Surprise! Iran still wants a war with us

| January 30, 2013

The Associated Press reports that Iran is still a growing threat to the US and the West;

The report’s conclusions expand on comments late last year from U.S. terrorism officials who told Congress that the Quds Force and Hezbollah, which often coordinate efforts, have become “a significant source of concern” for the U.S. The Quds Force is an elite wing of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard, the defenders of Iran’s ruling clerics and their hold on power.

The report comes amid ongoing tensions between Iran and the West, including a persistent stalemate over scheduling six-party talks on Tehran’s nuclear program and anger over reports that the U.S. and Israel were behind the Stuxnet computer attack that forced the temporary shutdown of thousands of centrifuges at an Iranian nuclear facility in 2010.

It’s like it’s still 1979 here. I mean, there’s evidence that Iran supported the insurgency in Iraq, that they’re aiding the Taliban. their weaponry shows up around the world, even in the conflict in Africa, but somehow we need a report to tell us that they’re a growing threat.

More than 20 terror attacks by Hezbollah or Quds Force operatives were thwarted around the world between May 2011 and July 2012, with nine coming in the first nine months of 2012, Levitt said in the report.

Iran is the war we should have fought after Iraq. There’s no way around it – no one is going to be safe on this planet until Iran is brought into the community of nations and they’ve made it clear that’s not going to happen.

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  1. 68W58 says:

    Nope-we’re not up for it, and we’ll probably never be up for t again (and by “we” I mean the nation as a whole and not those of us here, who are orders of magnitude more prepared for the kind of fight we would face in Iran than the general population).

    Armies don’t fight wars, nations fight wars. In order for us to accomplish anything worthwhile in Iran it would take at least 5 years, cost trillions of dollars and involve probably 20,000 casualties (these are all my own SWAGs, but I don’t think anyone would realistically revise any of them down) and there is no way the nation as a whole would stand for it (even if it involves little or no actual sacrifice on their parts-it would be “disturbing”).

    Let the Israelis disrupt their nuke research and good luck to the Iranian dissidents, but without massive cultural changes here in the U.S. we are better off not starting something we cannot finish.

  2. Tony says:

    What 68W58 said. The only way to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran now will be by indirect means, proxies if you will. After all, if anyone deserves a taste of their own medicine, it’s Iran. How successful we’ll be is another story.

  3. WOTN says:

    Jonn is correct on all points & conclusions, but Tony and 68W also have a valid point: until the partisans in the Capital stop undermining National Defense, for political reasons, until they stop denying the Nation the ability to fight Our Enemies, and hence supporting our enemies by blockade, Our Nation will remain divided and paralyzed from actions of self-preservation.

    We should remember that brief moment of unity after 9/11, when neither Dems, nor Reps, supported anything other than Victory. And we should recall that in 2009, the Iranian People stood up to their tyrants, that they needed only the weight of the words of the US President that he supported them, and would defend their efforts against their tyrant, the Ayatollah Khameni, and his mouthpiece, Ahdiminijihadist.

    Is Iran an ever growing threat? Absolutely. It has new allies in Islamist Tunisia & Egypt, and lesser allies fighting old allies in Syria, literally a no lose situation for Iran. It’s allies include AQ, including AQIM, and its Sunni Islamist ally (and proxy) still rules in The Sudan.

    And it maintains a threat within our own borders, with numerous Hezbollah cells, currently operating as primarily recruiters and financial acquirers for its world wide operations (as the IRA did previously), but standing ready for more active, jihadist goals.

    Al Qaeda (its lesser ally) may have taken over the role of having the most American blood on its hands, but its minions in Hezbollah remain (and have so since the 80’s) the most dangerous and organized terrorist organization on Earth.

  4. Eagle Keeper says:

    Shouldn’t that read “Surprise! US still wants a war with Iran”?

  5. FatCircles0311 says:

    We’ve been at war with Iran since 1979 it’s just we aren’t fighting back. America is too involved with Honey Boo Boo and waiting in line for days during a recession for Apple’s newest $400 gadget to upload and look at cat pictures.

    1st world problems aint got time for the realities of the world.