Pentagon IG blames screening process for insider attacks

| January 12, 2013

So, I guess the Pentagon is running out of excuses for green-on-blue attacks. After their latest slight-of-hand, the pamphlet that blamed the troops and their lack of cultural sensitivity for antagonizing the locals, the Pentagon’s inspector general has decided that the Army’s screening process for hiring interpreters is at fault. A Bloomberg link;

The inspector general began an investigation after a linguist hired by Mission Essential Personnel killed two U.S. Army special forces officers and wounded an aide, all of them unarmed, in January 2010.


The Army’s Intelligence and Security Command “did not effectively implement the security requirements” for the translator contract, creating “an increased risk that local nationals hired pose a security threat to U.S. and coalition forces,” Daniel Blair, deputy inspector general for auditing, said in the report to Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno, U.S. Central Command commander Marine Corp General James Mattis and General John Allen, commander of U.S. Afghanistan forces.

Well, ya know, I’m wondering why there were unarmed Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan to begin with. I’m also wondering why the IG took almost three years to come to that conclusion. I’m pretty sure that Stevie Wonder could see it from space.

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  1. Bruce says:

    You got that right! You can’t turn your back on any of them,
    you have know idea who they are.

  2. Sigh says:

    It doesn’t help when the terps are permitted to operate business or conduct business on behalf of family in addition to their primary duty. It also doesn’t help that SF operators and support bubbas are extorting the terps and lining their own pocket givin the rest a bad name…

  3. I know in 2005 in Iraq, the civilian contractor who was doing local hire screening was months behind. I went to talk to one of them a few times…part of the problem? He didn’t get his ass out of bed until 1000 hrs, then he took a few hours off for lunch, then stopped work before dinner…. 5 days a week. We were trained and this was part of our MOS, and offered to help on our time off…but were told “no, this is a contract job, Army guys can’t do it.”
    A contractor who was making at least $160,000 a year compared to an E-6. What a fucking waste of money.

  4. FatCircles0311 says:

    Way too many locals on U.S. bases.

  5. streetsweeper says:

    That is because that contractor knew you’d get it done right, Roller Dude. You were his greatest fear, lol.