Karzai votes ‘present’ on SOFA

| January 14, 2013

ROS sends us a link to Associated Press which reports that Afghan President Kazai, in his first statement after meeting President Obama says that he’ll hand off responsibility on the decision to include immunity from Afghan courts (Status of Forces Agreement, SOFA) for US soldiers in their fight against terrorists in that country – you know those terrorists who are murdering and maiming school children and shoppers in the local markets.

This was also the first time Karzai has floated the idea that Afghans should hold a “loya jirga” – a national assembly of elders – to make the decision on U.S. troop immunity.

The United States has said that it needs to maintain sole legal jurisdiction over its forces in Afghanistan as part of the agreement for forces that will stay after 2014. In Iraq, it was the Iraqi government’s refusal to grant such jurisdiction that caused U.S. troops to completely quit that country.

“We want our national sovereignty and the Americans want the safety of their soldiers,” Karzai said in Kabul. “They don’t want their soldiers to be under the laws of another country.”

Karzai appeared to be trying to strike a conciliatory note, in sharp contrast to the harsh rhetoric and demands ahead of his U.S. trip.

Karzai must’ve caught something in the White House during his recent visit that influenced his sudden inability to make inflammatory comments about our troops and their intentions. So, just off the top of my head, and with no evidence to support my supposition, I’m guessing that there will be no troops in Afghanistan at the end of next year because Karzai is passing off the decision to another bunch of imbeciles who cant wait to toss our troops into their shithole prisons – in fact, they’ll probably start releasing real terrorists from prison to make room for US troops.

The administration will rightly decide to pull out the troops when they can’t get a reasonable SOFA and then celebrate because they’ve “ended the war” like they did in Iraq.

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  1. valerie says:

    From what I have observed about the Iraqi negotiations over legislation, and particularly what they said afterward, they were stunned by the American willingness to take “No” for an answer, and fail to come back with a counterproposal.

    I doubt that Karzai or his relatives were surprised.

  2. obsidian says:

    For the love of all that is Holy will somebody, anybody shoot this bass turd (Karzai)?

  3. El Marco says:

    Pompous little ass will be in a shallow grave once we leave. They’ll use his head in a game of donkey polo.

  4. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    So, he’s threatening to hold an elder circle jerka? Go for it Kraizi.