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| January 7, 2013

This tweet is in reference to Joshua Boston’s letter to Senator Feinstein. This is what suffices for rational discussion at the Washington Post;

Boston Tweet

I checked his bio and I don’t see anything in there about Rajiv Chandrasekaran being a career counselor in the Marine Corps. Maybe the Washington Post and, more specifically, Rajiv Chandrasekaran should stick to writing news stories and end the commentary about things that aren’t in his lane.

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  1. Skysoldier says:

    Everyone is an expert.

  2. fm2176 says:

    Admittedly, I know little of the Marine Corps’ promotion glidepath, but I do know that I made SGT in the Army only a month or two after my brother-in-law made CPL in the Marines, and he joined about six months before I did. SFAIK, most Marine enlistments are 4 years active and four reserve, making it entirely possible that Boston was a squared-away Marine merely looking to fulfill his obligation honorably without feeling a need to wear an additional stripe for a couple of years in the Reserves.

    I’ve known plenty of Soldiers who did their jobs but who never sought (or in some cases fought to avoid) promotion beyond SPC.

  3. RM3(SS) says:

    The last refuge of the left, the personal attack. Nice rational discussion assclown.

  4. © Sponge says:

    I don’t twit, so one of you will have to ask Rajiv if he did any research into his asinine comment or if he just chose to be a cockholster because he likes to be one.

  5. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    I just Wikied this (can’t pronounce her name):

    Rajiv Chandrasekaran (short for little girl wearing pink dress). Tamil: ?????? ????????????) is an Indian-American journalist who loves collecting “Barbie” dolls and her “Easy Bake Oven”. She is the National Editor of The Washington Post, where she has worked since 1994. Originally from the San Francisco Bay area (really), Chandrasekaran holds a degree in political science from Stanford University, where she was editor-in-chief of The Stanford Daily. She often wrote about fashion, gardening, and yoga.

    At The Post she has served as bureau chief in Baghdad, Cairo, and Southeast Asia, and as a correspondent covering the war in Afghanistan, as she loves travelling and shopping. In 2004, she was journalist-in-residence at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

    Her first book is Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq’s Green Zone published in 2006, which won the 2007 Samuel Johnson Prize and was a finalist for the 2006 National Book Awards for non-fiction. The film Green Zone (2010) is “credited as having been ‘inspired by” the book.

    In short: NOTHING qualifies this woman to comment on the promotion status of a Marine.

  6. ComancheDoc says:

    I left the Army as an E-5 at 8 years, nothing wrong with that. I enjoyed the job i had and saw no reason to advance further because then I would not have the contact with Soldiers I had then. I dont know if this dingleberry is aware or not but promotions dont make a person a good Soldier or Marine, let alone a good NCO/Officer.

  7. Flagwaver says:

    I have known several “Career Specialists” in the Army. I don’t know the system that the Marines use, but I am can surmise that there might be more than a couple “Career Corporals.” NCO Ranks are nothing to take lightly. Sure, you might be a desk jockey and the rank means only more pay, but other positions actually have responsibilities with higher ranks. I know some people who don’t want that responsibility, thus they don’t accept the rank.

    Or, if they were like me, they had a disagreement with the politics and got busted down. In 9 years in the National Guard, I only got as high as E-5. Though, I did make E-4 twice; the second time after punching an E-6 recruiter right in the nose in front of the B.C. He told me that I had to be punished, even though it was justified and slapped me down to an E-3. Perhaps something like that happened to the CPL.

  8. Dave says:

    Exactly what rank in the Marine Corps has this guy earned?

  9. Mustang says:

    If Boston was an 0311, which I’m guessing he was, then only being a Cpl isn’t uncommon. Cutting scores for 0311’s have been extremely high for the last several years and it’s common to still be a LCpl (E-3) even after the first enlistment.

  10. Hondo says:

    Tamil heritage, eh? Gee, I wonder if he has any ties to LTTE – which if I recall correctly was at one time considered a terrorist organization by the US government. Some among the Tamil diaspora in North America reportedly provided financial/other support for LTTE.


    Hey – if Chandrasekaran is going to question a Marine’s background and imply he’s less than stellar based on stereotypical assumptions without a shred of supporting evidence, then I’m sure he won’t mind the same type of unfair attack directed at him.

  11. Al T. says:

    Rajiv, you are a f**kstick. Stronger message to follow.

  12. Dave Thul says:

    The guy spent time in both Iraq and Afghanistan, so you would think he should have a little more respect for the opinions of us grunts. My guess is he was trying to show off for his readers that he actually knows a little something about the military.

  13. USMCE8Ret says:

    @9/Mustang: You’re right. Assuming for a moment Cpl Boston was a 0311, he was probably subject to chasing the ever elusive “cutting score” to Sgt. It’s certainly not uncommon for some MOS’s to be closed for promotion, such as may have been in the case here, and the 03XX community certainly isn’t exempt from that practice. In fact, it’s usually one of the MOS’s most affected, simply because there are so many of them competing for the same promotion. Some MOS’s can be closed for several months (if not a year in some cases) before the composite score is released and folks find themselves eligible for promotion.

    True, he may have been released from active duty and has (had?) remaining IRR contract time left on his contract, and it’s not uncommon to be discharged altogether with the last rank held, as the promotion process in the IRR is different than on active duty.

    Beyond that, considering that rag Rajeesh Kimkardashian works for, I would say he’s not qualified for journalism much less than offering career advice, but that’s just my opinion.

  14. AndyFMF says:

    I had a LCpl who couldn’t pick-up because his only rifle qual was his original one from boot camp…..never mind that he was on his third combat deployment as an 0341 but was operating as an 0311 (outside his MOS and low cutting score due to rifle qual…meritorious was impossible.) Last I heard, it took him 5 years to make Cpl.

    8 year Cpl could also be due to changing MOS or an NJP…..but who cares if he did have an NJP. Doesn’t make his statement any less true.

  15. Mustang says:

    I’ve reached out to Cpl Boston on facebook to find out which years he was active an which were in the IRR. I’m suspecting that 4 of the 8 were in the IRR but I’ll wait until I get confirmation from him.

  16. NHSparky says:

    Yeah, I know I shouldn’t pile on…but I did.

    Friggin clown.

  17. FatCircles0311 says:

    Weakest link of society damning the strongest. How American of this gentleman. You sir are a class act.


  18. OWB says:

    The beauty of being a lib is that you are encouraged to opine about anything and everything with no accountability for any of your opinions much less your actions. Having knowledge on a subject is certainly not required. (See education major – teaching math no longer requires knowledge of math.)

  19. g. brack says:

    Tried to send him a message on his Fb, but I guess he has that locked down. Not surprising. Here’s his Fb anyway. http://www.facebook.com/rajivchandra

  20. Just an Old Dog says:

    Radji needs to go have some more “private time” with Johnny Quest and leave discussion of military promotions to those that know what they are talking about.
    Any one who ever served could tell by the length of Joshua Boston’s Hair that he had been out of the Corps for a while. The Lame-Stream Media is too stupid to tell the difference between a former service who achieved a rank and someone on active duty. A better lead to the story would have been to refer to him as A “Veteran” vice “Marine Corporal”. Not that he didn’t earn bit the title and rank, but that is not his current status.

  21. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Another j3rkoff incapable of responding to the merits of the issue relying instead on attempting to discredit the speaker/writer.

    Rajiv, it’s okay to disagree numbnuts…we all get that. How about articulating a salient point for a change instead of playing to your fan base like a celebrity douche nozzle? Or are you worried your next book sales might be impacted if you start acting like a serious journalist instead of hack using hyperbole to preach to the choir?

    It might not be an epic fail Rajiv, but it’s still a fail.

  22. Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else says:

    If Boston was an 03XX, I’d be utterly unsurprised that he was still a Corporal after 8 years. There’s a comic strip out there called “Terminal Lance” about the misadventures of 4-year Lance Coconuts…

  23. Mustang says:

    @22 By the looks of his facebook profile, he was an 0311.

  24. sgt ron, army says:

    how about we drag this news paper numbskull down to lejeune and let him experience up close and personal the unmitigated joy of earning the EGA, followed by a few tours as a grunt, armed with only his wit and a pointed stick. let’s see just how long it takes him to get past corporal.

  25. John11b says:

    8 years doesn’t mean it was all active duty. Maybe 3 or 4 and then the remainder in the IRR? Likely, because many do just that. And who cares anyway. Cpl Boston is well spoken, well informed and makes the anti gun crowd look stupid, so they will grasp at whatever to try and distract people from his excellent points.

  26. Stacy0311 says:

    I’ll be in the area later this spring. Maybe I should go throat punch this little fucktard. I was a CPL after 8 years in the Corps. Might have had some to do with Billy Boy Clinton and his “Peace Dividend” pushing cutting scores to the stratsosphere. Something that’s probably happening again with Barry and the drawdown.

    I wonder how Rajiv managed to get his foot in his mouth when his head is obviously so far up his ass?

  27. Smaj says:

    How incredibly….elitist of Mister Alphabet Soup-for-a-last-name Man WAPO writer. I’ll take the common sense and realism CPL Boston exudes over insufferable elitists every day.

  28. Bam Bam says:

    I speechless over this. Seriously!? What a moron. His comment adds nothing to the “discussion”. Thanks for his email. I’ll be contacting him shortly.

  29. Joshua Boston says:

    8 years active duty, promoted to Sgt in 2009, NJP’d in 2010 for Disrespect of a Commissioned Officer for using the term “Bootenant”. Was an 0341 and operated as one in Jalalabad Afghanistan, but operated as an 0331 in Haditha Iraq in 2006, an 0311 in Zaidon/Sitcher Iraq in 2008, and as an 0311 again in Marjah/Sistani Afghanistan in 2011. Aside for a few reporting periods, my Proficiency Marks were higher than my Conduct Marks. I didn’t join up to get promoted. But hey, everyone has an opinion. Rah.

  30. Nik says:

    When I was in late-80s, early-90s, there was effectively no cutting score for NCO and up ranks if you were any of the 03 series. Had really nothing to do with how squared away you were or were not.

    Mr Chandrasekaran should STFU about things he doesn’t understand.

    My response to this individual:

    @rajivwashpost #USMC Mr Chandrasekaran, you’ve been a journalist for how many years and still work at the Post? Perhaps focus on your job.

  31. Rerun0369 says:

    @30 Rock on Josh, rock on.

  32. NHSparky says:


    Okay, I lol’ed at that. Keep fighting the good fight, Josh. We’re right there with you.

  33. Pathfinder says:

    When I see a guy as a Cpl in the Marine Infantry all I see is a fucking Rifle Squad Leader. More responsibility than this turd will ever have.

  34. Reaperman says:

    Mostly unrelated, but every time I see a name like ‘Chandrasekaran’ my mind wanders toward how hard that would be to stencil.

  35. O-4E says:

    @36..or to make a a duty roster or set of ID tags for

  36. O-4E says:

    In my squad he would be Private Chapped-ass-can…or just Chapped-ass for short

  37. Mustang says:

    Thanks for coming over, Cpl Boston. Just know that you have my supporters here.

  38. Mustang says:

    have *many. Damn, I really need to start re-reading before I hit submit.

  39. Contin says:

    To mr Boston, keep up the good fight, thank you for taking the oath, putting on the uniform and putting your country first. My platoon SGT told me early on that the best NCOs had a NJP once in their career.

    Only offense left for these asshats is to attack the messenger, not the message. Clearly a classless act by a journalist. Screw him, we know who the real man is in this debate.

  40. PALADIN says:

    This is the kind of shit that comes here from every corner of the turd world, and instead of embracing the Constitution and the “American Way” , they tear it down.

    Does anyone know if the S of a B was born here?
    Even so, if he don’t like our way of life, Air India flies outta Dulles once a week.
    Samosa eatin Turd !

  41. PALADIN says:

    And for Cpl/Boston ….Good Job Marine ! And thanks for your Service to ‘our” country and for speaking out.

  42. JohnE says:

    What does his rank have to do with him expressing his opinion as an American anyway?

  43. NR Pax says:

    @44: In this pinhead’s view, it makes Joshua’s opinion less valid. And even if he’d done his eight years with no blemishes on his record, he would have found something else to harp on. Make sense?

  44. Spade says:

    Journalists are scum.

    When that NBC guy vanished in Syria my first thought was “good.”

  45. NHSparky says:

    I guess as far as the MSM goes, anyone below O-7 need not have an opinion, I guess.

    I’m still waiting for Rajiv to tell us how fast we’re supposed to make rank. I Tweeted how long it took me to make E-6 and asked him if I could have an opinion. No reply from him yet. Guess not.

  46. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I asked Alphabet for a comment yesterday, since I know he read the post and the comments, nothing yet.

  47. 2-17 Air Cav says:

    @48. No, no, no, his type want their questions answers but they won’t answer them–even when they make themselves the news items. But in the event that RakjevikChandereskaysausagestan does preview TAH before responding, I’d like him to see that his name and apparent gayhood are no laughing matter to me. Seriously, I’m above that. Way above.

  48. JohnE says:

    My question was more rhetorical in nature…his rank and the fact that he served have little or nothing to do with him being a rational spokesperson for the little guy. I really wish the gun control debate would focus on keeping guns out of the wrong hands…whats the old trite sayin? When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns?