Phillip Mark Thompson; Army SEAL

| January 30, 2013


Our buddy, Don Shipley, sends us the stuff that this monkeyboy is using to attract women to his godlike visage. Phillip Mark Thompson, currently of Albemarle, NC claims to be a SEAL (BUD/S class 239) as well as the recipient of 2 Silver Stars, 5 Purple Hearts, 3 Bronze Stars, oh, hell, here you read;


It makes you wonder why we have all of those troops in Afghanistan when all we need is Phillip. Also notice that he went back to Iraq when none of our troops were there. Scary! I’m guessing that he put on all of that weight from recovering from the injuries he got earning those five Purple Hearts;

“Yea I have been shot 2x in the back, 1 in shoulder, 1 in chest, 1 in neck and had my thumb shot off. The docs were able to reconstruct my thumb so I have it. I have alot of high awards for valor and heroism but I would give all of them back to have some guys on my team back. As Special Forces Operators, we have a brotherhood and we have each others backs thru thick and thin..”

I don’t think “athletic body type” means what he thinks it means;

Phillip Thompson athletic body type

The stories he tells the ladies are pretty extensive – but then you can see from his deployment records that he’s been everywhere and what good is that if it can’t get you some trim. He claims that he was working with the team that “caught” bin Laden. If by “caught” you mean shot him in the face. And, according to his phony records, he was in Iraq at the time. Busy guy.

And, oh, by the way, he was a cop until he got caught cracking a safe. For frosting, the email address he’s using actually belongs to a DA civilian. So if the real Phillip Thompson at that email address finds this, I have the particulars that you’ll need for CID to find him.

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  1. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    How come it’s always the potato boys who make these claims?

    I’ve never seen a special forces operator who looked like a poster boy for weight watchers…but a lot of these posers are fat turds with double/triple chins….if your head looks like a sack of rice that’s been dropped twelve feet, maybe your lies should involve being a food delivery man instead of a death dealing high speed low drag killer…

    Not even the movies would put Horatio Sanz in the Jason Bourne role…

  2. Nicki says:

    @50 – the former fiancee is fat too. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t figure out that there are no operators with 12 chins.

  3. UpNorth says:

    Jeebus, if that wedding had gone ahead, the bride and groom would have blotted out the sun. Small countries would have experienced life-ending drought.

  4. Twist says:

    @53, They would have needed three wedding cakes. One for the bride, one for the groom, and one for the rest of the guests.

  5. mattinnc says:

    That guy is an operator that operated operationally. A true one man wrecking crew. The fact that there are gullible women and men that would fall for that is sad. God Bless Don Shipley. He makes me spit out my coffee regularly.

  6. A Proud Infidel says:

    @55, DITTO, after I saw some of Chief Shipley’s videos on YouTube, I started searching for more info on Stolen Valor, and I’m a helluva lot more skeptical now whenever I see someone wearing anything Military, hats, pins, shirts, etc.
    As for this assclown, I picture him as someone who would get on the radio and say “HEY, Y’ALL SEN’ME SOME MORE DOUGHNUTS, HEAR? 10-4 ROGER WILCO, OVER AN’OUT!!” The only entity that needs to fear him is the Dunkin Donuts truck!!

  7. JDC (OUT FRONT) CAV says:

    How old is this dipship? he was more than likely some booted ARNG that could not even make it past the army surplus store. (no offence intended to the National Guard folks)

  8. A Proud Infidel says:

    None taken, looking at that loser reminds me of a dirtbag we recently got rid of in my unit!

  9. Genius has it’s limits…stupidity has none…obviously.

    Maybe with this guys ‘extensive’ knowledge of weapons and his vast experience, they could get him to author the future gun ban bills, because he fits right in with that group.

  10. ThatGirl says:

    So none of it is true about him? WOW… Guess I am one of those girls that got his extensive story. So sad that he is lying. How did it get discovered by Don Shipley?? Curious on how you can discover the true on guys regarding lies like this.

  11. Redacted1775 says:

    Don Shipley is a retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief and manages a database of everyone that’s ever completed BUD/S. It’s fairly easy, if you’re not on the list, you’re full of shit. I’m sure it didn’t take long for him to figure it out, especially with this dumbass and his manufactured DD 214, and FOIA requests. Besides, this guy looks more like a Navy WALRUS.

  12. oldfatvet says:

    i’m just glad this putz has 2 national defense ribbons.i’d be a tad concerned if this POS only had 1. damn!!!

  13. Hondo says:

    ThatGirl, there are a few ways to verify claims like the ones this tool made:

    1. File a FOIA request about the individual. The National Personnel Records Center, 1 Archives Drive, St Louis, MO 63138, has records management responsibility for all veteran’s military records. A surprising amount of info can be released without the individual’s consent – including assignments, units, military schools, final rank, and decorations. If something isn’t in an individual’s records – it’s not official. You need enough info to uniquely ID the individual in question. Full name (first/middle/last), DOB or SSN/Service Number, and branch of service generally is enough for a “hit” if the person actually served.

    One caveat: this will only give you info regarding veterans (retirees or discharged). You can’t use this method to get info about those who are still serving members of the military (e.g., Reserve/National Guard/active duty).

    2. Consult various unofficial but highly reliable sources. For SEAL claims, Don Shipley’s one the best out there – his accuracy is on par with the official FOIA process regarding who is and is not a seal. POW claims for Vietnam can be verified through lists maintained by DoD – if the individual isn’t on the list, he/she (there were a few female civilians taken POW in Vietnam), he/she ain’t a Vietnam POW.

    3. Personal experience. Anyone who made SGT or above can look at this tool’s PQR above and tell he’s full of shit. Spelling errors, improper abbreviations, and assignments to places at a time when the US didn’t conduct operations at that location are huge red flags – those kinds of errors almost never exist on official documents of this type. The one above appears to have been prepared by an unusually dense moron being advised by a spider monkey.

    4. Final warning: be very careful about accepting documentation directly from the individual as “proof” unless you know exactly what “right looks like”. Way too many folks out there come up with passable but fake documents that can fool the unwary – and sometimes can fool those who know better.

    It’s sad you can’t trust folks about issues like this. But as this site shows, there are literally thousands of assholes like this tool out there who wrongfully claim to have done what others actually did – or who simply Make Shit Up (MSU).

  14. The Chief says:

    Maybe someone can settle a little dispute here. I think this is a good place for feedback…Me(a retired chief) and my buddy (a retired senior chief)had a discussion on this ass clown. I say there are no service members from other branches (including coast guard) that are active navy SEALs. He’s saying this isn’t true. He’s met a coastie that was with the teams. To me, seems like there would be NO reason to send any other branch through BUDS as they already have their own special forces. True, members from other branches have come into the Navy and went to BUDS. I totally get that.

  15. ItAllFades says:

    I wish I could buy a bunch of fake awards and trade them all in for some of my buddies back too.

  16. Redacted1775 says:

    I heard they were allowing Coasties to attend BUD/S for a short period of time, never really pursued it any further than that though.

  17. 10TH MTN NCO says:

    ME:So Doug Heffernan, how do you feel about being wounded 5 times?

    DOUG: You know, “I don’t take life so seriously”.

    ME: Yeah, seems I hear that alot on this website.

  18. A_Proud_Infidel says:

    I’m surprised he did ‘t try to tell everyone about the secret missions he did in Paprika!

  19. Ex-PH2 says:

    That’s Paprikaland! Paprikaland! It’s right next to Smelliastan.

  20. EdUSMCleg says:

    LMAO @ AMbar.. Dumbass could at least use spellcheck

  21. Green Thumb says:

    A very weak, fat individual.

    Lard ass indedd.


  22. fleetdoc23 says:

    Gear him up and drop him on Afghanistan.

    Can’t let all that talent go to waste. He may actually come out hard!

  23. Green Thumb says:


  24. Sig says:

    My favorite part is his “1” for his foreign language score. Reading? Listening? Not sure. Just 1. What language? Foreign. Oh. That clears it right up.

  25. The Sniper says:

    This may be my favorite bullshitter ever. Not only did he award himself a CAB, but not just one, but TWO CIBs to boot! I feel unworthy wearing only one CIB like every other CIB recipient! Of course, all of this is in addition to his expert “granade” award.

  26. The Sniper says:

    And a “1” in any foreign language isn’t a passing score regardless of whether it is reading, listening, or speaking either! LOLOLOL Holy. Fuggin. Shit.

    Soup. Sammich.

  27. 11Bvet says:

    Dont forget. Hes got two expert granade badges…

  28. Instinct says:

    Oh, Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, can we just start curb stomping them?

  29. Ex-PH2 says:

    I went back and read some of the early posts on this column, and then this “mall cop’s stuff.”

    Makeshitupistan? Rifle pistol granade? Expert granade?

    Did the REAL Phil Thompson get his spoofed e-mail account fixed so that this dorkwad can’t use it any more?

  30. zach chitwood says:

    This is why I don’t wear any of my shit… An Army SEAL? That’s almost as bad ass as Navy Delta and Air Force MARSOC! Two CIBs AND a CAB? Maybe I am crazy, but I am pretty sure it’s one or the other. And Ambar Provence, Afghanistan? Maybe he means Al Anbar Province, Iraq? Last, I wanna know what the hell kinda diet this guy is on! Will the real Phillip Thompson please stand up?

  31. Charles says:

    I’m lmao at that form! So many misspellings, and who goes overseas for that many tours and only gets 2 OSRs? This guy is not only a faker, but a terrible liar, and needs to do better research. Fucking toolbag.

  32. LostOnThemInterwebs says:

    well is late but better than never right? I googled the name, first hit of course … TAH but second hit …

    Exact match for the name but different person, they do look similar but the executive director is older, maybe his father or a relative?

    If the dude fat fingered half his fake DD214 I wouldn’t want to see his trigger control …

  33. Cash Money Smith says:

    Cash Money says “I’m bored.”

  34. Chris says:

    He’ll be judged by the warriors that have gone before him in the end. I would not want to suffer that fate.
    Semper Fi

  35. Warren says:

    He got all those “purple hearts” while playing paintball while using purple paintballs!!?? – the idiot!

  36. CipherGeek says:

    This jerk-off is a genius. BTW guys, if you think that we don’t have a military presence (albeit, extremely small) in Iraq to this day, you’re kidding yourselves…

  37. Warren says:

    “expert grenade badges…” is that what you get when you throw the grenade instead of the pin?

  38. Sara York says:

    These women need to learn that a real SEAL wouldn’t brag about his service like this. Who is buying this guy’s layer of BS?

  39. militarymomoftwo says:

    What the hell is an “army seal”? Last I knew they were Navy. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  40. Patricia McKenna Scott says:

    HE MAKES ME SICK……. I think the SEALS Special Forces and Rangers ought to visit him at the same time.

  41. Frank Church says:

    This POShit is a total IDIOT.

  42. shannon vallie says:

    i cant believe this shit, my brother was in the navy and i am very proud of him and for someone to pretend to do that shit is stupid, ignorant and selfish.! thats just what i think11

  43. MCPO NYC USN (Ret.) says:

    An Army SEAL is like:

    1. USN Sapper
    2. USMC Boatswains Mate
    3. USAF Rifleman
    4. USCG Missle Control Officer

    I hope the helps clear up the issue at hand!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Give him to JTTOTS and PBF V.2 we will take care of him

  45. Retired Master says:

    Ok, there should be no picking on USAF Riflemen. They are the most accurate of all the branches. Can shoot the nuts off a gnat at 500 yards //sarc

  46. malclave says:

    I can never keep this straight… what takes precedence on my uniform, the Army SEAL Dinnerfork or the Space Shuttle Door Gunner insignia?

    AR 670-1 doesn’t list things as supersecret as these.