Phillip Mark Thompson; Army SEAL

| January 30, 2013


Our buddy, Don Shipley, sends us the stuff that this monkeyboy is using to attract women to his godlike visage. Phillip Mark Thompson, currently of Albemarle, NC claims to be a SEAL (BUD/S class 239) as well as the recipient of 2 Silver Stars, 5 Purple Hearts, 3 Bronze Stars, oh, hell, here you read;


It makes you wonder why we have all of those troops in Afghanistan when all we need is Phillip. Also notice that he went back to Iraq when none of our troops were there. Scary! I’m guessing that he put on all of that weight from recovering from the injuries he got earning those five Purple Hearts;

“Yea I have been shot 2x in the back, 1 in shoulder, 1 in chest, 1 in neck and had my thumb shot off. The docs were able to reconstruct my thumb so I have it. I have alot of high awards for valor and heroism but I would give all of them back to have some guys on my team back. As Special Forces Operators, we have a brotherhood and we have each others backs thru thick and thin..”

I don’t think “athletic body type” means what he thinks it means;

Phillip Thompson athletic body type

The stories he tells the ladies are pretty extensive – but then you can see from his deployment records that he’s been everywhere and what good is that if it can’t get you some trim. He claims that he was working with the team that “caught” bin Laden. If by “caught” you mean shot him in the face. And, according to his phony records, he was in Iraq at the time. Busy guy.

And, oh, by the way, he was a cop until he got caught cracking a safe. For frosting, the email address he’s using actually belongs to a DA civilian. So if the real Phillip Thompson at that email address finds this, I have the particulars that you’ll need for CID to find him.

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  1. Hey look read a lot about senior chief shipley ,mans got it going on , this army seal come on….my brother was a ranger for 8 years , no army seals people !!! enough about wannabes , but want to thank shipley for doing a great job the man is full of information and keeps things straight and truckin !!!

  2. Also da forms what the hell is that DD YES well could be an army form ….not!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    SEAL?! more like walrus, amirite?!

  4. Anonymous says:

    SEAL?! More like Walrus, amirite?!

  5. Paul Grunwald says:

    The last time I heard something like this the boys went to the guys room and beat some Special in to him

  6. Powerpoint Ranger says:

    Did he crack a safe by jumping up and down on it until it broke?

  7. VCP says:

    WOW…this tub’a lard has really been there, done that hasn’t he?

    Seems the only thing he hasn’t been shot with…yet…is a ball of his own excrement…but that’s coming, it’s on its way.

  8. MikeS says:

    RE: Post 64: Chief, as you know, personnel can transfer between services for specific occupations should both both services agree – upon meeting the minimum requirements for basic training (might include going back through Boot Camp AGAIN unless you’ve been through USMC Boot Camp).

    There are verifiable records of personnel from ALL the US military branches transferring into the US Navy and going through BUD/S. Those who fail DO NOT go back to their original service (including the Air Farce), but instead go where the NAVY tells them to go!! Those who complete and PASS BUD/S go on to additional training to complete their SEAL qualifications. If they wash out at ANY point along the way, they simply go to the fleet to finish out the remainder of their enlistment.

    They DO NOT go back to their original service to finish their enlistment. If they’re transferring to the Navy to attempt BUD/S, then they become Navy personnel – plain and simple. It’s an inter-service transfer of personnel, and in order to do so, they have to have enough time on their enlistment to make it worthwhile for the Navy to accept them.

    Once they transfer to the Navy to attempt BUD/S (remember, they have a GREATER THAN 75% wash-out rate), they become regular Navy pukes and if they fail BUD/S, they head to the fleet. They MIGHT be able to retry BUD/S if there’s enough time on their enlistment, but you only get two tries (officers get only ONE try) to pass BUD/S.

    So, YES, Coasties CAN transfer in and attempt BUD/S, but if they do, they are no longer Coasties, they become Sailors!! The same goes for Marines, Army SF (who get SPECIAL ATTENTION from the BUD/S instructors), and the occasional Air Farce PJ who wants a bigger challenge!! But unless there’s something EXTREMELY SPECIFIC in their contracts, they ALL become Navy personnel, even if they fail BUD/S.

    Granted, this might be old info, and I’m CERTAINLY not current on the latest goings on, I believe this MIGHT still be valid.

    Hell, if you have questions, why not call the command themselves? Public Affairs Office: (619) 522-2825

    I have NO DOUBT they’ll be able to answer ALL your questions!! 🙂 And if I’m incorrect, PLEASE post an update with the correct info so we ALL know! THANKS!!

    After all, I’m just a dumb gyrene helo guy, and NOT a SEAL (but I believe in truth and HONESTY)!!


  9. NavCWORet says:

    @111, all of your info is correct (almost). There was an experiment in which four USCG enlisted personnel attended BUD/S while still in the Coast Guard. As of 2011, of the six that attempted, at least three went on to earn their tridents, two were still in training and one DOR. The USCG suspended the program indefinitely.

  10. Anonymous says:

    SAd….most that receive these awards don’t feel the need to boast about it. Shameful…and I dont believe it myself.

  11. anony says:

    I think his tumb didn’t got blown off but he sucked so many shitstories out of it, it just schrunk. Then he blew some extra hot air in to it inflate it again….. It’s some piece of camel sjeit. Grtz from old Europe

  12. OWB says:

    @ #100: Depends upon whether you were left or right space shuttle door gunner. (One must always be mindful of the correct placement of the fork.)

  13. Hack.Stone says:

    Is that photo of him at the top of the thread taken in a hospital? That stuff on the wall looks like the standard hospital wall medical device sockets. Maybe he was in for his quarterly liposuction.

  14. Green Thumb says:

    Fat ass vertical smile.

  15. Tekknine2 says:

    He is about to be visited up in OAKBORO,nc a
    Stones throw from virginia!! He got a little personal
    With the wrong guy!! He will def earn and be allowed
    To wear his Purple Hearts for real soon!!

  16. Green Thumb says: