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| January 22, 2013

Someone sent us this from the Facebook group Fort McClellan Grads. I have no idea why they think this guy is a phony.

Jeff Burtt1

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  1. Twist says:

    @49, They could name the show “The Real World Delta Farce on Jersey Shores”.

  2. MAJMike says:

    Jeebus!!! This is why I only use the terminal rank from my less than stellar military career in a InterTubes screen name. Most of my career was spent preparing for the Great Fulda Gap Live-Fire Exercise that was cancelled in 1989.

    I really don’t want any real heroes linking me with one of these asshats.

  3. kp32 says:

    I like the ‘Honey West’ fake mole on his cheek, it works well with the earrings.

  4. Green Thumb says:

    The runner up of the tourney this year should get a date with that Marine (no offense, USMC) “thing” that was posted last week.

  5. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    @53. Honey West! Man, that brings back memories. [Insert the Bob Hope growl here]

  6. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Somewhere a horse is wondering what became of his ass.

  7. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    Not a HORSE and yes it is a NOSE RING.

    I found a video on the of this POS getting his nose ring!

  8. martinjmpr says:

    I thought the Major 1st Class insignia had a rocker underneath it?

  9. kp32 says:

    @58- You’re thinking of Sergeant Major.

  10. Hondo says:

    This dipstick better be wearing a fake mole. Otherwise, he needs to see a dermatologist pronto.

  11. Ex-PH2 says:

    That’s a Honey West mole? I thought it was a raisin. I really did.

  12. Adirondack Patriot says:

    Major First Class?

    Oh, that’s what an MFer is!

  13. Fucking retard can’t even get his made up rank correct. I apologize to true retards, because even they are no where near as retarded as this dipshit.

  14. B Woodman says:

    Sorry I came late in the day to this one.
    ‘Bout fell out of my chair laughing out loud.
    Major First Class . . . First Class idiot.
    He may not be a winner in the BallDuster McSoulPatch tourney, but you just KNOW he’s going to be right up there in the finals.

    Anyone know this asstard’s real name and addy, so that a REAL man can go and have a little heart-to-heart (wall-to-wall) counseling with this whatever it is??

  15. B Woodman says:

    PS – MajMike,
    Does that mean you were with the 2ACR? Just curious.
    I was with the 614th Maint/2nd SupCom in Nurnberg (Merrill Barracks) late 70’s-early 80’s.

  16. B Woodman says:

    Last name: Burrrrrt
    The sound his ass makes when he farts.

  17. malclave says:

    So what’s the plural form of that rank? Majors First Class or Major First Classes?

  18. Green Thumb says:

    Dudet looks 17 at best.

  19. RandomNCO says:

    I thought that mark above his lip was something on my screen, I tried for about two minutes to scratch it off.

  20. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    Gotta clean an assload of coffee off of my desk and keyboard again!

  21. 10th MTN NCO says:

    @8- You’re cleaning my couch cushions. I spit coffee all over the damn place. Good one!

  22. Terminal_leave_NCO says:

    Wow…and I thought there were not enough first class numbskulls running around in this world..and BAM!! Here’s another.

    Might be one time when taking out an “officer” might be justified.

  23. Miss Em says:

    Have been following for awhile but haven’t felt I should say anything but this is one that just has to be commented about after I cleaned off the tablet.
    1) Where did the Emblem on the ID Card come from because I’m 62 and can’t remember when the reference to the Navy was removed from the Marine Emblem on their ID Card. Also, is the Marine Emblem suppose to be sort of oblong.? I always have seen it Round.
    2) The shirt looks as if it has been button wrong…one side higher than the other. My First-Cousin learned in boot with a Drill Instructor screaming in one ear how to dress properly in a uniform.
    3) When was the last time that “blouse” saw or felt a hot steam iron. That First-Cousin loomed over me when I offered to press his trousers before we went to the movies. (He was 19 and I was 15.) His instructions were as if both his Drill Instructors would come busting through the door at any moment….. memories…. smile
    4) Looks as if there is something in the right ear lobe…check it out

    @45…The head cover looks like a hunting (as in deer hunting) watch cap because I don’t see a brim over his glasses.

  24. El Marco says:

    I like the earrings best.