows what firearms I own.Without going into great detail. I can practice my shooting with a different firearm for each day of the month.As to ammo,my local voluntary firefighters say if my house is on fire they are not coming.My firearms are also an investment. I hunt and target shoot. I have traught my Draughters and their children firearm safety and how to shoot. My collection will be divided up and the tradition will continue. Joe

  48. Jonn Lilyea says:

    One of our Australian readers emails to tell us that he hopes to win the lottery so he can move to the US and buy a rifle.

  49. Hondo says:

    JP, Claymore: why do you think Piers Morgan invited Jones in the first place?

  50. David says:

    WOTN – have to disagree – if you want to apply the best equipment possible to addressing a particulatr situation, you should probably have ‘way more than 4 guns. In handguns – one for hunting larger animals, one for concealed carry, one for action shooting, a plinker/target .22, maybe a couple of single actions wor SASS or Western matches – you just blew past 4 guns and yest each has a distinct niche which the others will not fill well at all. Rifles are equally as diverse, and while I am not a shotgun guy, I can easily see the need for at least a few. Just because you don’t participate in an aspect of the sport doesn’t preclude others from doing so.