NRA Life of Duty/Frontlines; Cuba

| January 28, 2013

The folks at the NRA sent us their latest Frontlines video, starring LTC Oliver North and it focuses on the history of the Guantanamo base in Cuba and it’s current functions aside from it’s most famous as a detention facility for the world’s most dangerous terrorists.

The base at Guantanamo has become the world’s most powerful reminder of the contrast between American individualism and freedom, and its antithesis, communist socialism. Separated by a seventeen miles of well-guarded chain-link fence, the base is still a world apart from the rest of Cuba.

They also tell us that there’s another “Stand and Fight” video in the series coming out this week.

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  1. FatCircles0311 says:

    That boot took one for the team being roughed up on the corral rocky beach with just wearing a skivy shirt.

  2. Eggs says:

    I went to GITMO in ’81 on the Cutter Westwind (WAGB 281). There’s nothing that will make your crew the butt of jokes like showing up in Cuba with an icebreaker. We ended up with Excellents in all areas except Deck Force, which ended up with an Outstanding. I remember the bath water like temps while snorkeling, the open air theatre, and the “Cattle Car”.

  3. ejazzyjeff says:

    I was stationed at GITMO back in 96-99 with my family. I have to admit, but we really enjoyed it there.