Tuesdays with Claymore

| January 29, 2013


Rural = old white gun voters

No more white presidents?

Tens of dozens who hate the Constitution.

Japanese gun control

Corporate foodies!

Uh, are you sure he wasn’t talking about a Hillary Clinton administration?

Drafty women

“Hey guys! I got this…free money! Genius!”

Fake southerners always spout off racist and homophobic rants to total strangers. True story.

Your tolerance of tolerating intolerance is getting intolerable.

Quoting dead sci-fi/horror writers is fun. Do one from H.G. Wells now!

Once white privilege is dead, time to go after male privilege.

Get a job.

Super stealth unions, engage!!!

There was a time when this was common sense…now libs think it’s “scary”.

DUer’s figure out the world’s problems…it’s all men’s fault.

“…which is why we ban conservatives on DU.”

Republicans want another civil war…because, you know, they started the last one.

Owns 2/3rds of the Federal government…complains that democracy is in jeopardy by Republicans.

“Boo-hoo, no democrat will be able to win Saxby Chambliss’ seat. Whatever shall we do?”

George Bush…super-ninja.

Crazy Eyes Grayson writes shit on DU.

Hell, they’ve been faking it for the last 75 years and you just noticed?

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  1. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Now, why didn’t someone else think of this? One genius, in the renamed “Hey guys…” thread wrote:

    “If I go to jail I lose the Social Security and Medicare. In jail I will cost tax payers $200 a day. With our prison expenses we could save money by paying everybody $20 a day to stay out of prison.”

    Well, there you go. As Inspector Clouseau would say, “Crime problem sol-VED.” Jeez.

  2. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Because I feel a need to punish myself today, I clicked on a second link, “Quoting dead sci-fi/horror writers….” It leads to a quote with a sentence that just won’t stop. It’s about 1,000 (literally!) spaced characers long. Talk about horror. Okay, that’s more than enough punishment for the day.

  3. The Dead Man says:

    So, the bit on Japanese gun crime is actually pretty hard to gauge. The Japanese government downplays numerous problems, one of the most notable of which is the homeless problem of which they supposedly don’t have any, but people who have lived there say otherwise when they come back. Short of seeing the hard numbers personally, I’d take anything along those lines with a grain of salt and that’s ignoring the cultural mindset.

    The twit quoting H.P. Lovecraft obviously never read the guy’s books. He’s about as racist as you can get, which makes that posting even funnier personally. Still fun to read stories getting past that awkward part

  4. Josh says:

    In the thread about no more white presidents, they not only suggested Eric Holder as a presidential candidate, but also michelle obama and corey booker. Then they majority agreed that Hillary Clinton is gauranteed the office in 16. I tapped there. I cannot read anymore today so like always i will have to take an uberleft detox day and finish reading tuesdays with claymore throughout the week.

  5. Twist says:

    The Japanese still don’t acknowledge that the rape of Nanking happened, so I would take their crime statistics with a grain of salt.

  6. CAS6 says:

    Comment #9 on the million mom march thread; “Would have expected a larger turn out (sic)”

    Haha, people just love the constitution, I guess

  7. Country Singer says:

    Glad to see them fretting about Chambliss’ seat. I’m idly considering running for it.

  8. Twist says:

    The one about the draft had me shaking my head. One poster was going on about how women should be allowed in combat roles but they better not make them sign up for selective service. They could have saved a lot of typing by saying “I want equal rights, and special treatment”.

  9. Just Plain Jason says:

    There is all kinds of gems over there today. I usually don’t crack the headline, but the “common sense one” killed me. They were attacking themselves like Hyenas. I also like their where is “W” thing…I could tell them where he has been. He has actually been living a pretty nice retired life and doing quite a bit for disabled veterans, but he doesn’t have a camera crew around him when he does stuff. Plus why would he want the media around him when they beat him up for 8 years?