Four years later

| January 21, 2013

We wrote our first viral story four years ago, when the president didn’t bother to attend the American Legion’s “Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball” – the ball which honors our Medal of Honor awardees. According to the American Legion, at least 25 of those heroes will be attending this year. The ball has been traditionally attended by the President since 1953 when it began – until 2009.

According to War On Terror News and, the president will be skipping the ball again this year.

There’s a pretty interesting story behind the last event, that I can’t recount for some reasons. I have been known to tell the story when plied with alcohol, though. But if I told you the story, you’d like our President even less than you might now, and some other fairly public figures, too.

The Obama Administration has made a big show with words about how they support the troops, but their actions don’t match the rhetoric. From the time they tried to make service-connected injured veterans buy private insurance to the fact that they’re cancelling Tricare Prime for more than 100,000 veterans in the western part of the country in a few months, this administration has proved that they think that they can attract veterans to their banner with pretty words and leave us hanging out to dry when it comes to action, like all of the other special interest groups who cleave to the administration.

When Obama skipped the ball in 2009, it was the canary in the coalmine for veterans. The next four years is going to be an overt war to retain what we earned, what our families depend upon, because we made the poor choice to depend on the government to keep their promises.

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  1. Hondo says:

    Anyone surprised?

  2. Biermann says:

    I don’t think your story would make me dislike him anymore. That meter was pegged out years ago at our State VFW convention.

  3. OWB says:

    Actually, not showing up is the greatest tribute he can show the heroes being honored. Sad, but true.

  4. Mike Smith says:

    What do you mean “we”? I realize that ever since the Founding of our Republic, the Congress has had a problem keeping their word to the veterans who served in the Armed Forces. Now it’s worse.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, for pete’s sake! I think he’s a putz, a slacker, a dilettante, and a lazy fuck who wants people to do everything for him. Don’t tease. At least send it out in e-mail. Otherwise, I’ll buy a bottle of wine, put a mouse in it and mail it to you.

  6. NHSparky says:

    As I said in the other thread, fuck Obama. If he can’t even be bothered to PRETEND to support those heroes who have risked their lives (and in far too many cases, sacrificed them) then he ain’t worth the sweat off my swinging sack.

    Just one sign of what we’re facing until 2017. Sleep well, America.

  7. UpNorth says:

    Thanks, Sparky. You saved me the time to type that, as that’s how I feel, too.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    Actually, it’s best he stay away.

    Nobody likes a skunk at a picnic.

  9. Jonn Lilyea says:

    I agree with many of you – the man should stay away, but the President needs to be there.

  10. RunPatRun says:

    “The next four years is going to be an overt war to retain what we earned, what our families depend upon”

    The Legion and VFW will be two groups doing some of the fighting. The more members on the roles, the more powerful our voice. Even if one does not like to go to smoke filled social quarters for cheap beer, membership is important (my opinion).

  11. NHSparky says:

    Jonn, I don’t disagree with you. The president DOES in fact need to be there to honor our heroes.

    Sadly, what we have had for the last four years (and for the next four) isn’t a President, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Obama does what we in the Navy called “filling the billet”. Sure, he’s in the chain-of-command (see C-in-C), but what does he really DO?

    Obama might hold the title of POTUS, but if his career to date (and what we’ll see until he leaves) is any indication, he’s a placeholder. Nothing more. Name me one tough decision the man has made and stuck to, without avenues where he could blame someone if shit went south.

    Just one, libtards. Try.

  12. rb325th says:

    @9, Yes Jonn the President/CiC needs to be there, but we have not had a Commander in Chief since his predecessor left office. Obama has been an utter failure as CiC, despite the good fortunate he had in getting bin laden because of the ground work laid out in the Bush administration and hard work by our intelligence community. Though he screwed that up in the aftermath by allowing our source to be exposed and imprisoned. No, a CiC he is not, just as Jimmy Carter was a shitty commander this one is going to go down as the “2nd coming of Carter”
    There are many bones to pick at when it came to President Bush and some of his failings, but where he did not fail was with the troops, and evidenced by his ongoing work he continues to do for our wounded veterans and their families.
    We need another CiC….

  13. Cacti35 says:

    What a day to celebrate, Obama’s second term begins and the anniversary of Jimmy Carter pardoning the cowards that ran off to Canada to avoid the draft!

  14. FatCircles0311 says:

    Any honorable individual would literally jump at the opportunity to meet and thank these remarkable warriors personally. I know I would but then again I don’t have multiple vacations during the year I must attend to either.

    @10: The VFW I belong to doesn’t even have a bar and nobody is smoking there. Just a lot of great veterans still serving their communities, veterans, and active military.

  15. GruntSgt says:

    Oh sure, put that out there and leaves us hanging, if the pump needs to be primed I can provide a good single malt. Agree with the others, nothing is going to make me like these pond dwellers any less.

  16. Bill R. says:

    I don’t think it’s possible to dislike our president more.

  17. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’d like to point out that Andrew Jackson had 20,000 guests in the White House at his inauguration.

    It turned into a kegger.

  18. NHSparky says:

    @16–wanna bet?

  19. obsidian says:

    The democrats as well as the liberal, left wing socialist always saw the veteran as a chump, a criminal of low intelligence who was to be used then discarded after they had committed their crimes. Because to liberals any war even one the libs start and end are still considered crimes against humanity.
    If these creeps had the power they would draft from prison populations for penal Brigades and use them to fight their wars, promising freedom but destroying the fighters when they are done. Those who somehow survive are soon sent right back to jail.
    Obama does NOT see the Soldier or veterans as good people.

  20. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @16. “I don’t think it’s possible to dislike our president more.” He’s only one day into his second term. Give him another week or two.

  21. WOTN says:

    I agree with Jonn, this year, as in 2009: while I would not desire to share the same air as the politician in chief, there are Duties and Responsibilities of every position. There are things one *should* do, to remind oneself that there are greater men than themselves.

    The OFFICE of the President, and the SERVANT of the American People (not a ruler of US subjects), should take the time to honor those Warriors that have demonstrated the greatest Valor, and been recognized for it.

    It is a blessing to be in the presence of Our Nation’s most recognized Protectors. And the humbling experience is one that should be accepted as a great opportunity. The People’s senior Servant, should pay Honor *for all of us.*

  22. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    The CiC should attend this event as was done for the last 50 years. While it is not part of the events planned by the presidential inauguration committee (he only attended and will attend these events) it is nonetheless an event honoring those who are indeed some of the best among us.

    Instead of constantly honoring those who are among the least or worst of us, one would hope that he could understand that it really isn’t always about votes. I am not surprised by this, rhetoric to the contrary this president has not at all been about bipartisan hope and change but instead has engaged in a systematic class warfare to keep everyone divided.

  23. DaveO says:

    For a man presented, in 2009, as The Messiah, as a man above all other men, how could he possibly surround himself with men who’ve earned the MOH?

    For a man being presented, in 2013, as surmounting all obstacles despite the evils perpetrated by TEA Partiers and the GOP, as a man above all other men who ever existed, how cuold he possibly surround himself with men who’ve earned the MOH?

    Alternately, the men who wear the MOH protected America far above and beyond the call of duty – protected a country that BHO spent his youth protesting against.

    The psychology isn’t there.

    Likely, it’s a good thing for the MOH winners. Now they don’t have to deal with the snobbery that eminates from the WH.

  24. AW1 Tim says:

    Q: How can you tell if President Obama is lying?

    A: His lips are moving.

    It is incredibly sad to write those words, but more than any other president they fit him like a glove.

  25. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I have never seen him salute. I have avoided it because I am still trying to get over the ugliness of seeing Clinton salute. There is something wrong and unholy about their saluting and it has nothing whatsoever to do with neither being a Veteran. On this day, the day of obamaman’s staged inauguration, I celebrate the first day of his last term in office. Despite the idiot sheeple who voted for him in November, they cannot make the same mistake three times–at least, not with him.

    God bless and save the United States of America.

  26. ObamaGirl says:

    the President supports the troops by ending the unnecessary war in Iraq and drawing down Afghanistan and by not rushing into another war with Iran or Syria.. I know all of the chickenhawks on this site would prefer for this country to be in a constant state of war from the safety of their living rooms but now we have a President who actually supports the troops with actions not cheap words and magnetic yellow ribbons.

  27. OWB says:

    It depends entirely upon the meaning of the word support. Sucking blood out of a turnip is not the one generally accepted.

  28. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    “I know all of the chickenhawks on this site would prefer for this country to be in a constant state of war….”

    I suppose that doctors want people to be sick or injured, too. I mean, it’s what they do, treating the sick and injured. And retired or former doctors must especially relish sick and injured people. It ensures that the field in which they previously practiced continues in their absence, without the possibility of their losing a patient or making an error and suffering a malpractice suit.

    You are a dolt, OG.

  29. WOTN says:

    #26: You mean “chickenhawks” like those that watched the killing of OBL on a video screen, then proudly proclaimed their own glory in his own risk taking?

    Do you mean those who “supports the troops” by trying to charge Combat Veterans and Military Retirees for their service related injuries, and cut National Guard/Reserves monthly pay in half, while increasing their annual ADuty from 2 to 7 weeks?

    Do you mean “chickenhawks” like those that refuse to use the word “victory” and proclaim an “end” while releasing back unto the battlefield those that kill Our Troops and unarmed Citizens, from the safety of the Oval Office?

    Do you mean those that “support the troops” by refusing them fire support and putting them on trial for killing the enemy? Do you mean those that “support the troops” by ordering them to fight with their hands tied behind their backs?

    Do you mean those “chickenhawks” that decided not to follow the Constitution, and fight wars in Africa (Kony), Libya (Qaddaffi), and Syria, without consulting or getting approval from Congress? Do you mean “chickenhawks” like those that order the aerial bombing of allied countries like Pakistan and Yemen? Or those that give away our aircraft (Global Hawk to NATO, F-15’s to Islamist Egypt) while cutting equipment to Our Own Troops?

    Do you mean those that “support our troops” by refusing to go to visit the wounded, unless cameras can capture it for a campaign photoop? Or those that publish pics of Our Fallen’s return, DESPITE the wishes of the Families?

    OR, are you calling those of us who have actually BEEN THERE, that have FOUGHT for Our Nation “chickenhawks?”

  30. DaveO says:

    #26 OG: this may come as a surprise to you, but Obama put us in a war in in Libya, and now Mali. Both without the Approval of Congress, unlike the Congressionally authorized campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Oh, and yes, we are involved in the Syrian war. With troops on the ground providing protection to Turkey.

    Truth to power.

  31. Jacobite says:

    As a soldier who’s been in the sandbox, and decidedly NOT a ‘chickenhawk’, I can honestly say that the President is NOT supporting me by capitulating before the job is done. What he’s doing is spitting on the effort so many have bled in support of.

    Morons like yourself, Obumbles Girl, continue to call the war efforts unnecessary in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    And you know what? I have way more respect for any ‘chickenhawks’ that may be found here than I will ever have for a deplorable individual like yourself who exhibits your moral cowardice every time you open your stupid cock holster.

    You are nothing but an empty windbag farting for your own aural amusement.

  32. DaveO says:

    It’s why neither Bush nor Cheney can be arrested, well among other reasons. Their actions were legal.

    Otherwise, Obama would have them arrested.

  33. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    @29 Yes that is exactly the kind of chicken hawk that dude OG is talking about…OG is a sad little man who blindly worships his messiah….any comment perceived to threaten the status of his god Obama provokes an incoherent response of rhetoric and hyperbole.

    Like all good PHd candidates he knows the ability to articulate a position using rhetorical diatribe is a clear path to academic excellence and acceptance.

  34. OWB says:

    Always wonder about the chickenhawk imagery. Aren’t they birds capable of taking care of themselves? Do they inflict any more damage than is absolutely necessary to survive?

    It can only be taken as a negative by those who see it as a negative image. Sounds quite a lot like the bald eagle actually.

  35. Ex-PH2 says:

    I think that the term ‘chickenhawk’ is bit of colloquial slang applied to red-tailed hawks, a species of buteo, or possibly Harris hawks, both of which are notorious for hunting in farmland and suburban areas. They are extremely self-sufficient, mate for life, take excellent care of their offspring, and keep down pests like rabbits, rats and mice.

    The term ‘chickenhawk’ may possibly also apply to the turkey vulture or turkey buzzard, which is difficult to distinguish at a high altitude from a red-tailed or a Harris hawk, but they do the same things, including mating for life.

    And, yes, hawks and buzzards will prey on chickens and other poultry if they have nothing else available, because chickens, pheasants, ducks and some species of geese are fair game for them, but chickens are usually kept penned in a yard.

    In this light, I fail to see how the appellation of ‘chickenhawk’ can possibly be used as a pejorative term.

  36. OWB says:

    Well, PH, I have always taken the use of the term pejoratively as just another sign of the abject ignorance of those using it in that way. I take it as a compliment. But then I do have a problem with allowing the ignorant to define the meaning of words.

  37. Hondo says:

    In political jargon today, an accepted definition for the term “chickenhawk” is one who advocates war but who personally avoided military service when of age to serve.

    Given the percentage of TAH who are vets, ObamaGirl’s comment above merely demonstrates her abject ignorance of the term’s definition and proper use.

  38. OWB says:

    Oh, Hondo, I get that that is how some use the word, or words. I still get to laugh when they do.

  39. Common Sense says:

    @23 – Agreed.

    A good leader surrounds him/herself with the best, knowing that they are better, smarter people than said leader. Then you learn from the best. I’ve been there, done that.

    Obama won’t be in the presence of MOH recipients because he knows that they are better people than he is and they’ve proved it and he can’t stand the thought.

    Obama picture is next to the definition of narcissist in the dictionary. He truly manifests it as a mental illness.

  40. AW1 Tim says:

    I see that OG has “blessed” us with another drive-by trolling.

    At least Joey, when he shows up, sticks around for the beatings.

  41. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @40. You know how it is with those Ph.D. candidates. It’s busy, busy, busy all the time. This evening, for instance, she is out collecting orca feces for analysis by someone who knows how to use a microscope.

  42. Ex-PH2 says:

    @41 – Or a calculator. OG still hasn’t said which species of orca he/she/it is going after. There are several, you know, and they like to kill their trainers. 😉

  43. RunPatRun says:

    @14, agreed and the VFW I belong to also does not have a bar. Still, that is the reason I hear most often for not joining. Both VSOs do much more.

    And to Obama Girl, the ‘post and run’ is an admission you’re totally and unequivocally wrong. But you knew that.

  44. Twist says:

    Every time I hear or see the term “chickenhawk” I think of Foghorn Leghorn getting hit in the head with a club and the little chic dragging him away by his ankle.

  45. Hondo says:

    OWB: I have no problem with the term. But ObamaGirl might want to think twice about tossing it around.

    As I recall, one guy by the name of William Jefferson Clinton pulled out all the stops to avoid military service in the late 1960s. But when he was POTUS, that same William Jefferson Clinton committed US forces to hostilities in Somalia, Haiti, and the Balkans.

    So . . . that would make ObamaGirl’s hero Clinton one of those “chickenhawks” ObamaGirl is complaining about – wouldn’t it?

  46. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    @ ObamaGirl …

    Four Words:


    End of Words!

  47. OWB says:

    Yep, Hondo. Absolutely. There is some confusion about whether he actually enlisted in the Guard and simply managed to be unavailable for training. No records seem to exist that suggest he was paid for being a member, if he was. Or some such goofy stuff.

    But, since he is a member of the ruling elite, surely the label cannot apply no matter what?

  48. Hondo says:

    OWB: it would appear as if the current VP might also qualify. Biden apparently received a number of draft deferments while a student. Then in 1968 he took a physical and was granted 1-Y draft status (eligible to serve in national emergency only) due to a history of “teenage asthma”.

    ‘Course, that “teenage asthma” didn’t stop him from being a standout on his High School football team or playing freshman football at the Univ of Delaware.

  49. PALADIN says:

    @26 Obamugabes Girlzzzz
    You Obamas sister ?
    Don’t drink too much of that Obama Grape kool aid now….ya turd.

  50. PALADIN says:

    Check out Moochelle shoveling food into her face, and eyerolling John Bohener—->