The Sandy Hook “hoax”

| January 16, 2013

I found this article at Salon about a guy, Gene Rosen, who is being hounded by the Sandy Hook “truthers” who think that the shooting in Connecticut didn’t really happen;

“I don’t know what to do,” sighed Gene Rosen. “I’m getting hang-up calls, I’m getting some calls, I’m getting emails with, not direct threats, but accusations that I’m lying, that I’m a crisis actor, ‘how much am I being paid?’” Someone posted a photo of his house online. There have been phony Google+ and YouTube accounts created in his name, messages on white supremacist message boards ridiculing the “emotional Jewish guy,” and dozens of blog posts and videos “exposing” him as a fraud. One email purporting to be a business inquiry taunted: “How are all those little students doing? You know, the ones that showed up at your house after the ‘shooting’. What is the going rate for getting involved in a gov’t sponsored hoax anyway?”

I guess they’ve never heard of Occam’s Razor. But it made me think what the full-time cranks at Veterans Today were thinking, and sure enough, they think it’s a government hoax, too. But, for some reason, they dont blame Mossad for the operation, it’s the FBI who did the deed;

What we have at the beginning of the massacre are two vehicles arriving at the Elementary School, one belonging to Nancy Lanza, and the second vehicle supposedly registered to Christopher Rodia, a non-existent person.

Now I doubt if Adam Lanza was in a condition to actually drive to his own murder. I would suggest that somebody else drove his car to Sandy Hook. I would also suggest that this person was FBI and from the ‘Counter-Terrorist section. I would suggest that there were also other FBI agents [traveling] in “Rodia’s” vehicle.

How do we know that the Sandy Hook Massacre was an FBI operation? There is a choice of two possibilities. Either Sandy Hook was another ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre committed by Adam Lanza or it was an FBI operation.

Once you comprehend that Adam Lanza was shot after police arrived at the Sandy Hook Elementary school, and yet the main murder weapon, the ‘.223 Bushmaster’, the No. 6 on the gun ban list, was initially found in the trunk of Nancy Lanza’s Honda sedan, then it is impossible for Adam Lanza to have been the gunman.

All leads to the identity of these two FBI agents would vanish, and in time people would be conditioned to simply remember the ‘Lone-nut’ gunman who was ‘suicided’ at the scene of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

Well, that last part all falls apart when we can look at CNN’s video and understand that it was a shotgun in the trunk of the car and not an AR-type weapon. But I’m not going to bother to explain that to them.

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  1. SSG Medzyk says:

    Some of these idiots will be the next nut to crack on a campus.

  2. AtDrum says:

    Actually it was a strange convulated plot sent in motion from the secret NAZI center of the Earth base in cahoots with the Reptilians. Seems that the only way to counter Xemu and his big shot attempts through Dianetics to place evil defensive firearms in the hands of dedicated protectors was to ensure revulsion through mind control propoganda techniques. The “children” shot that day were in actually secretly replaced with Tofuman shaped creations, (90% Tofu and 10% human DNA replicated from L.Ron himself capable of dog level thought), that were programed to scream and run towards anything shaped like a gun. The fourth Reich super computer discovered that it could watch Red Dwarf on Netflix and decided now was the time to take over the human race and turn everyone into a hologram because it liked putting Hs on peoples forheads. (You have to watch the show to understand…).

    That’s fo sho what happened. Fo reels yo.

  3. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    I’m seeing a whole bunch of people being “Shocked, Shocked” at such a conspiracy theory. Where was the outrage when these same folks were saying that Bush did 9/11 so Cheney could steal Iraq’s oil and build pipelines in Afghanistan?

  4. Blanka says:

    Sharing on FB. Can’t believe my eyes.

  5. Old Tanker says:


    Pure gold….everyone at work is wondering what the hell I’m laughing at….fo reels yo.

  6. Twist says:

    I’ve seen some of their “reasonings” while trolling teh interwebs. Stuff like facebook memorial pages being up the day prior to the shooting which “mysteriously” now have start up dates of after the shooting.

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t the Daleks at work?

  8. Old Trooper says:

    Was it a “hoax”? No, but it was a clusterf**k of epic proportions, considering that the State Police had been conducting training involving this exact scenario and they still weren’t able to keep their own story straight. Granted, the news media wasn’t any help and added to the confusion. Reports were that Lanza had 2 pistols and a shotgun on him and the rifle was left in the car. Then we heard that the shotgun was left in the car and he had 2 pistols and the scary rifle with him. Then we heard that inside, the police found 4 pistols, but didn’t mention the scary rifle being in there. The medical examiner would hold several press conferences where he displayed how confused he was, too, and the media basically fed him the answers to speak. They still don’t have the story straight a month later, but within minutes, the calls for “assault weapon” bans were heard throughout the media and politicians, and no one knew what was used at that point. It makes it easy for the conspiracy theories to manifest when everything sounds scripted, but still confusing.

  9. NHSparky says:

    There are those who know, those who don’t know, and those poor fuckers don’t even SUSPECT.

    Yeah it was a goatfuck, but faked? Nobody can pull that off. Not the Bilderburgers, not the Illuminati, not Yale’s “Skull and Bones”, not even the Masons.

  10. Hahaha says:

    Lol daleks. Doctor Who love that show.

  11. Hondo says:

    Daleks? That’s just so . . . crudely SF.

    Everybody knows it was the Greys at Area 51 who were behind it. Didn’t you see “Alien Autopsy”? (smile)

  12. USMCE8Ret says:

    …and I’m still waiting on the results of what really happened at Benghazi.

  13. USMCE8Ret says:

    (Seems to me we’ve forgotten about that.)

  14. Jonn Lilyea says:

    For some reason, we’re the #1 search result on Google for “Sandy Hook hoax” now. So, I’m expecting some crackpot trolls any minute – I’m sure they’re disappointed.

  15. 77 11C20 says:

    The media was tripping over themslves (outnumbering both law enforcement and victims) trying to scoop each other so they can make a name for themselves and become national stars and they stayed for days. Its also a result of public officials trying to get their TV face time before they have all the facts and a clear timeline.

  16. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    The lunatic fringe conspiracy theorists are certainly out in force lately. There will no doubt be an attempt by the media and their blogging cohorts to link those of us with constitutional objections to the conspiracy crowd….it should get interesting.

  17. rb325th says:

    The f’ing media in their rush to stay on the air and crank the ratings just made it up as they went along. The Police in providing no official response for well over a day allowed for every Barney Fife to be quoted anonymously and coupled with the medias ignorance on all things gun related resulted in the fuel for the conspiracy theorist to go on…
    As well as the fact some of them are just insane and make crap up left and right, like actors being used, nonexistent connections between the shooters in Aurora and Sandy Hooks fathers and a Senate Investigation into a company neither even remotely worked for. I could go on and on…
    The simple harsh truth of that day is that Adam Lanza had snapped, and in a pre-planned rage he killed his mother, stole her weapons, went to the school on his own and massacred those students and teachers. He went in wielding 2 hand guns(a glock and sig sauer) and a .223 Semi Automatic Rifle (aka evil black gun) and left in the trunk of the car a Saiga Shotgun (later incorrectly identified as an AR-15 by the media).
    He savagely murdered children and adults alike, showing no mercy, no remorse and took the cowards way out in the end by shooting himself as the firs cops drew their weapons on him.
    These ghouls spreading the “theories” are nothing more than trolls and bottom feeding scum. They do it to justify their anti Semitic views, their paranoid delusions about our government, and some probably just for the kicks…
    Meantime a dear friend of mines niece was shot dead that day, killed by Adam Lanza who shot her and all those other victims multiple times… She died at the hands of a madman, not by some government conspiracy.
    They can all rot in hell alongside lanza when they join him there.

  18. streetsweeper says:

    A website I admin for had some of those video’s posted it and they finally caught my ire or eye. I went through the site, found more, removed every one then told the members, no more. Bet you a cup of coffee I am a dirty SOB again, LOL. Like I care.

  19. bpete1969 says:

    I’ve been following the Ct’s at Veterans Today since they latched on to this story. Jim Fetzer started the ball rolling with an article as Press TV claiming Mossad. Then, Gordon “the Duffus” Duff chimed in agreeing with the whackjobs in the comment section that it was a Satanic child stealing operation. Then Uncle Fetzer changes direction and teams up with Nick Kollerstrom from the UK that claims the tube bombings were fake and this was Mossad/CIA. He (Kollerstrom)then follows up with an article from Andrew MacGregor in Australia that claims FBI.
    So basically you take a bucket full of initials, throw in 4 educated idiots, stir until well coated and bake at Fahrenheit 451 for three weeks and viola!…moonbat suffle.

  20. CC Senor says:

    @9 “Nobody can pull that off.”

    Even if they could, we have reached the point where people no longer seem capable of keeping their mouths shut about it.

  21. BohicaTwentyTwo says:

    The media hype and rush to get the scoop is primarily to blame for the fog of war during this event. But another cause is the new “active shooter” police procedures where the first priority is finding the shooter and killing him, not setting up a perimeter, media center and snack table, then go in and try to stop the bloodshed.

  22. obsidian says:

    The level of trust actually that I feel right now for the government of this nation is so low I would not be surprised if it was a set up, I see how people get killed in many places and it comes at just the right moment to create a crisis that the current government of this nation intends to never go to waste.
    Engineering a crisis to enact some political desire to go to war, enact gun control or hide from the press to keep from testifying about the deaths of an ambassador and three other American’s. Don’t forget at the same moment moves were being made to repeal the 22 amendment in order to allow POTUS to get another term, after that We will never see the end of this crap.
    This is Chi-Town politics, this is how they do it.
    No, I am not a conspiracy nut but Damn! that shooting came at just the right moment so the POTUS could destroy the second amendment and I would not be surprised if it was done by liberal anti- 2d and anti gun people deliberately to enact their ideology on the United States citizens.
    It was just too damn convenient.

  23. NHSparky says:

    Bohica–that’s the media in a nutshell.

    “What? You don’t have any information? The events are still unfolding? Damn you cops, don’t you know we’re the MEDIA!!! We have RIGHTS, dammit! It’s all about MEEEEE!!!”

    And CC, et al, I chalk this shit up to the “Elvis Syndrome.” A while back, someone conducted a survey and 10 percent of people thought Elvis was still alive, and that neaerly the same percentage thought that if you sent Santa Claus a letter, he’d get it.

    You want to start with better mental health screening? Start with the people pushing this shit.

  24. Hondo says:

    NHSparky: that’s nothing new. There’s an old saying: “There’s always that 10% . . . .”

  25. obsidian says:

    Everyone can see they speak of killing members of the NRA, raiding gun owners homes, publishing their addresses recklessly, Dropping Nuclear weapons on states that do not enact POTUS gun control.
    People who talk this way will act to get their manifesto pushed through even if it tales the death of 25 million Americans >William Ayers<
    These folks will kill to get their way.

  26. obsidian says:

    I am not saying it’s true but I am saying the will is there and the hate and it was damned convenient.

  27. slightlycrazy says:

    obsidian, you’re crazy. you need to find a mental health clinic and check in.

  28. Ex-PH2 says:

    @27 – No, obsidian is not crazy, just angry. Learn to recognize the difference. Venting your frustrations. Making threats is another. Obsidian was not making threats of any kind.

    People who are truly crazy and angry at the same time frequently do not voice their anger. They just take it out on other people, and sometimes on themselves.

  29. Flagwaver says:

    Obsidian is crazy, but he is right about trust for the government.

    All I know for certain, is that Adam Lanza went nuts, killed his mother, stole her weapons, shot a school full of kids, and then died. The number of weapons, the types of weapons, and the number of shots fired have been reported differently by every single news agency and by the government. How he died has likewise been reportedly differently by every single news agency and by the government. The fact that a shotgun was found in the back of his car, and that they tried saying it was an assault rifle for a week straight leads me to question their reporting that he had an assault rifle in the shooting.

    By their estimation, he could have had a shoulder stock add-on for one of the pistols and they would have called it an assault rifle.

    All I know is that the President is not letting this crisis go to waste. He is blaming an inanimate object that is owned by hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens for the actions of a single crazy person. His logic is that if he makes a law banning that weapon, then the criminals will follow it and not use that weapon anymore. And that scares me more than any potential “assault” rifle wielding crazy.

  30. DaveO says:

    #26 obsidian,

    Yes, William Ayers talked about killing 23-25 million people in Communist ‘re-education’ camps. Source:

    There are real conspiracies and false conspiracies. By presenting the absurd, such as Sandy Hook or 911, we more easily dismiss the commonplace (AARP support to Obamacare because of personal profit).

    Then there’s Invader Zim.

  31. Stephen says:

    It is very reasonable to doubt the authenticity of this massacre.

  32. Ex-PH2 says:

    @29 Flagwaver, I posted the 23 executive orders on the ‘NRA-Stand & Fight; America speaks for itself’ column.

  33. Lec says:

    #6 twist, check around youtube, people have video of timestamps and people actually posting questions on the facebooks and webpages before they were removed. as well as links to pages, and a video memorial posted nearly a month before the shooting.

  34. NHSparky says:

    Aw, shit…here we go.

  35. Sustainer says:

    So for all the assholes looking for Elvis, the Easter Bunny and the additonal shooter on the grassy knoll”…get a new hobby.

    Reports at first contact…never correct. What a shock.

    The “second shooter” is a guy named Chris Manfredonia who I personally know.

    Chris is an athletic director at a local high school, a great guy and a great father. Here’s the schools website with his name prominently displayed as the Athletic Director.

    Chris happened to be in the perfect storm when he arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th. Chris was going to the school to make Ginerbread Houses with his daughter and her second grade class on that awful morning.

    He arrived at the school in the perfect window when Lanza was executing babies and women, and first responders had not yet arrived.

    He saw the front window of the school blown out, and could hear the gun shots. Being a bright guy, he figured it out right away, and sprinted to the side of the school to his daughter’s room, because it had windows to the outside, which is near a wooded area.

    As soon as he got to her room, first responders arrived at DEFCON 4, and pancaked Chris on the ground, which was the right thing to do.

    They cuffed him and took him to a nearby cruiser. As he passed other that were there, he stated : “I didn’t do it”

    Now…listen to this glue-sniffer describing Chris. (I’ve never seen Chris wear anything but khaki pants and Land’s End button-down shirts….hey, it IS Connecticut…Dick Blumnethal country!)

    Here’s another YouTube vid where they refer to Chris by name.

    By the way, Chris wouldn’ know a Bushmaster from a Jumpmaster from a Craftmaster socket wrench.

  36. Stephen says:

    I am not saying I know for a fact it didn’t happen, but given the information that has been provided by the media and the information that has been provided by individuals doing their own research. It seems to be quite reasonable to have doubts. Maybe in future those doubts will be laid to rest but as of right now things seem a little off.

  37. UpNorth says:

    So, what are those “individuals doing their own research” using for resource materials? What the media put out? Because no official report has been released. Anecdotal “evidence” from someone who heard it from someone, who read it on facebook, posted by someone who heard it from someone? Just curious how anyone is doing their own research.

  38. UpNorth says:

    @#34, Sparky come on, you know that the timestamps and all must be true, no one ever has faked a timestamp on a pic or video.

  39. Stephen says:

    I don’t know where they are doing their research but right now they are more convincing than the media.

  40. exiledheart3 says:

    all of you that thinks that sandy hook was a hoax are completely sick in the head. you really need mentle help

  41. Lec says:


    The timestamps are on the webpages and facebooks from date of creation, not the video showing the page. im not trying to say it was faked or not, just pointing out what someone else commented on. he was arguing against information without using all of it, picking which information to use to better the argument (peirs morgan style)

  42. Stephen says:

    For all you that don’t know how to spell mental. You really need to get a little smarter.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Here was a fairly thorough debunking of the conspiracy theories from another website – it touches on many angles, including the time-stamps, etc.:

    There are lots of things wrong about the current media and how they’re so eager for news that they run with things before the facts are known, but it’s one hell of a leap in logic to imply some utterly brilliant evil masterminds are able to dupe them all, as well as orchestrate a massive operation, yet somehow can’t track down and eliminate these nutjobs who see ‘the truth’.

    There’s ALSO a big difference between believing in a cartoonish President engineering such an event (crazy), and one who would use the understandable -albeit misguided- anger and sentiments after the fact to push for laws that people incorrectly feel would reduce the likelihood of these sorts of things happening again.

  44. exiledheart3 says:

    just from the posts that i have read on here the ones that are claiming this awful act was a hoax are the ones that pitching a bitch fit about increasing gun control the us needs to increase gun control if you want to blame some one for increased gun laws blame the ones that abused the rights to bare arms

  45. exiledheart3 says:

    i guess i went a little MENTAL and spelled MENTAL wrong after reading all of your bullshit

  46. Lec says:

    #43 great post, thanks for that, though its still unclear how the facebook page for the teacher was created December 10th,(as shown by the original facebook page) before it was taken down.

    one of many people who found this. is it possible to change that date?

  47. rb325th says:

    and here we go… enter the ghoul crowd stage right.. okay boys and girls, school must be out. f’ing idiots!!

  48. rb325th says:

    Stephan tell me in your own words what you believe happened, and from what “reports/research” you have come to believe this.
    Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother. Drove to the school with her guns, shot his way into the school and murdered in cold blood every adult and child he saw.
    There was no second shooter, we even have his friend here explaining that.
    There were no paid actors, those were real parents, real officials.
    The guns used were detailed in the official police briefing that was given AFTER all the videos where the media was stating all other kinds of crap.
    The same with the confusion on the weapon seen in the trunk of the car. It was a Saiga Shotgun by the way.
    What else? Oh Lanzas father was employed by GE Capital not some foreign investment firm under investigation, but that there were no scheduled hearings and the only place his name comes up in connection with it is in conspiracy theorist sick and twisted minds. They pulled the same line of crap wit hthe Colorado shooting and again, zero connection… But some asshole said it on the internet so you believ them.
    You all need to get your heads out of your asses and accept the fact that bad things happen, things like this have happened since the 1700’s in this country and will continue to most likely happen again. No conspiracies, just some crazy ass individual….

  49. Old Trooper says:

    @35: I’m not talking about first reports, I’m talking about 2 days later reports. They still didn’t have the story straight. In my opinion, it was a the blind leading the blind and still is, yet the first thing to come out of it on that particular day, even before they knew what weapons were used, was that we needed an “assault weapon” ban and ban on large capacity magazines. That’s what my point was; the talking points before we had the details.

  50. Stephen says:

    I have seen nothing concrete. No video evidence. With this happening in a school with 600 students present it would have been complete chaos. Where are the pictures of this chaos? Where are the 600 students? Where are the interviews with the survivors? Where are the details? If something like this happens, people would talk about details. There would be so many rumors about what went on in that building. Where are the rumors? This scene would have been so graphic that one could even imagine. Nobody is talking about the graphic details. Where are they?