Four years later

| January 21, 2013

We wrote our first viral story four years ago, when the president didn’t bother to attend the American Legion’s “Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball” – the ball which honors our Medal of Honor awardees. According to the American Legion, at least 25 of those heroes will be attending this year. The ball has been traditionally attended by the President since 1953 when it began – until 2009.

According to War On Terror News and, the president will be skipping the ball again this year.

There’s a pretty interesting story behind the last event, that I can’t recount for some reasons. I have been known to tell the story when plied with alcohol, though. But if I told you the story, you’d like our President even less than you might now, and some other fairly public figures, too.

The Obama Administration has made a big show with words about how they support the troops, but their actions don’t match the rhetoric. From the time they tried to make service-connected injured veterans buy private insurance to the fact that they’re cancelling Tricare Prime for more than 100,000 veterans in the western part of the country in a few months, this administration has proved that they think that they can attract veterans to their banner with pretty words and leave us hanging out to dry when it comes to action, like all of the other special interest groups who cleave to the administration.

When Obama skipped the ball in 2009, it was the canary in the coalmine for veterans. The next four years is going to be an overt war to retain what we earned, what our families depend upon, because we made the poor choice to depend on the government to keep their promises.

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  1. Devtun says:


    Yeah, almost as bad as Moochelle’s “All this for a damn flag” quip. Seriously, I don’t get the MSMs facination w/ her…give Moochelle credit, she’s a competent public speaker, but hardly extraodinary in the looks department, and always seems to wear a scowl. BO probably terrified to let those chompers of hers go anywhere near the south pole…nah, she’s probably the frigid ice queen and doesn’t do that sort of thing.

  2. PALADIN says:

    @51 Devtun LOLS ! If she does, God forbid she was hungry !

  3. Twist says:

    @45, I believe it was Bush senior that started Somolia with the humanitarian aid portion. We didn’t start combat operations until Clinton was in though.

  4. NHSparky says:

    @26…a President who actually supports the troops with actions not cheap words and magnetic yellow ribbons.

    OG–I know this will prove a daunting task to one of even your intellectual (hah!) abilities, but look at this:

    Scroll to page 78 of the pdf file. Notice anything? Now look at the bottom section of page 79. Notice anything else?

    Now go fetch your fuckin shine box.